It’s been awhile. 

I’m doing a trial of reopening this blog. Too much baggage on the other one. I’m leaving the old one up for the time being, but may trash it. A lot of my theory, and personality, has changed (for the better).

I was hesitant to even keep this handle to be quite honest. 


Here’s how things will be different: 

1. No drama. I’m too old for it. 

2. More typing focused

3. More enneagram focused 

4. Typing offers will be more flexible and follow a different structure. 

5. A more broad approach to personality systems will be taken, such as discussing theory around archetypes (of which there is much to discuss). 


If anything was left amiss from my previous typing run, please contact me asap. I’ll either refund you or provide whatever I missed. I had a lot of messages on the archive and it’ll be easier if you come forward and we work it out. Any complaints - same applies. 

And for my old friends and confidants - don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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