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Mewtwo: No pronouns.

Mewtwo: Do not refer to me ever.

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I  can’t draw things rn my brain is some sort of melted I don’t know when I’ll be back on track again but I managed to stumble out a Mewtwo tonight anyway because I was afraid I was forgetting how to draw… And because we watched Detective Pikachu again and I love it

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Mewtwo learns valuable things from Becca, the ten year old hybrid child it took in…like what on Arceus’ great green Earth a “wet willie” is.

I dunno if I’ll finish it but I had to post it so here it is. For those who wanted to see Becca and Mewtwo in more humorous situations, which are honestly my favorite to put them into.

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Shiny Mewtwo

Just felt like drawing this one. Since tomorrow is the make-up Raid for Mewtwo.

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Lets get started!! This will be a pokemon themed inktober (credits to the owner of the list)

Day 1 - Favourite pokemon

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What is mewtwos mbti? INTJ? Why?



Hmm, while personality typing is fun, I give as much credit to those tests as I give to horoscopes, when it comes to encompassing the whole of who someone is. People are so contradictory that while many parts of a type might match them, just as many others don’t. That being said, I’ll take a stab at this, since characters are easier to shoehorn into a type.

As a note, I will be referring to Mewtwo with male pronouns here, since I’m basing this reading on the original two movies, where that seems to have been Mewtwo’s suggested gender. “Detective Pikachu” suggests that its Mewtwo goes by they/them pronouns, but whether you think that is the same Mewtwo as in the anime-universe is up to you.   

So let’s start with the distinctions established on the Myers & Briggs Foundation website: 

Favorite world: Do you prefer to focus on the outer world or on your own inner world? This is called Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I).

Mewtwo is a brooding character. He questions who he is, what role he’s supposed to play in the world, and whether he even belongs in that world, given the circumstances of his birth. He only wants to interact with and change the world in the first movie, because he feels like the world is a horrible place and will never accept him (with Doctor Fuji, Sakaki, and Mew confirming this idea). Afterwards, he’s content to remain in isolation, watching the world but not getting involved with it. So Introversion fits.  

Information: Do you prefer to focus on the basic information you take in or do you prefer to interpret and add meaning? This is called Sensing (S) or Intuition (N).

Mewtwo wants to understand his purpose in the world, but rejects the cold hard facts about why he was made: to further scientific research and to earn the one who commissioned him more power and wealth. He thinks that there must be more to his existence. He also goes on tangents about how he should live his life as a clone (in the moonlight) and wonders about fate at points. So Intuition fits better than Sensing, I’d say. 

Decisions: When making decisions, do you prefer to first look at logic and consistency or first look at the people and special circumstances? This is called Thinking (T) or Feeling (F).

This may be slightly controversial of me to say, but I think the idea of Mewtwo being a logical, objective, and strategic thinker is fanon rather than canon. It’s fun to write, but inaccurate. Mewtwo is ruled by his emotions and spends the entire first movie seeking validation from people who see him as inferior–Doctor Fuji, Sakaki, and Mew. It’s only when Satoshi says “Your life has value” through his actions that Mewtwo’s anger wanes. So Mewtwo is absolutely a Feeling and not a Thinking person.   

Structure: In dealing with the outside world, do you prefer to get things decided or do you prefer to stay open to new information and options? This is called Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).

This is harder for me to call, given that Mewtwo doesn’t like interacting with the outside world if he can help it. My inclination is to say that Mewtwo is a Judging personality, though, given how quickly he decides that genocide is the only option after Doctor Fuji and Sakaki betray him. Despite observing the relationships between several trainers and their pokemon for at least a month before sending out his invitations, and despite the arguments of the trainers who make it to his island, he doesn’t budge in his course of action. Only Satoshi sacrificing himself to stop the fighting broke through to Mewtwo. And even then, despite Satoshi showing Mewtwo that the clones’ lives had value, Mewtwo continued to struggle with his feelings of inferiority through his second movie. So he seems more like someone who decides on a course of action, runs with it until it either works out for him or hurts him, and struggles when people try to offer him different perspectives. While this is something that he seems to be growing past by the end of the second movie–letting Satoshi and the others keep their memories, and letting his fellow clones leave the nest–I don’t know that waiting until he has all of the information before making a decision is ever something he would naturally or easily do. So I’m calling Judging over Perceiving here. 

Which makes Mewtwo, at least as I’m interpreting him, an INFJ! Let’s see how the Myers & Briggs website sums that up! 

INFJ: Seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. Want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. Conscientious and committed to their firm values. Develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. Organized and decisive in implementing their vision.

That sounds right to me. Glancing through some other sites, this type tends to be called the “Advocate” or the “Protector” and can be “Assertive” or “Turbulent.” Suffice to say that I think Turbulent is a better fit for him, given his insecurities, his pessimism, how hard disappointments in his life hit him, and his need to have other people in his life (given that he created other clones so he wouldn’t be alone). That isn’t to say that Assertive wouldn’t work for him in some ways, but I think to shift over to that sub-type, he would need to build up his confidence in himself, rather than in his abilities. 

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In the night sky

Had a blast making Mewtwo~ He has always been my favorite pokemon~

if you’d like to support me, you can have a look atMy Storenvyor if you’d like, you can follow me ontwitterfor sketches and such~
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For my smash ultimate series, I decided to keep Mewtwo close to his funky original Gameboy sprite! No pretty boy… alien… creatures here!

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Everybody get on the hurt box

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Finished another cool commission featuring some popular mons 👀
#Renamon #Mewtwo #Greninja #pokemon #fanart #digitalart #Digimon #anime

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More timeline Qs for fellow Mewtwo fanatics: 

How long do you think he was with Giovanni? How long do you think between escaping Giovanni and Luring the trainers to New Island? 

I’m just echoing what everyone else has already said: I’m not sure how long Mewtwo was with Gio, but I think canon (the movie’s novelization, anyway) says a year passes between the time Mewtwo blows up Team Rocket HQ and Ash gets his invitation to New Island. This also means that over a year has gone by between Mewtwo crushing Gary Oak at Viridian Gym and Ash receiving the invitation. I mention this last part because it’s the first time Ash gets a hint at Mewtwo’s existence.

Personally I find one year to be a bit short for Mewtwo to learn how to clone Pokemon (and do it better than his creators), rebuild the lab, construct his hell-palace, invent a Pokeball that’s possibly more powerful than any other ball on the market (and produce dozens of them), kidnap and brainwash a nurse, train some Kanto starters and clone their highest evolved forms, and–finally–locate, assess and invite the Trainers he wants to challenge.

But then again, he IS a genius and super powerful. Perhaps this all could be feasible for him to accomplish in a year. Not to mention his plan has a few holes in it and his goals are fairly convoluted, which I suppose could be attributed to his young age and rushed planning. :)

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Let’s talk about those Mewtwo Episodes 20 years later.



Because you really wanted to read a needlessly long essay about three Pokemon episodes that premiered over two decades ago, right…? 

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Mewtwo Strikes Back, I’ve decided to do a little retrospective on the ‘Mewtwo Episodes’ that were supposed to air during the weeks before its showing: Battle of the Badge, It’s Mr. Mime Time, and Showdown at the Po-ke Corral. Specifically, I’m rambling about how these episodes served as a backdrop for the development of Mewtwo’s character. Japanese fans were also treated to the radio drama, The Birth of Mewtwo, that aired during the 5 weeks preceding the movie’s debut on July 18, 1998, but unfortunately it was never officially released outside of Japan. You can read a wonderful synopsis by mewmewtwo here and you can view piraticoctopus’ fantastic fan translation in English here.

First, some background info for context: Originally, Mewtwo Strikes Back was supposed to open with Ash battling that pirate Trainer (you know, this guy), with Badge, Mr. Mime, and Showdown acting as the sole intro to Mewtwo’s character.* However, Episode 38 Electric Soldier Porygon caused the show to go on a four-month hiatus due to causing “adverse health effects” in its young viewers. The interrupted schedule meant that the ‘Mewtwo Episodes’ would air after the movie’s premier in Japan. So, the show runners came up with the 20-minute beginning of Mewtwo Strikes Back to better explain Mewtwo’s backstory.

So how do these episodes set up Mewtwo’s motivations and character?

Disclaimer: I’ll be using the English dub of the TV show for these episode synopses. I realize that they’re quite different from the original Japanese, but they’re what I have on hand! Also, if it isn’t already obvious, this writing refers to the Mewtwo that appears in the anime-verse, including Mewtwo Strikes Back and Mewtwo Returns.


In Episode 63: The Battle of the Badge, Gary Oak is defeated by Giovanni at the Viridian Gym when he uses an immensely powerful but unknown Pokemon: Mewtwo, disguised in his power-suppressing armor. Ash stumbles upon the aftermath of the battle, where he finds Gary and his entourage unconscious. Upon waking, Gary tells him that there was something different about this Pokemon he fought, something not right: “This Pokemon’s not just powerful, it’s evil.”

“There can’t be an evil Pokemon…” Ash responds uncertainly. 

Thus the audience is posed with the question: can a Pokemon be inherently evil? Why would a Pokemon do something like this? Knocking out a bunch of kids…? The next two episodes seek to explore this and related topics in order to give context to Mewtwo’s character.


Episode 64: It’s Mr. Mime Time gives us an example of how bad training practices on the part of the human can make a Pokemon act badly. Stella the Circus Ringmaster can’t get her Mr. Mime to perform their act anymore.

“I wanted it to be perfect so I trained it hard, night and day…now it won’t listen to me at all. …But now I have a way to get Mr. Mime to perform again. I’ll just get another one to be its competition.” 

–Stella, to Ash, Misty & Brock outside of Mr. Mime’s trailer; It’s Mr. Mime Time 

Stella disguises Ash as a Mr. Mime and trains him to do its act. In doing so, it becomes apparent that Stella is a taskmaster and uses intimidation to force her Pokemon to do what she wants. In this way, she serves as an example of how Pokemon will often behave in bad ways due to abusive training. Compare this to how Giovanni’s “training” practices contribute to Mewtwo abandoning him. Forcing Mewtwo to use the restrictive armor, having him catch multitudes of Pokemon for Team Rocket, making him fight in the Viridian Gym, then sit for long periods of time in his holding cell, etc. eventually cause Mewtwo to resent him and the rest of humanity. (This is something he ponders over much more in the radio drama than in the film – I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.)

Similarly, Stella attempts to use jealousy and competition as a means to motivate her Mr. Mime. Compare this to how Giovanni uses Mewtwo’s jealousy of Mew to manipulate him for his own purposes:

“Surely you may be the rarest and the world’s strongest Pokemon. Show proof of that, and the real Mew won’t ignore you. …We’ll start by catching Pokemon. Then we’ll know your true strength as well. …You’ll become an existence that will surpass Mew. Then you’ll be the best Pokemon in the world.”

–Giovanni to Mewtwo, Ch. 4 of The Birth of Mewtwo radio drama

Mewtwo is driven to think that he must be the strongest creature in existence – even more powerful than Mew – in order to fulfill what he perceives to be his true purpose. Only then will he feel he deserves to be alive. Giovanni knows this and uses Mewtwo’s insecurity to his advantage.


In Episode 65: Showdown at the Po-ke Corral, Professor Oak shows Ash, Gary and company what he does as a researcher, all while Ash and Gary compete to prove that they are the better Trainer. Through Professor Oak, though, Ash, Gary and their friends learn what it means to be a good person in relation to Pokemon:

“Pokemon are special, and they need our special care. Just like every other living creature, they deserve our consideration and our respect. If we care for them the way we care for those we love, we’ll be able to live in peace, as we learn about them and ourselves. …My research has taught me that we need to deal with Pokemon like we need to deal with people: as individuals, if we want to discover their mysteries. 

–Professor Oak, while talking to Gary, Ash, Misty & Brock in his lab about his daily research routine; Showdown at the Po-ke Corral

This gets at the core of Mewtwo’s conflict that will be explored in the movie: created as a creature with incredible power and massive intellect, Mewtwo is caught between what it means to be a human being and a Pokemon in a world where the latter are often treated as chattel. As a Pokemon, he is a tool to advance the agendas of men. He is not treated as a living being worthy of care by the scientists who created him, he is not given the respect an equal partner would receive in Giovanni’s organization, and he lives in a world that makes sport out of battling his own kind. With this statement, Professor Oak sets up the injustices Mewtwo will face in the beginning of the film. It is fitting, then, that it’s during the course of this episode that Giovanni (off-screen) outright admits to Mewtwo that he exists to serve humans.


“You were created to fight for me. That is your purpose. …You were created by humans to obey humans. You could never be our equal.”

–Giovanni, while speaking to Mewtwo in Team Rocket’s headquarters, minutes before the latter destroys it; Mewtwo Strikes Back

Giovanni does not respect Pokemon as individuals. For men like him, Pokemon are tools for profit and war. As in Mr. Mime Time, Showdown insinuates that Pokemon act badly when humans do not treat them with dignity.

Finally, Showdown addresses the original question posed in The Battle of the Badge: can a Pokemon be evil? 

Is Mewtwo, by nature, evil?

“When Pokemon live in an environment like the one they were born in, it’s easier to observe how they are affected by their Trainers. …Pokemon frequently take on the characteristics of the humans who capture them. …Of course, this effect only occurs when a Trainer keeps in regular contact with his or her Pokemon.”

–Professor Oak, while talking to Gary, Ash, Misty & Brock in his corral about his newest findings; Showdown at the Po-ke Corral

According to Professor Oak, then, Pokemon are not evil by nature, just as Ash insisted at Viridian Gym. Like human beings, they are products of their environment and the people who associate with them. Giovanni, for instance, has Mewtwo perform many criminal acts for Team Rocket and in the process nurses his insecurity, which in turn causes Mewtwo to develop a severe inferiority and superiority complex. He teaches Mewtwo that the point of life is to “fight, destroy, and plunder. The strong win.” (The Birth of Mewtwo radio drama, Chapter 4). Even after Mewtwo ditches Giovanni in a rage, he maintains this attitude and redirects it towards humanity as a whole. In executing his plot on New Island, Mewtwo exhibits many of Giovanni’s characteristics, such as an insane sense of preparedness, arrogance, cruelty, and paranoia. He may not have been captured in a Pokeball, but Mewtwo takes on Giovanni’s personality traits through his time spent with him nonetheless. Luckily, as Professor Oak points out, these characteristics only last as long as a Trainer keeps in regular contact with the Pokemon: Mewtwo, fortunately, escapes Giovanni for a time. Like any human youth, Mewtwo is capable of outgrowing the worst of these traits with time and experience.**


The proper care of Pokemon is touched on in just about every other episode of the series, but I feel like these three stories were important back in 1998 in serving as a foundation for understanding Mewtwo’s motivations and character. Despite whatever Pokedex entries state about Mewtwo, he isn’t born – or rather, created – completely and irrevocably evil, but transforms into the monster that eventually lashes out against the world due to a series of horrible experiences with humanity. This isn’t to excuse or pardon his crimes, of course – he still makes many mistakes of his own volition, and he does have free will – but is to instead give context to what he becomes.∎

Thank you for reading my incredibly long and nonsensical ramblings! If you made it this far, you deserve a truckload of Pokepuffs. I hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully I’ll be posting more Mewtwo-related garbage to celebrate this crazy murder-cat’s movie anniversary in the future. :)

*You can still see remnants of this story structure in the movie. It makes the Rocket Trio’s exploration of Mewtwo’s palace make more sense, as the audience was originally supposed to be learning alongside them who this Mewtwo guy was and how he got there. Adding the 20-minute beginning, however, makes this B plot a tad redundant. 

**See: Mewtwo Returns (2000). In the sequel (in all language versions), Mewtwo is no longer the cruel, raging tyrant he was on New Island, though he still retains some of the paranoia and standoffish-ness he developed early on.

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Okay so I started watching Astro Boy (the 1980s series) and I noticed THIS… They are so damn similiar its scary. They also have a quite similiar goal, reviving their dead Child….

I am more than certain that this was an intended nod by the Pokémon staff at this series…

I’ve been saying the same thing for a long while too.

Dr. Tenma, something of a “dark horse” to begin with, was the head of the Ministry of Science and at the loss of his son utilized his position and power to get them all to start building a super-powered robot. Because…um…that’s a great fucking idea in this nuclear age. Dr. Fuji led a team of scientists hired by Team Rocket’s ringleader Giovanni, if only to use Team Rocket’s funding to find the secret to Mew’s rumored immortality and the life force of pokemon in general to save his daughter. Dr. Fuji wasn’t evil so much as he was ambitious and tunnel-visioned, and more importantly in the throes of denial. Dr. Tenma was much the same.

Tobio Tenma died in a vehicular accident caused by speeding, and while it’s not said in the movie how Ai Fuji died, it is in the radio drama: a car accident, likely caused by speeding. Tobio was maybe ten, Ai was even younger at the age of four (an unlucky number often associated with death due to a homophone in the Japanese language, and a love of puns and wordplay).

Dr. Tenma knew he couldn’t get his original son back but damn if he didn’t try and subsequently fail numerous times, a few such experiments leading to Cobalt Jet and later Atlas. Eventually he landed on the super-powered and perfected Astro Boy (Mighty Atom), though still initially then called Tobio. Dr. Tenma really started showing more serious signs of a mental breakdown when “Tobio” wasn’t aging because…gee, he was a robot. Nature of the beast I guess. He rejected him and kicked him out of the house, his robot programmed to be his child. “Tobio”, Astro Boy, was horrified and deeply upset at being abandoned, pleading his father to take him back and come to his senses. But Dr. Tenma wouldn’t hear it. Astro Boy quickly got swindled into joining a Roman Colosseum-esque circus led by a (likely Italian) scumbag named HamEgg. Astro Boy was put up against brutal, destructive robots and he had to put his abilities to the test or be destroyed himself. Dr. Ochanomizu, the new head of the Ministry of Science, discovered the fantastic child android and rushed to save him. Being the kindly soul that he was, he quickly put himself in a mentor-like position for Astro Boy and had built for him a robot family much like himself to give the child a sense of comfort and stability. Dr. Ochanomizu also hinted Dr. Tenma was given leave so he could take a good rest.

Dr. Fuji meanwhile in the radio drama was bending himself over backwards wondering why all the clones of Ai he made could only live to four years of age and in only a life-supporting tank. They absolutely could not live beyond those conditions. “Ai-Two”, who knew rather well she could be “Ai-Three”, “Ai-Four”, “Ai-Five”, or more, voiced her concern about her father pushing himself, but Dr. Fuji pressed on. He wanted to see his daughter live to be an old woman, which was saying something given he had long since gone somewhat white in his hair himself. Denial, stubbornness, being on the cusp upon discovering the secret of life, Dr. Fuji easily started blending the line between what was a genuine desire to resurrect his daughter and a persistent trek to completing a scientific task.

But whereas Dr. Tenma somewhat consciously or unconsciously deliberately built his son to be indestructible so he couldn’t die again, so too Dr. Fuji and his team did to Mewtwo. They had to make sure this one survived. There was not enough viable DNA in the hair to make another. But there was a million-to-one chance this project could even work in the first place. A single eyelash hair thought to be Mew’s found by chance in a rainforest in Guyana with the most tentative of hopes it wasn’t degraded or contaminated, the sheer off-chance the legend of Mew being immortal was true with no way to guarantee it was (I mean for fuck’s sake it was folklore, but all mythology and wives’ tales have a root of truth, don’t they?), that they even got a single zygote going after massive genetic studies of the single, tiny hair and horrifying manipulation, and some hints human DNA got involved, and further boosting of pokemon power from all that they knew and hoped would keep this one alive…it wasn’t just a shot in the dark. It was a shot into a canyon at night and hoping you hit the bobcat. Should the clone survive, if it could even still be considered a clone at that point, it would prove all the more the existence of this “Mew” and possibly its immortality. And immortal it freaking was. Again, not a thing shown in the movie because here comes the horror: when the adult Mewtwo reawakened from an induced, drugged sleep, his mind was still in turmoil from mourning the death of Ai but he had no idea what he was supposed to be churning about. He was still ready to murder everyone in the room for Dr. Fuji’s irresponsible lack of respect for individual life though, and he tried doing just that…until the lab computer shot him down multiple times just to stop him and confirmed him dead. Not a single pulse or breath of air. Dead. And then the computer began freaking out when it began detecting signs of life. What the shit, regeneration? Mewtwo came back to consciousness and slowly stood back up. Now he was just enraged.

You can guess how well that one went.

Now with the laboratory in licking, lashing flames, Giovanni (Sakaki, really) had been watching from afar and touched down upon the island to talk to his commission. Mewtwo was pissed six ways from Sunday and smarter at least five times more but he was still mostly naive about human nature. Giovanni easily corralled him into training him with his psychic powers suppressed - “focused” he called it - and being the last gym leader trainers faced before the Elite Four, he put Mewtwo up against some immediately strong pokemon. Anyone who’s played the games knows how fast and easy it is to train a freshly-hatched pokemon so long as you pit them somewhere in battle so they can get the experience points. It almost feels like cheating. It starts becoming clear in the radio drama through Giovanni’s inner narration Mewtwo was built to be a biological weapon of mass destruction and oh he totally had planned on cloning an army of him to take over the freaking world with, but maybe he’ll only need just this one. Long story short Mewtwo would have massive trust issues with humans from then on and only just barely learned to trust motherfucking Ash.

There’s a good theme too going on how the former leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni’s mother, built up the criminal gang with a mind zeroed in squarely on making money. Giovanni somewhat hated his mother and was arguably even jealous of her, but he used her efforts to solidify the group financially to then pursue his goals of full power. She in turn found him a brat. Jesse’s (Musashi’s) mother Miyamoto was a Number 1 agent of the gang at the time and good friends with Giovanni’s mother, and she herself was also quite money-geared for as much as she did love her daughter. But, to pursue her career as an agent of Team Rocket, Miyamoto decided to put Jesse up in an orphanage. Her thoughts were always at their core of genuine love and concern for her daughter, but they were often diverted and distracted by thoughts of making and saving money. Jesse grew up not really knowing who her real mother was and often felt abandoned while living in squalor between foster homes. Miyamoto and her team went searching for Mew for Team Rocket’s early purposes in the Andes Mountains (in fact it was Miyamoto and her team who discovered the vocal traces of Mew to begin with, starting this whole circus), but she lost her team in a torrential blizzard with death surely upon her. Only when she thought of her daughter did the storm stop and Mew appeared. Miyamoto showed her a picture of Jesse - “Isn’t she cute?” she asks, to which Mew happily agrees in meows and squeaks. What a cute little girl. Of course then for better or worse Miyamoto had to fuck it up. “Hey would you mind if I catch you?” What with bills and everything, they’re piling up, she explains (I’m paraphrasing it here). Mew turns away and lets the storm continue. Miyamoto’s voice promptly gets lost and drowned out in the howling wind and snow.

And gee, what a surprise when it turns out Mewtwo can create and dissipate a fucking hurricane.

Mew’s kind of a True Neutral frightening asshole who just plays dumb and kittenish for his/her/its own purposes and benefits, but that’s a spiel for later. Right now all you need to know is that if you’re well aware how terrifyingly brilliant and at times homicidal Mewtwo is, you need to be terrified out of your wits of the Eldritch horror that is the shapeshifting Mew. Mew is the abyss that stares back at you and agrees with you your daughter is cute.

(Not the kindly Mew of the eighth Pokemon movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Although what the hell is a Mew doing as the last defense of a “tree”’s immune system is something you don’t want to think about for too long either. The Mew of the radio drama and first pokemon movie is an actual troll of the worst variety and has no qualms irritating Mewtwo into wanting to commit blind murder against him/her/it.)

Wrapping this back up, Dr. Tenma and Dr. Fuji have different outcomes depending on what continuity you’re paying attention to. The original 1960s Astro Boy had Tenma disappear from the plot, the 1980s one had him whaling on Astro Boy and kicking him out of the house like usual but this time due to him being raving drunk, later being despondently guilty and wanting to repent for his awful behavior, and the 2003 cartoon had him a long-standing ultimate villain gone mad off his rocker deliberately testing his creation. Dr. Fuji has a parallel ending hinted stealthily and deftly in the games and confirmed in the recent Pokemon Origins anime. Somehow he survived Mewtwo’s genocide and made his way to Lavender Town. He shaved his head, dropped the title “Doctor” so people just called him “Mister”, he stopped wearing his glasses, and he started working hands-on caring for pokemon in town. He basically goes from isolated island life where he lives in secret to community-involved, landlocked life where he still kind of lives in secret. You can tell he’s trying to make up for past sins in the years he has left in this world. Curious how in the Trading Card Game’s picture of him there’s a Cubone and your trek into Lavender Tower involves the ghost of a Marowak.

The character of Astro Boy is most prominently broken up between Ai and Mewtwo. Ai is the original sweet human child, Mewtwo is the recreation with godly super-powers. Astro Boy and Ai tried talking sense into their fathers and held out unconditional love and hope for them, and where Astro Boy eventually had to give up Mewtwo outright didn’t want to hear it. Astro Boy and Ai knew there was a looming sense of abandonment and didn’t want to give into it, but Astro Boy and Mewtwo had to acknowledge it because it was the only way to move on. Astro Boy and Mewtwo are both quasi-based off of real life while still being unique creations, causing their inner philosophy and emotions to run deep and have an existential adolescence while looking nothing like adolescents. Astro Boy deals with deep resentment and hatred from robot-haters but he still goes out of his way to save the day and all their asses from mind-breaking monsters the size of skyscrapers anyway not just because he’s the only one who can do it, oh hell if he isn’t aware of that, but because he holds out hope humans are still good deep down - a trait of Ai’s. Mewtwo learns over a number of years to slowly trust humans if only because he can’t believe how golden-hearted yet stupidly tunnel-visioned Ash is. Ashy-Boy not only just rashly throws himself out into the fires of battle to get him and Mew to stop fighting, killing himself, but Pikachu is so horrified and broken at the sight of his best friend dead he screams over and over and tries reviving him in futile efforts. I mean if that doesn’t mean a damn thing to Mewtwo and screw in a little lightbulb in his fucking huge head then he’s a dumbass, a sociopath, and an asshole. Then, a good year or so after Ash had been brought back to life, Ash and co. run into Mewtwo and his clones fucking again. Trust me, Mewtwo is just as shocked at the sight of Ash still fucking alive as any adult watching this anime would be and he has the presence of mind to sense this has to be Fate. When Giovanni nearly kills Mewtwo, Ash just leaps at the first chance he gets and drags Mewtwo’s near-dead carcass to a revitalizing lake, saving his life. Cat is confused. Cat doesn’t get it. Human wtf are you doing. Stahp, you are breaking my brain cells. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. WHAT ARE THESE “GOOD CHRISTIAN VALUES”, IF YOU TOSS ME IN THAT GOD DAMN CHURCH I WILL CATCH FIRE. (Not literally but you catch my drift.)

The whole parent-abandoning-their-child thing while still possibly loving them is also brought up between Giovanni, his mother, Jesse, and her mother Miyamoto. You want to get into really unsettling psychology here, compare it to how Giovanni convinces Mewtwo he’s nothing until he fights Mew, so he has to make himself absurdly stronger to catch his/her/its attention. All the more disquieting is how Giovanni was kind of right. Mew sensed something was up and flew off to go see what it was if only for shits and giggles. Just to, meh, I don’t know, satiate one’s curiosity. And when Mewtwo finally meets Mew he goes blind to everything else around him and starts fighting only Mew. With Giovanni’s quest for unquenchable power at the base of this, that’s a horrifying vicious cycle. The worst part about it is is how much each person in this probably felt horribly, painfully alone. Curious again how there’s another round of wordplay going on here: “Ai” sounds like “I” in the English language as a reference to one’s self, and “Mewtwo” sounds like both “mutate” and “me, too”. Ai is four years old and is pretty comfortable just being herself if not shoving off the existential crisis, but Mewtwo can’t avoid it no matter what age he is. If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, compare how “Molly” in the third Pokemon Movie is actually called “Mii”, and is acting selfishly whereas “Ai” was acting selflessly. But again, that’s another spiel for later.

Don’t even get me started on the Frankenstein comparisons.

Concerning that last statement: I’m reading Frankenstein right now for the first time and…holy crap. I knew Mewtwo was based off of Frankenstein’s monster but had no idea just how much…

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And just because I like to see things side by side.

In our AU?  fan fic?  RP group???? whatever its Avalon and he took the name Orpheus so.. you know symbolism wooooo

The right one is a poster and stuff on my teepublic (Faeforge teepublic.  Tumblr screws up posts with links now so you have to go find it on your own unfortunatly)

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And just because I like to see things side by side.

In our AU?  fan fic?  RP group???? whatever its Avalon and he took the name Orpheus so.. you know symbolism wooooo

The right one is a poster and stuff on my teepublic (Faeforge teepublic.  Tumblr screws up posts with links now so you have to go find it on your own unfortunatly)

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Avalon Poster.  Probably wont be doing prints of this one unless people Ask for it.

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Mewtwo, Mew

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mew 🧬 mewtwo


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Annnnd he’s done.

Will be getting this up on society 6 and everything- later

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