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literally had a customer come up to me as i was making her drinks and say “your name shouldnt be finn. it means fair haired and you have dark hair.” thanks man!!!!!

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dont even get me started on people claiming being uncomfortable with a slur is somehow terf propaganda. not only is that just blatantly untrue, but it’s a slap in the face to every trans woman who doesnt want to be called q***r


seriously though why are people on here so obsessed with forcing people to reclaim the q slur?

like. call yourself whatever the hell you want, i dont care, but stop trying to force me to reclaim the q slur. thats not how slur reclamation works. it’s a very personal fucking thing lmao

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You should see the memes too, they’re god awful.

this is beyond parody

… Anyways, if any billionaire reading this wants to pay me to make shitty memes for them, feel free to hmu anytime.

My prices are very reasonable and start at $10k per meme


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I’ve been questioning my gender a little bit lately

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All the best hero - villain dynamics just lead right back to these two



villain, tearing up again: no one has ever told me I’m good at anything!

hero: where are your parents I just want to talk


hero: i mean… you did good at being bad!

villain: oh… thank you?

hero: *awkwardness intensifies* no problem…


villain: I did BAD?!?!


hero: hey man its okay that was good you uh you did good back there

villain: i did good??

hero: i mean- bad!! you did bad!!



villain: *choking back tears* uh, yeah, i’m actually trying really hard here man

hero: *now looking uncomfortable* oh

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Heterosexual Character of Today:

Severus Snape from the Harry Potter Series

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my favorite part of the sonic movie was when he gave griffin that big bag of weed

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here’s a random word generator–whatever word it gives you is now the thing you are the deity of

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The fact that markiplier is still alive is proof that that post successfully saved him from the LA gangs

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lol … its fucking funny how you dont even realize how stupid and gay it is that youare eating my liver again … you actually think its funny and cool to eat my liver no matter every time it regenerates even though its gotten really old and not funny or cool anymore

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nothing speaks to me quite like this does

99% certain this is like, an Onion article or something, but the point still stands.

Alex Hirsch created one of the greatest modern cartoon shows to exist, and he cut it off at two seasons to the dismay of the entire fandom.  His explanation?  His characters’ stories, their arcs, were finished, and he had no more planned story to tell, and he wasn’t going to do them (or the fandom) a disrespect by stringing them along on a convoluted plot that wasn’t necessary just to keep the show going.

The story had ended.  So the show ended.

And now the show rests in greatness and triumph.

When a story is over, it is necessary to let it go when it is its time.

You know who else did this? The Good Place. 

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TIL Pepsi was originally called “Brad’s Drink.”


still is

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come sail away by Styx sounds like the theme song for a barbie movie about pirates

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