Just some impressions from the making of Fury Road to remind you that they used as less CGI as possible. Thank you George ♥

George Miller the realest person you’re ever gonna meet.

are you fucking kidding me that was two straight hours of ACTUAL EXPLOSIONS 

The best part is that, from my understanding, there were quite a few scenes where George Miller said “No this is too dangerous we’ll do this in post” and the rest of the crew was like “NO LETS DO IT NOW WE CAN DO IT”

are you telling me this was fucking cirque du soleil in the desert with fucking explosions

Tom Hardy described it as slipknot meets cirque du soleil 

literally they hired cirque du soleil acrobats to get the aerial stunts right.

tbh i like that there was apparently some doubt that tom hardy was real

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I did not expect this to be my legacy but here we are.


Caleb having books strapped to his tights like some kind of Black Widow-librarian is canon and I think that’s beautiful.

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this really needed to be on this blog


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Today’s Davenport failed his perception check to see Magnus enter, pursued by bear.

[edit! image description under readmore!]

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costume series: medieval fashion in period drama hennins (steeple & butterfly) and headdresses (heart-shaped & horned)

The hennin was a popular 15th century hat much like that of a traditional Turkish fez. First appearing in France about 1428, it consisted of a cap of a stiffened fabric covered with a rich material with a cone or cylindrical construction over the top. It was worn on a 45 degree angle at the back of the head entirely concealing the hair which was drawn back off the forehead and covered by the hennin. Steeple hennins (1440-1490), were very rarely worn in England, although extremely popular in Europe. In Italy, some steeple hennins reached an astonishing half an ell high- 45 inches or ¾ of a metre from base to tip. Butterfly hennins (later 15th c) became more fashionable and supplanted the steeple hennin. The fabric under-cap with the wide black fold-back front which was worn underneath the hennin previously was abandoned in favour of very thin supporting straps which pass under the ears of the wearer. In an extremely short period of time another decorative feature made an appearance- two silver wires attached to the front of the hennin like a butterfly’s feelers and supported the veil in new and interesting ways. The heart-shaped headdress combined two of the medieval woman’s favoured headdress elements to make a new style of headdress the earlier caul or coif, and the padded roll. The top of the padded roll extended heavenwards, the middle of the roll descended into a V at the centre of the forehead making a heart shape when viewed from the front, hence the name. The horned headdress consisted of cones or which projected out at roughly a 45 degree angle and were wired up to resemble horns from which a pendant veil curtained the back of the head. The hair was completely concealed as decorum dictated. Starched white veils would then be attached to the headpiece using pins. It was worn from 1410 to 1420, but rarely to 1460. [x] [x]

the surprise to me was that its period of popularity was actually that short

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We were nostalgic for a time that wasn’t yet over.
― Nina LaCour, We Are Okay

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Go, tell her everything you’ve ever wanted

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Canines are the charisma teeth buy my silence

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5 ways to be a grown-up



  1. I am, this very moment, drunk on one full bottle of $8 wine and sitting in a bathtub, 85% of the way through with Pride and Prejudice.  I have not read this book since I was 15 and every girl in my high school class was in love with Mr. Darcy, and I said I was too, because he was smart and witty and contrary, and that must be what it means to be in love with somebody.  That must, of course, be why you fall in love with a man, because he is witty and contrary and saves your sister, and understands your circumstances, and loves you back, and that is of course what love means.

  2. I am in my bathtub.  I live alone in this apartment.  I am 33 years old and my mother has co-signed the lease, for my credit is poor and my ability to prove my own worth as a lessor, as an adult, as a human worthy of respect under capitalism, is as weak as ever there was.  I pay the rent in full every month precisely on time, for the only alternative is to move in with my mother and her ailing husband my father, and tonight I am drunk on rosé and reading a book I have not read since high school, and my independence is borrowed but no less dear to me.

  3. Earlier tonight, and yesterday, and last week, I pretended to a score of teenagers that I knew things they didn’t.  I taught them calculus and how to use the English language and how to pass tests that measure nothing to get into schools that teach them nothing and everything so they can get into schools who will give them degrees that will give them jobs that suit the parents that pay me.  If I lived in Jane Austen’s time I would be a governess.  I’d be good at it.  I know the English language well, and I can use it and I can teach it, and I understand what other people mean, and I understand this book better than I did when I was 15 and did not know what love was except on the few TV shows that were syndicated to Fox at 11 PM on a weekday night.

  4. Two days ago I helped a friend move.  Two days ago I, and ten other people, mostly women but also some not-women, some men, some not-any, helped a friend move, and half of them never met her before two weeks ago.  One month ago my friend who I barely knew came back to knit night and said, I’ve broken up with my fiance, and two days ago a dozen of us descended upon her place even though none of us had ever been there before and moved her into a storage unit in four hours of work because that is what you do.  That is exactly what you do.  That’s what a community is, even if you haven’t ever even met the person in need, you show up and you carry boxes and you play Tetris in a storage locker and you drive a car you’ve never sat in before and you make sure, you make sure this girl who belongs to the people you belong to does not ever, ever face her ex alone.

  5. I did not kiss my friend.  I made her soup, and she fell asleep on my couch, and I sent her home to my girlfriend, and I stayed alone in my apartment that I pay for every month in my mother’s name, and later on the bookshelfs I built with my own hands I found Pride and Prejudice, which I read when I was 16, and started to read, which tonight I am finishing in my bathtub with an entire fair-trade chocolate bar and one entire $8 bottle of wine.

6. Sometimes you think that Charlotte Lucas and also the mothers of the teenagers you teach calculus and grammar all had the right idea, and it was to marry men who could afford to replace laptops that shorted out when you tried to blog in the bathtub and knocked your tech into the water after an entire bottle of $8 rosé. You will regret this entire night in the morning but tonight you have a book to finish and also a cell phone and also you’re drunk so fuck it right? You’re not Charlotte Lucas. You’re not Lydia Bennett. It’s 2020 and you’ll figure it out, somehow, in the morning.

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Katara and Iroh share tea while a young Bumi and Kya play, from Avatar The Last Airbender: Legacy of the Fire Nation.

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You can free the victim in the mirror forever.

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Dorian Pavus || Necromancer + lightning mage
x x x

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can’t wait for the final boss battle of duolingo when you fight the 50 foot owl armed with nothing but your wits, a sword, and your shaky grasp of verb conjugations

oh my god… duel lingo

Die Eule habe hat Hunger

True to form, I actually messed up the verb conjugation when I first put the words on this. XD

holy crap

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For day one of Book Omens Week, here’s Aziraphale!

When reading the book, he strikes me as much more disheveled and vaguely threatening than Michael Sheen’s portrayal. Like a very scary librarian who stays up until two in the morning purely off the energy of coffee and sheer stubbornness, and who also so happens to be an eldritch abomination that will make you disappear without a trace if you dog-ear his pages. 

TV!Aziraphale comes across as much more sweet than Book!Aziraphale, in all honestly.

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Best friends by jugglingdaisies

cats go apeshit for fleece, even when it’s still on the sheep.

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Imagine going to school, and this new kid gets brought in by the cops, and is funny, has poorly received banter with the teacher, argues with said teacher about historical accuracy during a pop quiz, floors a kid without laying a hand on him, consequently gets pulled into the rector’s office with both his weird parents, they then throw a dance party which gets broken up because some little besom grassed, they leave never to be seen again. Then a few months later you find out that was the Avatar.

‘that explains a lot honestly’

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