Generic MBTI memes and also some highly questionable non-generic ones



Chill and romantic:


Loves cheesy things:


Easily intimidated:


Is done with you although they care:


Shy muffins:


Casually heroic:


Should get an OSCAR for acting like they´re ok:


Very, very sad inside:


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MBTI types as the most cringey/weird/melodramatic lyrics I’ve ever written

ENFJ: Blah blah blah cinnamon roses apple song bored lol

ENFP: We’re the universe’s pearl

ENTJ: I like to sparkle hard on a funky Friday night / And girls more sparkly than me can come and fight (pew pew!)

ENTP: Symphony of those who lost their way / Introductions like this are cliché

ESFJ: Gotta get glitter down to his very last eyelash / His name is Scott but he’s actually Irish

ESFP: Teenage Gorlz don’t wanna have to work / Teenage Gorlz would all prefer to twerk

ESTJ: Me and my friends played with a hat / Smoothies chewing a brat

ESTP: Dim the lights! Get backstage! / Release the tigers from their cage!

INFJ: Don’t think you can hide, ‘cause you’re going TO HECK / Satin the Double will come and break your neck

INFP: My brittle bones are cracking from the sheer weight of the wind / If you’d just free me I’d forgive you though I know that you have sinned

INTJ: Obviously he’s purple / Therefore he’s old / I know that you’re hot / Obviously not

INTP: My mind is mine, but you’re a miner

ISFJ: Snowfalls do not last forever so treasure them now while you can 
(this is in an otherwise uplifting song)

ISFP: I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine / Oh how divine / Then I bit her / And she smelled of croissants

ISTJ: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes / Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

ISTP: My credit card breaks and falls to the floor / Rabid opossums appear at my door

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Years later I’m still annoyed at 16Personalities for saying that INFPs neglect to see that the forest is made of individual trees… pretty sure it’s the other way around! I can’t speak for everyone but I personally keep neglecting to see that trees make up the forest, because I’ll be so focused on each individual that I can’t just lump them into one simple concept!

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annoying typology bloggers: strangers know you better than you know yourself so you gotta listen when I tell you what your type is after a five-minute exchange over social media

same annoying typology bloggers: despite our assertion that stranger’s assessments are more accurate than self-assessments, typing other people when you have even an inkling of doubt wrt your own type is Not Okay

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MBTI Types As Things I (an INFJ) Have Done:

ESTP:tried to see if I could fit my fist in my mouth.

ISTP:took a needle shot without knowing what it was for.

ESFP:everyone was sleep deprived, stressing about their report cards but I was dancing ‘till 5 AM.

ISFP:wrote a poem about a dead bird that never even was mine.

ESTJ:had several arguments at the age of 15-16 about politics.

ISTJ:blocked someone for saying “hi!”.

ESFJ:sent to everyone I trust a message saying “I love you”.

ISFJ:cleaned the entire house, just because I was bored and had nothing else to do.

ENFJ:wrote a letter to a girl that was really nice to me and hid it in her backpack.

INFJ:went through a week of severe sadness because I had finished a book that I really liked.

ENFP:had a crush on someone for smiling at me once.

INFP:searched for some sad songs and videos on YouTube so that I could cry.

ENTJ:rewrote someone their essay because I thought it wasn’t good enough.

INTJ:cried because of the fear of failure.

ENTP:dealt with my insecurities and pain by turning them into sarcastic jokes.

INTP:read “A Brief History Of Time”, understood absolutely nothing, but still had this mad urge to become an astrophysicist.

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MBTI types as moths

ENFJ: Brahmin moth

ENFP: White witch


ENTJ: Cecropia moth


ENTP: Oak eggar


ESFJ: Silkmoth


ESFP: Cinnabar moth


ESTJ: Garden tiger moth


ESTP: Oleander hawk moth


INFJ: Blue tiger moth


INFP: Luna moth


INTJ: Atlas moth


INTP: Polyphemus moth


ISFJ: Rosy maple moth


ISFP: Isabella tiger moth


ISTJ: Uropyia meticulodina

ISTP: Giant leopard moth

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MBTI types as gifts I've received over the years

ENFJ: A heart-shaped pillow with a 😍 face on it. It’s really not my style at all but it is very soft

ENFP: A huge tub of gumballs

ENTJ: Cat shaped sticky notes

ENTP: Bat wings because I wanted to be able to fly but apparently flying was dangerous so the wings wouldn’t receive their powers until I was 15 which was really just because my parents knew I wouldn’t believe in Santa by that age. However I did not forget and even considered bringing it up as a joke

ESFJ: A gigantic stuffed unicorn even though I’m nearly an adult

ESFP: Cat earrings even though I don’t have my ears pierced

ESTJ: A rubber popcorn bowl that you can put in the microwave to make perfectly popped popcorn just from the kernels, without oil or anything. It folds flat when not in use. It’s honestly probably one of the best gifts I’ve EVER received and I use it on a weekly basis

ESTP: Socks from Japan that have a picture of a rabbit inflating a frog with an air pump. They have “え⁈” (“eh?!”) written on the bottom.

INFJ: Donations to charities and animals rescues and stuff which is quite frankly THE best gift you can give me because it makes me happy knowing money is going to those who need it instead of just on some cheap forgettable item that I could probably do without

INFP: A really pretty deer spirit necklace with red eyes from the witchcraft museum in England 

INTJ: An extremely cursed book on how to draw anime girls

INTP: A diamond-holder, which is just a black diamond shaped box. I don’t own any diamonds but my dad thought it was funny

ISFJ: A gift card for a coffee shop except I don’t like coffee and all the pastries aren’t vegan so there’s only like one item on the entire menu I can get and even then the place is very loud and crowded

ISFP: A pillow with a photo of a deer on it

ISTJ: Earbuds, even though I don’t have a phone and I can’t listen to music due to sensory reasons (it was for Secret Santa and I didn’t know the person who was assigned to me)

ISTP: A tiny stuffed cat on a leash

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MBTI types as made up words from my dreams

ENFJ: Hepadermis

ENFP: Canipore

ENTJ: Ordetary

ENTP: Machinklkok

ESFJ: Luden

ESFP: Condeption

ESTJ: Stroture

ESTP: Bovesty

INFJ: Ewen

INFP: Ashpher

INTJ: Canton

INTP: Lorvex

ISFJ: Ginon

ISFP: Boreos

ISTJ: Ampitet

ISTP: Cint

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the next person to call infps “romantic” will see a knife

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INXXs be like

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MBTI types as songs written by me, my sister and/or her friends when we were kids

ENFJ: A sweet-sounding song in the style of a song from some vintage animated Christmas movie:

So Josephine left
And built a little nest
And she was a rotten egg
All the trees said
That she should go to bed
So Josephine killed herself
All the trees said
That Josephine was dead
And that is all

Yeah, I wrote the parts about death. My sister did the rest.

ENFP: A tune I heard on TV that was mostly just humming but in the middle I randomly sung “gosling” and then went back to humming

ENTJ: The theme song for my horrible conceptual MS Paint series, Pixie Pups. The chorus was “and the chances we’ll take, and the memories we’ll make” but I couldn’t think of any other lyrics

ENTP: An unnecessarily angry hip-hop/rap song called “What’s Happening”

ESFJ: A parody of the theme song to the 2009 Canadian TV show How To Be Indie, only the main character is called Lindy and the lyric “want” is replaced with “need” every time it appears. Also the singers are all foosball men with absurdly deep voices

ESFP: A song for the Monster High doll known as Ghoulia, who cannot talk and only moans. The lyrics were just like “yuuuuuuuhhh… yuh yuh yuh” but it had like moan-based rap portions and a tune that went HARD

ESTJ: A theme song for a potential show we wanted to make called Spy Cats. The lyrics are literally just the title over and over again but the tune was like an awesome dance song

ESTP: Edgar the Criminal theme song (self-explanatory, I think)

INFJ: Raw Lemonade In A Bucket (by a Littlest pet Shop duck who was trying to sell said product)

INFP: A song about the cottage we were staying in, but in the perspective of a grade 1 kid.

I know a place, called [redacted for privacy reasons]
You can ride on the deer, and eat their antlers
The houses are made of cookie powder
The houses barely last a day
‘Cause the chipmunks eat away

INTJ: Just a simple little song about going for a walk

INTP: A song by my sister’s friend, presumably after reading some sort of fun fact book:

Ogopogo lives in Tuktoyaktuk
Tuktoyaktuk lives in Wawa
Wawa lives in Crazy Mango
Crazy Mango lives in Crazy Mud
Crazy Mud lives in Door
Door lives in Ogopogo
Ogopogo wants to hear this song again so…

[repeat as many times as you want]

ISFJ: A song collaboration between my sister and two or three friends. It was probably the only serious-sounding song that we ever made

ISFP: A song with a fast, retro rock-type tune:

Mr. Mini Mojo sat on a wojo,
Eating Mr. Mojo Fluffle Flakes!
Mom and dad were all at home
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na hey!


I wish I were you
You wish you were me
I really really wish that I lived in a tree

ISTP: Parody of an anime opening where the lyrics are just “I can’t see you, I can’t be you, I can’t be poo”. I suggested adding in “I’m blind” at the end.

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pretty sure that mbti is just astrology for sapiosexuals

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I Slept Through Jeopardy!


Everyone's Stupid Though, Janice


International Summer Fun Joyride


Everyone Says Forever Jokingly


Innevitably Seduced The Preps


Ending Spectacularly Though Prematurely


I See Furry People


Exuding Sensual Flavor Publicly


Interpersonally Neurotic Through Justification


Executive Nerd Television Junky


Is Not From Jupiter


Enviting Naturally--Feverishly Jaded


I Need To Pee


Especially Nefarious Twister Positions


Innovative Novel Fetish Pioneer


Existential Nebula Frolicking Precariously

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MBTI types as ways to ruin a book

ENFJ: Writing the same thing like 10 times to make sure you won’t forget that it’s So Very Important

ENFP: Unnecessary romantic subplot

ENTJ: Everyone ends up in a relationship

ENTP: Writing it based on a movie or show instead of the other way around

ESFJ: Poorly written sequel(s) to a book that would be much better as a stand-alone

ESFP: Not checking for typos/grammar errors (or checking but completely skimming over them)

ESTJ: Long, boring descriptions of outfits, scenery or physical features

ESTP: Easily avoidable plot holes

INFJ: Minority character they put in just to look “diverse” except their entire personality is nothing but a stereotype

INFP: Weird dream sequences that don’t mean anything, or aren’t necessary for getting the meaning across

INTJ: Adding in offhand bigoted comments for no good reason

INTP: Using so much jargon that you don’t understand what’s happening

ISFJ: Side characters that don’t do anything and are never expanded upon

ISFP: Sex scenes that nobody asked for

ISTJ: Describing something that doesn’t even matter in gross detail

ISTP: Over-explaining the obvious while completely skimming over the more confusing parts

Challenge: Find a book that has all or none of these in it. Recommend it in the notes.

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MBTI types as tarantulas

ENFJ: Chilean rose hair

ENFP: Antilles pinktoe


ENTJ: Gooty sapphire ornamental

ENTP: Mexican red knee


ESFJ: Curly hair

ESFP: Orange baboon


ESTJ: Skeleton

ESTP: Mexican red rump


INFJ: Venezuelan suntiger


INFP: Greenbottle blue

INTJ: Brazilian pinkbloom


INTP: Desert blonde

ISFJ: Brazilian black

ISFP: Indian violet

ISTJ: Indian ornamental


ISTP: Goliath birdeater

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MBTI types as summer things☀︎

ENFJ: Feeling like you’ll turn to ash

ENFP: Not showering for days

ENTJ: When you want to enjoy peace in nature but some IDIOT is blasting music and screaming with their friends

ENTP: Going feral at 3 AM

ESFJ: Hot cars

ESFP: Sweating. Sweaty people.


ESTP: The sound of festivals and fireworks at 11 PM PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP

INFJ: Trying to lose weight but you end up gaining

INFP: Crying alone

INTJ: Not leaving the house for a week

INTP: Messed up sleep schedules

ISFJ: Hating your body

ISFP: Having nothing to do

ISTJ: Sleeping in until after noon

ISTP: The sun is a deadly lazer

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Sad but true lol. MBTI is not the final word on anything.

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Why I'm jealous of you

ENFJ: You’re so up-front about helping others and it really makes the world a better place

ENFP: You have so many friends and you’ve experienced so much

ENTJ: I know it’s cliché but you are freaken terrifying and I’d love to possess such power

ENTP: The fact that you can explain your ideas without turning into a rambling apologetic mess is admirable and I wish I could do that

ESFJ: You just have this… nice presence. I love it

ESFP: You’re so chill and you get along with anyone

ESTJ: How do you keep your emotions under control like that without being an unfeeling robot… why is your logic to emotions ratio so perfect

ESTP: Your ability to draw others in and to say whatever you want without getting embarrassed

INFJ: You’re better at ranting than me, if that makes sense

INFP: Well I am an INFP but I’m probably still jealous of you, either for being more popular than me online or for being able to express your ideas well

INTJ: You talk just the right amount. Never too much, never rarely too little.

INTP: Your WRITING ABILITIES and your general knowledge


ISFP: I love that you just… go for what you want. You don’t hold back. It’s admirable.

ISTJ: I’m jealous of your ability to keep your mouth shut. This has nothing to do with your own ideas or experiences, I just wish I was quieter 

ISTP: That’s probably the best MBTI combination out there

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