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hi!! would you like to do TCW Fives + /palette/646744/Craving_Starbucks perhaps? :-)



yes of course! i hope you like them! xx


icon requests!

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her name is chuchi :)!!!

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you think youre so funny and cool huh. well you are. i love you

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The fist draft for art nouveau Kenobi!

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skyrim | player homes

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happy holidays everybody! i wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for 550 followers in just under a month?? [blows nose] i love you all sm thank you for giving my lil blog a follow <3

since it’s the holiday season, and i just finished the semester and have TIME, i figured i’d do something for my followers !!


  • must be following me, ur local heart eyes emoji for cody
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with a star wars character & a color palette 
    • if you could send me the url of said palette from /palette onward (for example: /palette/694737/Thought_Provoking), that’d be glorious! sometimes there are multiple w the same name and you can’t send full links in asks (you could also put parenthesis around the periods in the url, that works too!)
    • also if you want them from a specific movie/show, let me know! (for example—whether you want ahsoka from tcw or rebels or anakin from atoc or rots, etc. etc.)
  • you can find example icons on my main blog if you’d like to see how they’ll look.
  • i’ll be accepting requests until december 25

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate or even if you don’t celebrate anything. take some time to take care of yourselves this month! xx

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It took you all of two seconds to decide to steal the Declaration of Independence.
NATIONAL TREASURE (2004) dir. Jon Turteltaub

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a lady yesterday bought a tiny red onion and i told her “wow i love this onion.. it’s so perfect” and she said “you understand me…”

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The unholy quartet

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writers block got me like that one picture of hunter s thompson shooting his typewriter 

[ID: A photo of Hunter S. Thomspon, standing nearly knee-deep in snow on a mountain range in either early morning or early dusk based on how blue the air is, shooting a typewriter with a gun. /End ID]

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my favorite useless pokemon fact is still

i still think this exact situation should be the goal of the big evil plan of a pokemon organized crime group and if they succeed it blows up the entire world

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we didnt start the fire


La croix white claw kombumcha kratom lean cold brew grey goose tulsi gabbord industrial complex

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just came across the funniest minecraft skin i’ve ever seen

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isn’t the mandalorian a type of fruit

That’s a Mandarin, a mandalorian is that one musical instrument

Nah that’s a mandolin, you’re thinking of the plant from Harry Potter that screamed if you took it out of the dirt

no that’s a mandrake, a mandalorian is actually a type of fruit but it’s from Star Wars

no that’s a meiloorun. a mandalorian is the kind of car they time traveled with in back to the future

I think that’s a DeLorean. A Mandalorian is that giant wooly elephant with huge tusks that roamed over Ice Age North America

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PSA for Star Wars fans:


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So, I'm 110% hyperfocusing on FMA:B and I've got something to say! I love your content, especially the Briggs headcanons! It's really cool to read some of your stuff and be like "Wow, I didn't think of that but I agree" it's a pleasure to see you on my dash, even when it's not FMA, just because it's cool to read your tags on stuff you're excited about even if I know nothing about the subject. You're a very pleasant force on my dash!


AH!! WOW!!! thank you so much, this means a lot to me and i’m SO happy you like my content and blog!!! :) have a great day friendo!!

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