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How to Get a Date with the MBTI Types (in 4 easy steps)


DISCLAIMER: Results may vary.  You have been warned.  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

1. make it seem like you don’t have time for relationships because you’re too busy saving the world
2. ask ISFJ how normal people even have time to eat
3. ask ISFJ if they’re free for a date because you need to be somewhere right now but you need help figuring out how to take care of yourself
4. ISFJ will meet you anytime at your convenience (so you better bring some stories about the orphans you’re saving)

1. make yourself seem like damaged goods with a complicated backstory
2. ask INFJ what a normal family looks like
3. ask INFJ if they’re free for a date to psychoanalyze your relationship with your parents because you have no idea who you even are anymore
4. INFJ will meet you with open ears and a tissue box (so you better bring some childhood wounds)

1. make yourself seem free-spirited and mysterious AF
2. ask ISFP if they know about your super obscure hobby
3. ask ISFP if they’re free for a date to discuss it because you need help figuring it out and you want a second opinion on it
4. ISFP will meet you with an explosion of ideas (so you better take pics of your bajillion side hobbies so they can be your conversation-starters)

1. make yourself seem like you have a lot of emotional baggage that you can’t share with just ANYONE
2. ask INFP if they’ve ever had their heart broken before
3. ask INFP if they’re free for a date because you want to explore your thoughts and feelings with them
4. INFP will meet you with tears that will pour on-cue (so you better bring some deep scars for your dinner date)

1. make yourself seem like you’re in your own world
2. ask INTJ for their opinion on a very very complicated and multi-faceted topic and low-key ask what they’re doing next weekend
3. ask INTJ to meet you next Saturday because they just said they’re free next Saturday so since both of you are free, both of you should just meet up for dinner ;)
4. INTJ will meet you with lots of skepticism (so you better bring some interesting insights into philosophy, science, or politics)

1. make yourself seem normal but with a little spontaneity
2. ask ISTJ for their opinion on food
3. ask ISTJ if they’re free for a date because everybody needs to eat food and both of you are people, right? ;)
4. ISTJ will meet you with a list of food places you should try out (so you better bring an appetite and a half)

1. make yourself look sexy AF
2. ask ISTP for their opinion on sex
3. ask ISTP if they’re free for a date because you heard that sky-diving is usually done in pairs and you need a second person
4. ISTP will meet you (as your sky-diving instructor and partner)(so you better bring a copy of your will in case it goes south)

1. make yourself not-wallpaper
2. ask INTP for their opinion on a hotly debated topic in math/physics/science
3. ask INTP if they’re free for a date sometime Sunday to Sunday.  If they’re not free that week, keep asking ad keep asking and keep asking until they agree
4. INTP will meet you with lots of reminders on your part about the date (so you better be prepared for some abstract conversation)

1. make yourself as submissive as possible
2. ask ESTJ why they’re always so right about <insert topic> <insert topic> <insert topic>
3. ask ESTJ if they’re free for a date so they can give you some pointers on how to do everything in your life better
4. ESTJ will meet you with a thick stack of notes (so you better be prepared to make some huge life changes)

1. make yourself seem PERFECT AF
2. ask ENTJ about how they weigh pros and cons in an investment situation
3. ask ENTJ if they’re free for a date because one little date is a super low-investment which can lead to a very high reward ;)
4. ENTJ will meet you with a dating questionnaire for you to fill out (so you better study for the test 3 days in advance)

1. make it seem like you have your shit together
2. ask ESFJ how people always seem to have their shit together because you certainly don’t
3. ask ESFJ if they’re free for a date because you have trouble taking care of yourself since you’re so busy being successful
4. ESFJ will meet you with a bullet journal to help you organize your life (so you better be ready for ESFJ to move in)

1. make yourself look easily amused by everything
2. ask ESTP for their opinion on LITERALLY ANYTHING and nod
3. ask ESTP if they’re free for a date because you don’t know how to do that thing that they know how to do and you want them to help you
4. ESTP will meet you with lots of tips on how to help you out (so you better look like you have no idea what you’re doing)

1. make yourself visible (no strobe lights please)
2. ask ENTP for their opinion on a hotly debated topic in politics
3. ask ENTP if they’re free for a date and tell them that according to the Schrödinger’s cat experiment, there’s already a version of them that has already accepted and rejected the date so it’s up to ENTP to decide which reality he wants ;)
4. ENTP will meet you on a whim (so you better come prepared with some strong arguments and points)

1. make yourself seem like you have a troubled past
2. ask ENFJ if they’ve ever wished they could go back in time to change their past
3. ask ENFJ if they’re free for a date because you want to try being more open to people this time around and ENFJ might be able to help
4. ENFJ will meet you at any time or place with lots of questions (so you better bring a deeply moving backstory and eye drops for tears)

1. make yourself seem like a challenge
2. ask ENFP if they know about <insert topic> and how it’s been affecting <insert topic>
3. ask ENFP if they’re free for a date because you happen to be free next Saturday and you want to chill with someone interesting for a change
4. ENFP will meet you at the WRONG PLACE (so you better schedule the reservation for 7pm even though you told ENFP to meet for 6pm)

1. make yourself look sexy and available
2. ask ESFP nothing, just wait for ESFP to come to you
3. ask ESFP if they’re free for a date because you heard that ESFP was a good dinner date and you wanted to experience it for yourself
4. ESFP will meet you either with NO MONEY or ALL THE MONEY (so be prepared for either option .. and also the option that a 3rd person may up end up paying for all the food)

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Notes on Self-Reflection


Si+Ne: Does comparing this new moment to my past knowledge help or hinder me in appreciating the wonder and possibility of what is happening?

Ne+Si: Does this train of thought or imagined possibility help or hinder me in the process of reaching genuine gratification and contentment with life?

Ni+Se: Does this abstraction about the future help or hinder me in appreciating and making the best of what is happening at present?

Se+Ni: Will this action or experience help or hinder me in advancing towards my life goals or actualizing my greater potential?

Ti+Fe: Does this inference actually help or hinder me in understanding my place in the world and how to contribute something positive to it?

Fe+Ti: Does this approach to handling people/relationships help or hinder me in becoming a capable, confident, self-sufficient person in my own right?

Fi+Te: Does this moral judgment help or hinder me in doing my part to create the kind of world that better respects me and all individuals?

Te+Fi: Does this solution help or hinder me in addressing the actual problem and achieving results that do as much good as possible?

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↳ The Artisans (SPs) are the temperament with the natural ability to excel in the art of anything.

The Idealists (NFs)
The Guardians (SJs)
The Rationals (NTs)

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MBTI  - Alternative Groups # 3


The Determined Planners - ENFJ, ENTJ, INFJ, INTJ


You built up a world of magic. Because your real life is tragic.

The Idealistic Dreamers - ENFP, ENTP, INFP, INTP


So this is my life. I am both happy and sad, and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.

The Realistic Thinkers - ESTP, ESTJ, ISTP, ISTJ


People will kill you. Over time. They will shave out every last morsel of fun in you with little, harmless sounding phrases that people use every day, like ‘’Be realistic’’.

The Fluctuating Apprentices - ESFP, ESFJ, ISFP, ISFJ 


I looked so happy on the outside, but I was a mess in the inside.

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The Good Wife: Grace Florrick [INFP]



Introverted Feeling (Fi): Grace is constantly looking within herself, focusing on what she believes is right and wrong and whether herself or those around her are behaving in the right way, something that Grace reveals through her outward judgement of others. Fi is shown most clearly in Grace through her struggle with religion, and the commitment she makes to her beliefs and the determination she has to uphold these beliefs.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Grace’s seemingly idealistic stance and outlook on life is a direct result of her auxiliary Ne. Grace looks at the world, along with all its injustices and inequalities, and cannot seem to understand why such a world exists. This is where her Ne comes in, letting her see the best in people, offering up another, more positive point of view. Ne is also shown in Grace through her creativity and ability to tackle a task or problem from more than one direction.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Grace has a hard time adjusting to her new life as the child of a single mother and dealing with the effects of being the daughter of a politician caught up in a scandal. Grace finds solace in her old memories of belonging to a whole family and finds refuge in her religious community to create a new sense of family. Grace relies on her past experiences and beliefs in order to make sense of the world around her.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Grace doesn’t seem to place a great importance on organisation or planning, instead seeming more inclined to take action on a whim or feeling, which is shown through her thoughtless decision to get baptised in secret. 

Hope this helps!

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Type 1:

Tendency to control and criticize leaves others rejected, micromanaged.

Type 2:

Not caring for the self breeds resentment. Others feel manipulated.

Type 3:

Over-action and bypassing emotions creates loneliness, emptiness.

Type 4:

Over-identifying with emotions destabilizes connection.

Type 5:

Independence and withdrawal leave others anxious about connection.

Type 6:

Doubt and anxiety undermine presence. Others feel tested, mistrusted.

Type 7:

Future-focus and multi-tracking have us miss out on the here and now.

Type 8:

Pushing away vulnerability shuts down the heart. Others shrink or tiptoe.

Type 9:

Conflict avoidance prevents closeness. Others can feel neglected.

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Types In The Classroom



- competition with others on how fast they can take notes

- 8 pages of notes summarized into 2 pages

- talking to people around them silently; doesn’t get caught


- notes organized so neatly that people around them thought it was a textbook

- always raising their hand either to ask questions, or prove the teacher wrong

- “what is the long term purpose of this?”


- playing video games on computer secretly

- whispers answers to people next to them, too afraid to raise their hand

- has a lot of doubts but refuses to raise their hand and ask them


- already knows everything the teacher is talking about

- on their computer, learning ahead of the class

- rolls eyes when someone asks a stupid question/comment


- class clown

- that one kid the teacher always hates but the kids love

- asks a lot of stupid questions


- “shut up I’m trying to listen”

- diligently writing their notes

- teachers love them; often left in charge when teacher leaves room


- thinks that the class is dumb

- points out logical flaws

- ends up playing video games with INTP


- neatly taking notes

- gets annoyed when someone raises their hand

- never talks during class at all


- laughs a lot to ESTP’s jokes

- easily distracted 

- talks to others a lot


- tries to help people who don’t understand the material

- takes notes correctly

- answers questions about why they would need the info in real life


- really quiet during class, unless sitting with friends

- laughs at everyone’s jokes and makes up their own, but doesn’t say them out loud

- notes are semi-finished


- talking to people next to them

- glances around room to see if they could spot crush

- lets people copy off of their notes


- also making jokes out loud

- teacher gets mildly annoyed at them

- doodling a little


- perfect teacher impression

- secretly talks to other people

- sometimes on their phone, texting friends to find out about what they feel about the lesson


- doodling

- notes are written in the form of doodles

- laughs internally at people’s humor


- quietly taking notes

- gets confused about subject but can’t raise their hand and ask for help

- asks friends for help after classes

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Se: EXPERIENCE The experience
Si: RELIVE The experience
Ne: CONCEIVE FROM The experience
Ni: ANTICIPATE The experience
Te: ORGANIZE The experience
Ti: ANALYZE The experience
Fe: RELATE TO The experience
Fi: EVALUATE The experience

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dominant vs. inferior versions of the functions


Dom Si: it makes sense to do what has always worked
Inf Si: *something is slightly abnormal* hahhA aha ahaahaahha kill me

Dom Se: let’s go for a run it will be great! look at the sky! the air in the room feels particularly nice
Inf Se: drugs, sex, food, alcohol   —–give it to me——

Dom Ni: look at what the future holds!
Inf Ni: the end is near, there is no hope for any of us, we are all doomed to oblivion

Dom Ne: the possibilities for what we could imagine are endless! 
Inf Ne: okay but consider this: what if I forget to do my homework what if I fail my classes what if I don’t graduate what if I never find a job what if no one ever loves me what if satan reaches up from the depths of hell and consumes what little is left of my soul what if

Dom Fi: these are my values, they are important to me and I stand by them
Inf Fi: you think I am being a little stubborn? well guess what you can shove a cactus up your ass

Dom Fe: don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I am here to support you
Inf Fe: ah um erm *ahem* hm ah uh there there it’s uuh okay

Dom Ti: logic is a wonderful thing, I bet there is a lot we could do with it!
Inf Ti: oh so you think that I am incorrect about this one thing?? how dare you say that how dare you doubt my knowledge what is wrong with you, no you are the one who makes no sense get out of my sight

Dom Te: we are going to get things done today *gets things done that day*
Inf Te: now you see I have everything planned out and I know exactly how we are going to get this done, but, additionally, I see another possibility: we do nothing

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Types as Disney Villains


NOTE: Continuation to Types as Disney Heroines where I showcased the strengths of each type. This time, I’m focusing on the downsides and what the types may look like when unhealthy or looping.

ISTP - Aloof. Vulgar. Aggressive. Cold-hearted.

“I tire of your arrogance, old man. Bow to me!”

ESTP - Possessive. Boastful. Disrespectful. Immature.

“Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she’d want you, when she had someone like me?”

INTP - Lazy. Untrustworthy. Awkward. Cynical.

“He’s gotta have a weakness, because everybody’s got a weakness. I mean, for what? Pandora, it was the box thing. For the Trojans, hey, they bet on the wrong horse, okay?”

ENTP - Facetious. Moody. Noisy. Obnoxious.

“Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know. I’ll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I’ll put that flea in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives, I’ll smash it with a hammer!”

Keep reading

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MBTI Types as Enzymes (and Proteins)


ISFJ - Ferritin, stores iron in red blood cells to help maintain eurythropoiesis

ESFJ - G-actin, makes up the cytoskeleton and gives support to the cell

ISTJ - Centriole, required in the process of mitosis

ISTP - Autolysin, breaks down tissue from where it was produced and therefore preparing cell for mitosis (specific to bacteria)

ESTP - Myosis, transports vesicles through the cytoskeleton

ISFP - DNA polymerase II, replicates and repairs DNA in prokaryotes

ESFP - Pol α, essential to the replication of DNA in eukaryotes

ESTJ - Hemoglobin, what facillitates the transport of O2 to cells for cellular respiration

ENTJ - aPKC, an enzyme that directs what type of cell a stem cell should differentiate into.

INTJ - NgAgo, an enzyme capable of editing the genome of any given organism

INTP - Mst3b, important to the regeneration of axons and other nerve fibers

ENTP - Phytase, breaks down phytic acid into minerals for the body to use (doesn’t actually digest food)

INFJ - Sucrase, the enzyme that breaks down complex sugars

INFP - Insulin, important to maintaining celluar respiration by facillitating transport of glucose through cell membranes

ENFJ - Nmnat, an enzyme important to the maintenance of nerve fibers and neuroprotection

ENFP - Pectinase, breaks down pectin from fruit

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INFJ should be closer to mental but that’s just my opinion lol

that moment when you realize you’re in the middle.


im still unbalanced and emotionaly unstable dont worry

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The Leaders:


The Mentors:


The Warriors:


The Strategists:


The Wild Cards:


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"Hey, a mountain! I think I'll climb it instead of working on my project like I planned!"


"I think everyone should try to fit in. I mean, as long as you're well-liked, who cares if you're being fake?"


"Stop coming to me with all of your issues. I don't care about you!"


"I think I'll just do my statistics work for the next three hours. I don't feel very creative."


"I'm so glad I decided to flake on my plans to go to this party...I love people!!" [winky face]


"I don't care about this article about science...I'd rather see what Kim Kardashian is up to."


"Does someone need a hug?"


"I just think maybe we should do the reliable method instead of trying to invent our own way..."


"I think I"ll blow off my friends to go to rock climbing! What fun!"


"I don't care about how you feel! Put your dang emotions aside and get the job done!"


"Stop asking me for all these stupid favors. I don't care about you at all."


"Party? No thanks...I'd rather go home and be alone with my math homework for a bit."


"This method is reliable, buuut...this looks waaay more fun!!"


"Please, come to me with all of your emotional problems! I love giving advice!"


"I know I should be working, but this puppy is making me too emotional..."


"I can't do that."

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Notes on Function Maturity


Immature Si: I only seek details that make me comfortable while ignoring or downplaying important details that might require me to change course
Mature Si: I prepare myself to perform well by methodically learning and attending to every new or significant detail that each situation brings

Immature Ni: I believe I know how the world works though I can’t see myself accurately and don’t know how to live my own life meaningfully
Mature Ni: I make positive progress because I possess a deep and meaningful vision of who I should be and what I contribute to the world

Immature Ti: I follow my own rules and principles without really understanding exactly how my actions influence the world at large
Mature Ti: I seek precise knowledge of what impact my thoughts/behaviors produce so as to act coherently without harm, bias, or hypocrisy

Immature Fi: I can only see as far as my own values and suffering so I can’t formulate a factual and objective understanding of the world at large
Mature Fi: I seek deep understanding of human experience in order to act with integrity and work to prevent/alleviate suffering for myself and others

Immature Se: I simply react as circumstances dictate without enough consideration for whether the direction is the right one to take
Mature Se: I seek out new/positive learning experiences and fully appreciate that the unexpected can teach me to be more adaptable to life’s changes

Immature Ne: My mind is unable to conceptualize the best ideas or grasp the most promising opportunities for making progress in life
Mature Ne: I am confident in making continual progress because I can work out many viable paths to approach any situation or difficult problem

Immature Te: I utilize power to shape the world into what I want it to be and fail to realize that my actions do not produce universally positive results
Mature Te: I utilize my strengths to get positive results for all and work to improve my weaknesses so as to minimize negative or harmful behaviors

Immature Fe: I only care about others in terms of how they affect me and fail to treat them as individuals with their own unique needs/experiences
Mature Fe: I can see other people objectively and separately from myself and respond to their needs appropriately and compassionately

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Each MBTI Type At It’s Best


xNFx - Idealists

INFJ: Gives the extremely good advice that can manage to change your life or outlook on a problem. Extremely analytic and is quick to read people and their emotions and to react accordingly. Organisational skills are though the roof. Extremely charismatic and magnetic, makes everyone think about how peculiar and cool they are. Able to (to some extent) semi-accuratley play out how different choices will trigger different consequences.

ENFJ: Charisma is absurdly high, to the point were people who hate them start doubting why they are even hating. Always try to help people and (although not used much) know what to say or what to do to get people to do what they want. Always eager to give advice and guide their friends through rough environments. Becomes extremely analytical and more organises.

INFP: Filled with hope and dreams is able to illuminate and inspire many people live’s. their charisma level is off the charts and is very likely to be confused as a happy enfp. The INFP is extremely aware of his/her emotions and is surprisingly able to control them to some extent. Extremely creative, to the extent that it becomes absurd how many ideas they are able to conceive. Better organisational skills and better optimistic skills.

ENFP: Extremely excitable and funny (more than normal) makes you laugh every time he/she speaks and becomes way more thoughtful and deep when talking to other people. Also gives really good advice which may shock others. Extremely good at making other people how they could be better and is extremely optimistic. Emotionally, ENFP becomes way more stable and tolerates much more. Organisational skills go from extremely poor to average. Charisma is limitless, makes people who hate them, love them.

xNTx - Analysts comming next so stay tuned :)                 have a wonderful life :)

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contradictory mbti


INTP: Smart but naive
ENTP: Energetic but lazy
INTJ: Confident but insecure
ENTJ: Accommodating but intolerant
ISTJ: Modest but proud
ESTJ: Novel but traditional
ISFJ: Imaginative but grounded
ESFJ: Generous but needy
INFP: Timid but brave
ENFP: Sociable but independent
INFJ: Strong but fragile
ENFJ: Accepting but judgmental
ISTP: Stubborn but easygoing
ESTP: People-orientated but insensitive
ISFP: Idealistic but practical
ESFP: Bold but sensitive

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What makes them feel uncomfortable and frustrated:


ENFP: They love dreams, possibilities, ideas and alternatives. Trying new things and taking on new projects excites them. Therefore, having someone belittling their ideas can be very disheartening and frustrating for them.

ISFJ: They thrive on routine and knowing what to expect at any given time. They are excellent planners who enjoy knowing how their week is going to unfold. A sudden change in plans without warning is therefore going to make them feel frustrated and uncomfortable.

ESFJ: Trolling. People who make statements or jokes for the sake of getting a reaction, angry or otherwise, can infuriate them. They see this kind of verbal manipulation as just another form of bullying and conflicts with their belief in showing kindness and respect to others. 

ENTJ: People trying to control them or telling them what to do. They are fiercely independent and like to be leaders and free thinkers. Usually they make better bosses than employees.

INTP: Someone demanding respect because of their status or position without having earned it. They don’t aim to be disrespectful, they just feel that respect and admiration need to be earned.

ISTP: Emotional overreactions. ISTPs keep their emotions on a tight leash, and are surprised when others don’t do the same. They don’t like it when people have outbursts that seem disproportionate to the problem and it can make them seriously question their respect for you.

ISTJ: Not following through on your word. They take promises rather serious. What’s so good about this is that the promise of an ISTJ often means something.

INTJ: Small talk or being constantly interrupted. Their Ni is what connects the dots of life and form insights into their goals, dreams and theories. Ni requires personal space and/or energy, therefore interruptions are frustrating.

INFP: They don’t like people who are insensitive and arrogant because of their Fi dom. They don’t like pretentious people or people who act as someone they’re not because of their Fi dom (Fi = everyone are equal/being true to yourself, be who you are, don’t fake anything).

ENTP: People who don’t take a stand in arguments. ENTPs usually likes to argue, but how can they argue if you’re trying to be all nice and diplomatic and refuse to take a stand?

ESTJ: Basically inconsistent people and unreliability. They do not think fondly of those who are late, lazy, don’t meet deadlines and so on. Neither do they hold much love in their hearts for those who give up without really trying.

ESTP: They like to fix problems, so people who rant and complain without wanting to find a solution frustrates them. ESTPs are great when you want a solution and not that great if you need emotional support.

INFJ: Condescension. Do not mistake their quiet, sensitive nature as a sign of weakness. They dislike being talked down to, patronized or condescended to.

ENFJ: They have a sixth sense for phony behavior and they can’t stand dishonesty. Their Fe percieves minor changes in body language that communicates dishonesty, so they often notice when you lie and they don’t like it.

ISFP: They are strong believers in being genuine and authentic. This makes them distance themselves from manipulation. Behavior used to manipulate or gain attention will irritate them.

ESFP: Making long term plans frustrates them. They want to think about now and let later deal with itself, they don’t know what they’re doing in two years- Having to plan it out right now is stressing them. To them, long term goals are less idealistic than short term goals.

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The types as strangers I wish I had known (version 2)



After I made one post like this already and really enjoyed doing that, have another group of 16 people none of us will ever know.

INTJ: I’ve had several classes with her over the last two years, but we’ve never had an actual conversation. Usually, I see her sit across the room (the tables build a U-form, so you can look everyone in the eye), watching people. What makes her interesting is the way she watches them. She sits there, kind of aloof, and doesn’t move a bit, but her eyes have this intensity whenever she lays them on someone. She listens intently to everything and you can really see the gear-wheels working in her brain as she processes all this information, until she speaks up and suddenly everyone goes quiet. She has this kind of confidence you only get when you really know yourself, and since people often fear people that know themselves, it makes her a bit intimidating.

INTP: I was stuck on a ship that was, for whatever reason, overcrowded with elderly people and there was this one old married couple that somehow stood out. Of all the many people, they seemed the happiest. When she was walking around the ship, I saw him sitting there alone at his table, with his bushy eyebrows slightly raised and a little smile on his face as he was drifting off in his thoughts. I could see him jumping from thought to thought, from memory to memory, and I wondered what he might have been thinking about that made his face beam with wonder and fascination. And then, when his wife came back to him, he returned from his mind palace, and his whole face lit up as he smiled at her. She sat down across from him and smiled back. Slowly, she reached for his hand on the table and he took it, and both of them lost themselves in their own thoughts which seemed to be the same anyway.

ENTJ: I saw her in one of my free periods at university, where she was sitting a few tables over with her boyfriend when an acquaintance of her suddenly came over and sat down. You could see how she wasn’t exactly pleased about it, but she was polite and talked to her - when she got the chance to, her acquaintance talked one hell of a lot. So, while her acquaintance kept talking and I kept watching them, her eyes wandered around the room. And when her gaze reached me, when she looked at me looking at them, I just felt so judged that I quickly looked away. There was this kind of natural authority in her, she radiated it so that, in a way, you felt obliged to bow down to her like you would bow down to your queen. Other than me, her acquaintance wasn’t as impressed by her though. Well, until she interrupted her acquaintance’s talking with a “sorry, we gotta go”, grabbed her boyfriend’s arm and just took off. (I would also like to mention that she was taller than her boyfriend because I applaud everyone that doesn’t follow such pointless gender stereotypes. Good on you. You go, girl!)

ENTP: He is a guy in one of my classes at university and he’s just so interesting to observe. He’s older than most of us, sometimes mentions the way his little daughter speaks, growing up as a Syrian child in a German speaking country, when he wants to emphasize a point (we study linguistics), and most of the time, he is just so desperate to talk. It’s a field investigation class where we work with a native speaker of a yet unexplored language to develop a grammar, and he is in a constant state of dying when he wants to ask our informant a thousand questions, but our professor tells him to wait a bit. Occasionally, he talks over him with the words “I’m really sorry, but this just cannot wait” and asks the question anyway. He always has a theory on how this might work and how that might work and how these twenty mechanisms might be correlated and his mind seems to be constantly buzzing with new thoughts and ideas. He’s probably one of the most enthusiastic and intelligent people I’ve ever come across. And then, he says thank you for every little thing anyone says and does. He says thank you when you asked a good question he didn’t come up with himself, and this state of mind is so beautiful that I always just want to go give him a hug for being this awesome.

INFJ: Sometimes I look her in the eye and I wonder who she is. She is me, but somehow she isn’t. I don’t know how that can be. I smile at her and she smiles back. I try to laugh and she does, too. I feel like she knows me, but why don’t I know her? Why is it so hard to get my head around the fact that the blank face I look at, the blank face I look at every time I look in the mirror - is mine? I look at the little strand of hair that just keeps falling across my forehead, at these cheekbones that for some reason get sharper every day and at the freckles that never seem to fade away. I look at those piercing eyes and I wonder who the people see in me.

INFP: It was a sunny August afternoon and I was melting in my car as if the sun had decided to burn as all alive. The traffic lights turned red and I stopped and kept melting and wondered if you can die of a sunshine overdose. Then, another car stopped behind me, and I decided to observe the driver in the rearview mirror. He was in his 40s, probably, and his curly hair had already turned grey. I looked at him and saw how he shook his head in disbelief. He laughed and shook his head and I wondered what just happened. Did he embarrass himself and he can’t believe it? Did he finally do something he never thought he’d actually do? Did someone confess their undying love for him and now, he’s so happy he can’t believe it? I still wonder about it sometimes, about what might have been the reason that he giggled with his eyes closed and his head shaken in disbelief, and I wonder if he is happy now. 

ENFJ: I was in a restaurant in Luxembourg on a beautiful summer evening when I saw her sitting at this table over there with two other people. They spoke broken English with each other and she had some kind of South East Asian accent, but I can’t be sure. And I saw here sitting there in this chair with the giant backrest that made her look so small while her upright posture and her gentle smile made her appear so grand. She was the centre of attention, of course she was. But I don’t think she knew. Her work acquaintances, I assume, who didn’t know each other that well, kept looking at her, kept waiting for her reaction on their little jokes and anecdotes, kept waiting for appreciation and approval. They looked at her like a child would after it drew a picture for their mother and is anxiously expecting her praise. And she smiled at both of them, listened intently to everything they had to say, covered her mouth with a hand when she giggled and looked from one to the other to share her joy. She was a pure and kind soul, someone with a heart as big as the entire country, genuinely good and free, and I really wished I could have known her.

ENFP: When I first saw him, when I first saw the way he stood in front of me on the train and glanced back at me before he got out, I didn’t know how desperately I could want to see someone again. When I saw him for the second time, when we stood across from each other on the train with a mere meter of unspoken thoughts between us, and looked each other in the eye for a while until he couldn’t take it anymore and looked at the ground and then looked right back up at me again, I didn’t know that it was possible to feel vulnerable and thoroughly happy all at once. When I spotted him on a crowded train for the third time, when I saw him standing there with his blonde hair oozing out from under his bobble hat, I was sure that I had never seen anything as beautiful as him. And then I saw him lean back a bit behind the man with a newspaper in his hand as he spotted me as well, and our eyes met for a while. I could feel my mind escaping, for I did not know how easily I could lose my heart to someone I didn’t even know. And then, he looked back at me over his shoulder before he got out of the train and I sighed, and now I wonder how it can be that the first twenty years of my life suddenly appear this empty to me. I never saw him again. Come back to me, please.

ISTJ: Every time I take the train at 8:06 am, I find him standing there at the exact same spot in front of the one door that will be the closest to the staircase at the station where he must leave. He’s actually the father of a childhood friend of mine, but I don’t think he ever recognised me. And now, whenever I take the train at this hour, I can be sure he will be there, every day, at the same spot, sometimes reading the newspaper, sometimes talking to some work acquaintances, sometimes just staring into space. Every time, I can be sure to see him there with the white hair and the deepening wrinkles around his eyes. I see his daughter in him, I see her kindness and gentle spirit in him, and considering she is one of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to know, this is one of the greatest compliments I am capable of giving.

ESTJ: It was a freezing January afternoon and the sun was already setting, when she and her friend walked past me at the train station and remained within earshot, so that my nosy little self could listen to their conversation. Apparently, they were both training as some kind of nursery teachers, judging by the topics they were talking about after an exam they just had, but the conversation quickly turned to an upcoming group project. And so this girl went on how badly this project was planned by the teacher and her classmates. Honestly, she laid out an entire plan for why this and that was inefficient and problematic, and how she would improve this and that and basically the entire system if she just had a say in the matter. She jumped up and down a bit as she tried to keep herself warm, and her cheeks turned rosy, and this passionate anger at inefficiency of hers while jumping around in the cold somehow made her look quite endearing.

ISFJ: I was on the tram when this elderly woman and her granddaughter got in and sat down across from me. I couldn’t help but stare at her for a moment. I’ve never seen anyone with a face as likable and adorable as hers. Her face was full of wrinkles, and most of them were deep lines around her eyes that kept going down half of her face. And she smiled. Oh, the way she smiled. Her dimples were so deep and big that I refuse to believe that she has ever done anything but smile. She looked out of the window, watched the people and cars pass by and she smiled. She looked at me and she smiled. She talked to her teenage granddaughter and smiled and patted her on the knee before they left. And for a moment there, I really wished I could have been her granddaughter.

ESFJ: I was sitting in a hallway on a little ferry and there were these three little girls that ran in circles around the ship and played tag. The oldest of these girls was about 8 years old and I loved her with every fiber of my heart. She played with her little sisters whose hair was as light blonde and tousled as hers. The smallest child kept running into the cafeteria and as the eldest, she was the one to run after her, to take her by the hand and guide her back. Then, she said “No, Hannah! This is not what we agreed on with mum!” with an overly dramatic stern face. There was drama in everything she did. She dramatically and deliberately fell to the floor and giggled when she saw the many concerned faces that looked at her. She dramatically stamped her foot when her little sister ran into the cafeteria again, before she sighed dramatically, rolled her eyes, glanced at her audience with a little smile and ran after her sister once again. I really wish for the day that I turn on the tv and see her face again as the actress she’s supposed to become.

ISTP: He sat there on the bus with me, with these round Harry-Potter-glasses, and looked out of the window, sometimes watching the world fly by, sometimes frowning when he lost himself in thoughts. And in a strange kind of way, he seemed just so awake. Like his mind was working on high speed, like he knew exactly what was going on anywhere and anytime and why. There didn’t seem to be anything he didn’t perceive and analyse and understand immediately. He seemed to have figured it all out - except maybe himself.

ESTP: Normally, it’s quite easy to guess the majors of all the people you see running around campus since most people just look the part, but when you first see him, he doesn’t really look like he would be one of the few male linguistics students. He is this big muscular guy with perfectly styled hair who spends his time in the back of the class on the phone or fooling around with some friends, but from what I’ve witnessed, he’s doing very well on his studies and seems to be all around a very nice person. When he overhears some people talk about how they don’t understand some topic, he quickly chimes in and explains it to them as good as he can. Basically, his entire behaviour could be summarised as “I accepted and embraced my insecurities, that’s what makes me confident, let me lure you out of your shell and make you confident as well”. And I really like that.

ISFP: It was 8am when he entered the train that was packed full with commuters such as myself. He stood across from me, with these big headphones over his beanie, with the beard and the kind of hippie winter coat. He looked at his phone, read a message he got and his eyes lit up. With a tender smile on his face, he answered this person who obviously was very very dear to him. Then, when he put his phone away, he smiled at the ground and looked out of the window and there was such love and gentle kindness in these shining brown eyes with the unusually long eye-lashes that every girl would kill for, and I am convinced that whoever it is that holds his heart, must be a very lucky person indeed.

ESFP: I sometimes see him on the bus with his wife and his two little sons. I’m always a bit confused why his wife never sits with him and their kids, so that he has to take care of them alone. I remember this one particular morning when he sat across from me, with his older son, who was about three, sitting on his lap and his younger son in a buggy right next to him. The younger one was very crotchety that day and cried and was thrashing around. The mother didn’t care and the dad tried to calm him down, spoke to him in a soft voice and tried to gently hold him still. But nothing worked and in the end, I saw him cover his eyes. His shoulders were shaking. I think he was crying silently and my heart sank. The older son took his dad’s hand and looked up at him with big sad eyes, and when the dad then uncovered his face, his eyes were so tired. He then hugged both of his sons with a little smile, and got out of the bus with them and their mother.

Again the most beautiful mbti post ❤️

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Types as Disney Heroines


ISTP - Independent. Stubborn. Savvy. Cool. Witty. 


“I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

ESTP - Adventurous. Quick. Daring. Open. Competitive. 


“There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better.”

INTP - Inquisitive. Skeptical. Absent-minded. Bright. Rational.


“It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change.”

ENTP - Insightful. Innovative. Charismatic. Sharp. Bold.


“Oh, Tarzan, you have no idea what’s in store for you. You’re going to see the world, and all kinds of people will want to meet you. Leaders, scientists, writers.”

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