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The headquarters of Mussolini’s Italian Fascist Party (1934)

*italian guy watching them build that* huh. thats probably fine

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pepe shimada

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the nature of thestanconfessions ensures that geniuses like this go uncredited and that’s one of history’s greatest tragedies

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Good for her.

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when fat pikachu finally returns i know he will single-handedly save our economy 

good news

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reading letters from 1818 is wild

“it’s that time of the year when I get colds for no apparent reason again” have some Clairitin hon

But also we’re not becoming allergic to everything nowadays like certain white moms fear. Allergies have always existed. They were just talked about differently

Like “oh clams always ~turn my stomach~”. Or “what a pity he was taken from us at age 5”

“Well we didn’t have all this fancy chronic illness stuff in the Olden Days, what did people do then??”

They died, Ashleigh. 

This is a picture tracking bullet holes on Allied planes that encountered Nazi anti-aircraft fire in WW2.

At first, the military wanted to reinforce those areas, because obviously that’s where the ground crews observed the most damage on returning planes. Until Hungarian-born Jewish mathematician Abraham Wald pointed out that this was the damage on the planes that made it home, and the Allies should armor the areas where there are no dots at all, because those are the places where the planes won’t survive when hit. This phenomenon is called survivorship bias, a logic error where you focus on things that survived when you should really be looking at things that didn’t.

We have higher rates of mental illness now? Maybe that’s because we’ve stopped killing people for being “possessed” or “witches.” Higher rate of allergies? Anaphylaxis kills, and does so really fast if you don’t know what’s happening. Higher claims of rape? Maybe victims are less afraid of coming forward. These problems were all happening before, but now we’ve reinforced the medical and social structures needed to help these people survive. And we still have a long way to go.

This is one of my favorite anecdotes to show how clever rewording of statistics can make them say the opposite of what they mean:

Every time a state makes riding a motorcycle without a helmet illegal, the number of ER patients seriously injured in motorcycle accidents skyrockets. Every single time.

When you phrase it just right, it makes it sound like it’s more dangerous to ride a motorcycle with a helmet than without one. Of course, the reality is that before those laws, those patients were going to the morgue, not the ER.

Isn’t this why more people are getting cancer and heart disease? Because they’re living long enough to get them because fewer people are dying young of smallpox and the like?

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why did they use the iron helmet in all of the skyrim promo material it’s the ugliest and stats-wise one of the worst helmets in the game. fuck bethesdo

fus roh dah

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the word “gay” actually comes from the word “gaywad” created by xbox live gamers and appropriated by the homosexual community, so you’re welcome

‘Gay’ actually used to mean happy. So did ‘Queer’.

no they didn’t

Ahem, look it up, please. It’s not the exact definition of happy but its close enough.

not true

Please, my dear, lovely genius, go to this lovely thing we call the internet and read the definitions of ‘gay’ and ‘queer’, which reads as quoted here, from my dictionary that I dug out just for you!

Gay (gā), adj.; GAY’ER (-er); GAY’EST. 1. Excited with merriment; merry. 2. Bright in appearance; brilliant in color.

Queer (kwēr), adj.

1. Differing in some odd way from what is ordinary; singular; peculiar. 2. A slang. Spurious; counterfeit; eccentric.

There you go, my dear ignoramus.

sorry but your “dictionary” doesn’t exist. gay people appropriated the word gaywad

Aghehegehem. I forgot about this, but I’m here now with picture proof of my dictionary.

Look! A cover of a book!

Look! A paragraph in the book!

Look! Another paragraph in the book!

Now, pswynnave, I know you’ve probably never seen one of these before and it’s probably scary, but don’t worry! It’ll only give you knowledge! Gasp!

how long did it take you to find that from google images?  nice try though…..

Anyway, even if I did google search it, it would still prove that it’s in a dictionary. Also, why would I lie about having a dictionary?

you tell me I’m not the one trying to die on a hill for the etymology of the word gay. seems like a gaywad thing to do if you ask me

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my favorite tweet ever.

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i stumbled across this in a remote part of the lake and i really loved the surreality of it

rate my melee set up

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IMAGINE: you are talking to harry and you stand up but you’re anemic

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OH! oh it’s vinegar! okay


I have decided to submerge clay Kermit in vinegar so that will become ripe in the pickling process




I feel like I’ve memorized kermit the frog well enough at this point to sculpt him without looking at the clay. Wish me luck.

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It’s getting to the point where there won’t be a reason to watch anything from big media companies…


“sign into their accounts using thumbprints” can capitalism calm the fuck down




i share my hulu password with my 12 year old brother and ol'capitalism comcast wants to have him beheaded for piracy

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If an animal has forward facing eyes, it’s typically a predator. Can you imagine being fucking hunted down by a horse

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