I simply put a couple of these in the front of my pickup to supplant top of the line speakers that flopped because of cone embrittlement. Paying more doesn't really ensure anything once the guarantee lapses. The first Delco speakers gave me as much administration life. Since I don't attempt to shoot the windows out of the vehicle alongside me at activity lights, I thought these eventual a decent decision. Strikingly, the magnets on these speakers are an indistinguishable size from the 160 watt Pyramid plate round units they supplanted in this 4 x 6 setup. I would express that regardless of what you pay for 4 x 6 speakers, you ought not have excessively elevated requirements of these or any oval speaker. Oval speakers are a bargain for space. You don't see oval speakers utilized as a part of top of the line frameworks for home or monetarily. That is on the grounds that on the off chance that you drop a rock into a lake, the waves, much the same as sound waves, move out concentrically, in a pleasant round example. When you wrench up an oval, the sound wave hits the finish of the short side first. Some subharmonic bounceback is unavoidable and at higher volumes is certain to meddle with the principle frequencies. So take a gander at your 4 x 6's as a supplement to your framework, not as your mains. Equalization them in a framework with quality round speakers, and you won't be despondent. Take a gander at RMS wattage. Pinnacle wattage isn't essential. Your speaker RMS watts ought to be marginally higher than your supply RMS. I utilize an amp, however just for the subwoofer. My arrangement of four sound awesome ideal off the radio. These Boss speakers, played at direct to reasonably high volume sound really great when utilized as a part of a framework as depicted previously. I comprehend that everybody's objectives, setups, and so on are extraordinary, so this was my experience, trust yours is a decent one also.I discovered this great site for speakers www.stereostefan.com/

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