"He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker. He has a brain of the first order. He sits motionless, like a spider in the center of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them. He does little himself. He only plans."

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All my life I’ve been searching for distractions. You were the best distraction, and now I don’t even have you.

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Ha.  Magnussen, giving?  The man would let his own daughter starve to death if it came down to himself versus her, Jim had no doubt, and if that was the case there was no reason for the king to be any more giving to representatives from other kingdoms.  He was cold and ruthless and self-centered, and Jim knew already that John would be crushed into submission despite his best efforts, one way or another.  

He wished that weren’t the case, but he knew that there were very few people that could stand up to the man at all, even if he elected not to use his magic.  With it, things were even less likely to go anyone’s way but the king’s.  

“I like to think we do, yes,” he said, not deigning John’s previously voiced concerns with a response aside from a sympathetic smile.  There was little he could say, regardless.  “It’s fairly simple food, I suppose, on its own, but being as close to the sea as we are, we get quite a collection of spices available to make our food a bit more tasteful than most.”  At the mention of going on a trip to John’s kingdom, he looked away, grimacing faintly.  “If I get the opportunity, I would love to.  But I’m not certain that will be allowed to happen any time soon.”  Or ever, in all likelihood.  Jim had little doubt that he was to be kept within the walls of the palace until he outlived his use.  The only way he would be leaving if things went Magnussen’s way would be in a coffin.  

That displeasure was forced from his features within a moment or two, what bit of himself that had been beginning to break through to the surface getting crushed back as he felt the full brunt of the King’s attention back on him.  A smile appeared on his own features as he glanced around the gardens, posture getting straighter, lighter.  Outwardly happier.  “It is, isn’t it?  I’m impressed that their gardens survive these temperatures–the plants back home would surely be dead even in this smaller chill.”

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“There are a number of reasons for the arrangement. Prevention of war is the official one. But the rumours aren’t entirely incorrect,” he sighed. “I am illegitimate, but my father was unwilling to declare me as such until he had another heir lest my uncle try to take the throne. The queen just gave birth to twin sons. I am now unnecessary as a buffer, since likely at least one of them will survive, so I am neither welcome nor needed in my kingdom any longer.” He shook off the solemn tone, plastering on a smile. “It’s fine. This kingdom is nice.” A flat out lie, as far as Jim was concerned. He hadn’t met a kind person yet. And he hated the climate.

Not that he had a method of recourse available, regardless.

“You certainly seem more down to earth than most noblemen. I’m sure you’ll do right by your country’s people regardless of how difficult negotiations might be.” He himself hadn’t often been out of the castle in his own kingdom, and certainly not for anything other than official business. He’d noticed that his own people never looked happy. And now he wouldn’t have a chance to correct that. He was nothing but a minor player now in the political machinations of countries, and not even under his own control anymore.

And it was a bit of a ridiculous thing to be upset about, but he really did miss his food. The idea that he wouldn’t be able to have fish for weeks on end at least was disappointing. And while chickens and turkeys were in large supply, they didn’t seem to be foods extravagant enough for Magnussen’s table, at least not as a frequent fixture. “Hopefully you’ll be able to visit somewhere that has a greater supply of fish sometime soon. It’s wonderful when properly cooked.”

Weeks at least, then. Thank God. Perhaps the man would be attentive enough to figure out something was wrong here. If not, Jim was going to be stuck in this hell until he outlived his use.

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“We will be staying here once we’re married.  Her father wants to keep her here, and I can’t very well live a kingdom away from my wife,” he answered.  Usually the woman would be sent off to marry the man in situations like this, but Magnussen was adamant that his daughter and her fiance be kept where he had better control over both of them.  “The treaties have been worked out already via my father’s and the King’s correspondence.  All I have to do is sign them once they’ve been finalized.  My travel arrangements were rather swiftly made, regardless.”  His father had wanted him gone as quickly as possible to prevent another escape attempt. 

The warning regarding the flowers had him frowning slightly and drawing his hands back into his lap, looking somewhat disappointed.  “No, not my intent.  It seems the flowers here must be more delicate than the ones in our kingdom, if a touch will damage them.”  He had no desire to damage the gardens–if this was the only place he truly enjoyed being in the palace thus far, he didn’t very well wish to destroy his haven.   

“I’m sure you’ll do fine negotiating.  You know what is best for your people, and you seem to care more about the citizens than you do about furthering your own position.  If that is the case, I’m sure she trusted that you wouldn’t sign anything until you were sure that the benefit to your kingdom outweighed whatever costs the King demands.  Just be mindful of his words–you know how members of any court tend to mince words.  Him in particular.”  A fair warning that it seemed he was able to slip out with said King otherwise distracted, though he doubted anything more than that would be allowed through.  

“I’ll admit that I was not awake for most of the journey here, so I’m afraid I can’t compare notes in that respect.  But the food is most definitely a shock to me as well.  Our kingdom depends more on fowl and fish for our meat.  The meat here is considerably different than what I am accustomed to.  And they seem to have a fondness for making perfectly good fruits and vegetables into extravagant pastries and sides.”  He offered a small smile.  “The stomach aches go away fairly quickly, though.  It took me about four days to be able to tolerate the food without feeling sick afterwards.  It likely won’t take you even that long.”

It could always be worse, indeed.  For John, perhaps.  Jim could see few ways that his own situation could possibly get any worse.  

“How long are you meant to be staying here for?” He found himself hoping it was a few weeks, at least.  Perhaps another outsider would be able to notice things the people here wouldn’t.  And even if not, he was far more pleasant company than anyone Jim had met here.

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Jim turned quickly, half-jumping before laughing sheepishly and smiling. “Earl John,” he greeted with a small nod, pulling his cloak a bit tighter around him. His excuse from last night hadn’t been completely wrong–he was still adjusting to the altitude, and the chillier air that came with it.

“I didn’t get very much sleep, and I won’t be summoned until noon at least. I enjoy being outside. The traditions to be kept up inside are suffocating.” A rare moment of truth escaping–apparently not something Magnussen saw fit to filter. “There’s so much different here. Even nature. The plants, the stars. Not big differences, but enough to notice if you pay attention,” he murmured, fingers brushing across the flowers lightly.

He made his way over to a nearby bench and nodded at the seat next to him, inviting the man over to sit next to him and talk. “I suppose the differences are even bigger for you, though. You’re even farther away than I was.”

Speaking at least somewhat freely was something he’d taken for granted until that chance had been taken away from him, though it seemed that this morning he had a least a bit of leeway. Usually that didn’t happen until nearly sundown, but the King had a meeting with the council this morning and was likely straining to manage both fulfilling his duties and keeping Jim under his thumb. That didn’t mean a slip up was going to be big enough to give away anything of actual importance, of course, but being able to have a proper conversation would be a refreshing change.

“Must have been an unpleasant trip.”

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Rest was not something in great supply for Jim, here, but he acknowledged John’s comment graciously before following the guards out.

By the time he came fully back to himself, he’d already been manacled into the seat where he’d spent every night since he’d arrived. Seemed they were getting better with their timing. He yelled himself hoarse, knowing it wouldn’t do him any good with the heavy doors closed and the guards deaf to his pleas but unwilling to give up so easily with so much at stake.

It proved as useless as he’d grown to expect, and eventually he fell into a restless sleep. And when he woke up, it was securely back under Magnussen’s spell, the only sign of his increasing distress the dark circles under his eyes from lack of proper sleep.

He was lead to what should have been his bedroom to change into fresh clothing, before being released to do as he pleased in the palace until the midday meal.

He found himself in the gardens, enjoying the peace and quiet. Most of the court had their duties to address, and since he was not yet trusted to engage in such activities, he was the only one in the garden most days. From what he could gather, it was only there for appearances, as the kingdom seemed much more focused on indoor activities.

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  3. Your muse suddenly grips my muse’s hair.
  4. My muse suddenly grips your muse’s hair.
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  7. Your muse grips my muse’s hips.
  8. My muse grips your muse’s hips.
  9. Your muse wraps their hands tightly around my muse’s neck.
  10. My muse wraps their hands tightly around your muse’s neck.
  11. Your muse slams mine against a wall hard.
  12. My muse slams yours against a wall hard.
  13. Your muse pushes my muse to their knees.
  14. My muses pushes your to their knees.
  15. Your muse bites mine.
  16. My muse bites yours.
  17. Your muse clutches their hand tightly around my muse’s mouth to silence them.
  18. My muse clutches their hand tightly around your muse’s mouth to silence them.
  19. Your muse grabs my muse’s wrists.
  20. My muse grabs their muse’s wrists.
  21. Your muse attempts to shove away mine.
  22. My muse attempts to push off yours.
  23. Your muse roughly kisses mine.
  24. My muse roughly kisses yours.
  25. Your muse pins mine onto the ground.
  26. My muse pins yours to the ground.
  27. Your muse delivers beatings to mine.
  28. My muse delivers beatings to yours.
  29. Your muse breaks my muse’s arm.
  30. My muse breaks your muse’s arm.
  31. Mun chooses.
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“Yes, it’s quite different here than in my kingdom. New traditions and formalities, new food, new people. It’s nice here,” he said quickly, glancing at the sovereign hosting him, “Just different. More so than I had anticipated. It’s all just happened very quickly.”

In some ways it was very different, that was true, but the worst parts of court life that Jim had so despised remained the same. Constant power plays by even minor figures in the court. Despotism by the rulers with no consideration of cost to others. Jim hated all of it.

But that wasn’t relevant right now. None of his thoughts were relevant for the time being, at least not until he’d caved. He had no intention of doing so any time soon–at least, when he was capable of making those determinations.

“Perhaps we will see each other outside of dinner sometime soon. Discuss the differences.” He fell quiet after that, returning to his food, though he was pushing it around the plate more than properly eating it.

The King endeavoured to direct John’s attention back to himself and his daughter, luring him into conversation after conversation any time he seemed tempted to draw Jim into it until that stopped being a possibility.

They’d been seated for an hour or so discussing topics it seemed no one but the King was interested in (and the Princess more interested in simply staring at John) when a small team of guards came in, giving a small bow to their King. Jim drained the rest of his goblet before standing and excusing himself from the table to be escorted out.

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Magnussen cared little for the well-being of his people, in all truth.  He was at the top, and as long as his people were happy enough to not riot and try and dethrone him, he didn’t particularly care what they did to themselves.  Why should he?  He had more important things to deal with.  Extending his own power.

The Princess smiled even brighter, body language turning almost flirtatious as she simpered her thanks– scratch that, definitely flirtatious;  she wasn’t even being particularly subtle about it, even sitting next to her fiance.  Not that he was paying attention to anything but his plate, simply eating one bite at a time and remaining quiet and distracted while King Charles began listing off their plans for the festivities.  Extravagant and ostentatious, as would be expected of him.  

Both the King and Princess offered a chuckle at John’s joke, though Jim seemed as distracted as ever until John asked him a question. His head snapped up, then,  eyes flickering with something for a moment before going somewhat restrained again.  

Magnussen’s own gaze stayed glued on Jim for a moment while the Prince answered, Jim smiling across the table at John reassuringly.  “I’m doing well, thank you.  It’s simply taking time for me to adjust to the altitude and food here,” he responded.  “Just a bit of lightheadedness is all, nothing you need worry about, though I appreciate your concern.”

He waited until John looked convinced before looking down again, Magnussen returning his attention to his food.  “I’m afraid the Prince won’t be able to stay and talk for terribly long.  He’ll be excusing himself soon enough for the evening.”

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“Oh, it’s my pleasure to have you here, Earl John,” Magnussen answered, his voice making Jim’s skin crawl even through the haze of the curse.  He truly was a repulsive man.  “I hope you’re not too weary from your journey.  I would hate for you to find your stay here anything but enjoyable.”  His voice was dripping in the false friendliness that most royals mastered at a young age.  

He raised his hand and gestured for the servants to have the food brought in–a frankly excessive amount for the four people currently seated at the table (the council had been instructed to give them some privacy this evening.)  It was more for the sake of showing off than anything.  A wasteful show of wealth.  

“Please, help yourself to anything you’d like,” said his daughter with a smile just this side of too friendly.  Jim didn’t seem to notice–he didn’t seem to be aware of too much at all, in fact, having barely seemed to register that there was a new person at the table.   

Magnussen filled his plate first, as per custom, before his daughter and her betrothed began to dish their food, the latter taking a portion remarkably smaller than even the princess.  He was a slight man, certainly, but that little was markedly odd–or would be, were there anyone there to really pay attention.  

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Prince James had quickly become infamous in the Magnussen kingdom.  Since his arrival at the palace some three weeks ago, rumours had been blossoming not just throughout the halls of the castle, but out into the town surrounding, and still moving further, of his apparent condition.  

He had been sent as a sort of bargaining chip, much to his chagrin–pressed into a betrothal to King Charles’ only daughter as an alternative to a war that would decimate both kingdoms if it had come to pass.  It would be a noble sacrifice to make, had he been given any sort of option.  Instead, after his initial reaction upon the news (an attempt to flee his own palace), an arrangement had been made against his will and without the knowledge of anyone save his father and King Charles themselves.  

Magic was a fickle thing, and due to its reluctance to be controlled, frowned upon by most of the populace, if not seen as the devil’s work itself.  That didn’t stop the people who truly wanted to learn from acquiring powers, through secret lessons and obscure manuscripts.  Magnussen, it was alleged, had been one such person, and while the man hadn’t confessed to such explicitly in their correspondence, it had been heavily implied that the man could ensure Jim’s cooperation in the marriage once he arrived.  

So it’d been done.  Jim had been practically kidnapped from his bedchambers and smuggled out of his own kingdom and into Magnussen’s over the course of several days, restrained and unable to make any attempt to flee the carriage until it was too late.  He’d been dragged into the palace through corridors no one else was apt to see, and restrained and left alone with the King in obscurity for the rest of the night, and in the morning, was presented to the rest of the kingdom, apparently perfectly content in this new arrangement.  

The caveat came at sundown, however.  Magnussen told his servants and security, knowing full well how rumours spread, of an apparent affliction wherein Jim would go from the seemingly civilized man he presented as in the day to a murderous monster in the night, and that for the safety of the kingdom, he needed to be restrained, strapped into a lone chair in a guarded room until the sun rose.  He made expressly clear that under no circumstances was he to be let out.  Supposedly the beast would say anything necessary to be freed to do its evil work.  

It was during the night that Magnussen’s hold over his mind fell, and he was free to speak his mind.  But no one would believe him, and come sunrise, he would be back to the ‘normal’ that the kingdom perceived and life went on in bliss until sundown again.

Dinner, as a result, had been moved forward from its usual time to accommodate his apparent biological schedule, and it was still several hours until dusk when John was summoned to dine with the King and the betrothed couple, treated with the courtesy his royal station dictated.

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i’m a benevolent king. i’ll give you to the count of three to bow before i break your knees to make you.

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There never has been.

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being bad never felt so good, my dear

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Moriarty being escorted to the courtroom - requested by sleep-work-and-murder

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He’s not a criminal, he’s crime itself, sin raised to an art form, a church with no religion but rapine, a God of Evil.
—— Sebastian Moran about James Moriarty (via lel-holmes)
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