Hi I'm Sarah, 29. Hufflepuff| Sherlockian, potterhead and Marvel addicted. Currently I'm in love with my pet snakes! Johnlock| ironstrange| drarry fanartist and writer (every now and then 😆) I'll stop shipping them, when they stop being so gay for each other! Have FUN.


Me when trying to initiate a conversation

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i have no regrets and no braincells

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Me: oh that’s such a good fic idea! I totally have to write this!

Also me:

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John: for the last time, Sherlock and i are just friends

Irene: *sneezes*

Irene: apologies, i’m allergic to bullshit

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You know the drill

My favorite part of this is that you can just hear the defeat in this.

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This is the opposite of a problem.


The best bit was he tweeted Waterstones and politely asked them to let him out.

No-one from Waterstones was on their Twitter account at that time of night, but half of London was still awake and soon after #WaterstonesTexan and #FreetheWaterstones1 were trending across the city. The police were notified and managed to let him out before midnight :D

Afterwards Waterstones tweeted “We’re pleased to announce that is a free man once more.” (x)

They’ve also compiled a reading list for their future locked-in clients

This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.

The compiling of the reading list for locked in clients is perhaps the best thing about this.

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Your asexuality is valid even if you’re 13

Your asexuality is valid even if you’re 80

Your asexuality is valid even if you’ve been sexually abused

Your asexuality is valid even if you’ve had sex before

Your asexuality is valid even if you’ve never tried sex

Your asexuality is valid even if you’re on the aromantic spectrum

Your asexuality is valid even if you’re NOT on the aromantic spectrum

Your asexuality is valid even if you like sex

Your asexuality is valid even if you’re neurodivergent

Your asexuality is valid.

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My mom does not ship Johnlock, I’ve tried so many times but nope. She’s watched the entire show.

We were watching The Sign of Three, and THIS scene came.

She says to me: “Oh no, they’re not going to kiss, right?” So, my mom, a person who does not like Johnlock, thought they were going to kiss. What does this scene imply???

edit: i answered: “if they kissed in this scene, don’t you think i’d be SCREAMING RIGHT NOW? i wish.”

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what kills me about crowley-as-aziraphale is that crowley sees aziraphale so without fear. after six thousand years of fuss and nervousness and the dance of invite-rejection-rephrase-acceptance, he puts on aziraphale’s body and goes to face the consequences with all the calm and fearlessness he has always seen as the steel spine at the core of aziraphale. that steel is what gave away the flaming sword at the very beginning, even though aziraphale second-guessed it afterward, and crowley’s always seen it for what it was. he has always known aziraphale’s heart, as much as aziraphale tried to hide it, from heaven, from himself. but not from crowley. never from crowley. to crowley aziraphale has always been about compassion, and kindness, and hope. crowley understands what’s lacking in heaven, and he sees none of that lack in aziraphale. aziraphale is the light heaven’s missing. to crowley, aziraphale shines.

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Harry Potter, since age 11: I’ve just been having. a Weird fucking time.

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hey guys look at my weird dog

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David Tennant being a special surprise guest at Playing in the Dark: Neil Gaiman and the BBC Symphony Orchestra and reading the drunk scene from Good Omens. (x)

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Team ‘I just lost my boyfriend best friend’

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I can’t stop replaying it


[Adult beatboxes skillfully at the child]

[Child blows raspberry in response]

This is one of the most delightful things I have seen recently.

Comedic timing tho

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A kiss

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