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They truly are soulmates. ❤

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so now that we have like eight years left to live before climate change becomes irreversible, does anyone wanna get married and run away to a cottage in the middle of nowhere and become entirely self sufficient? that’s starting to sound like a good plan

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I know that people have been calling Countess Henrietta dumb for being fooled by Sir Gideon’s (terrible) disguise, but I’m like 99% sure she knows it’s him and is in on it

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Do these people even have eyes

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Desire & Decorum cast aesthetics 1/?

→ Naomi Scott as Florence Foredale Countess of Edgewater

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For anyone who’s ever wondered who they’d be in a 19th century novel, the wait is over: I put together a 19th Century Character Trope Generator!

If you’d like to reblog, put your character in the tags because I’m curious.

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The forehead kiss… I’m SOFT.

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You fucked her three times on her wedding day and slept in her bed that night

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Dang who the fuckity fucks at PB hates Mr. Sinclaire this badly? It’s Mr. Sinclaire and his series of unfortunate events.

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Can you please reblog if your blog is a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, non binary, demisexual or any other kind of queer or questioning people? Because mine is.

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Desire and Decorum entering playchoices this week…

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when will YA authors realize that the mr. darcy fantasy isn’t “hot rich guy is a huge dick to you” but “hot rich guy fucking respects and listens to you”

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Here's your chance to gush about your favorite regency husband: what are your top 10 favorite things about Ernest?



Kato, you are the BEST! Thank you for this ask.

So ten things? Hmmm. Can I summarise it with Hufflepuff? ;)

Ahhh fine. I guess I’ll have to gush, then. XD

1. Ernest gives to everyone, even to people who don’t deserve it

Whether to “women of ill repute”, servants or anyone else, Ernest gives.

He gives those women food, clothes- and for some- a better life.

He gives his servants food (as in grouse) and personally delivered a letter for his steward like an errand boy, just because he was passing by the area.

And the most amazing part? Even after everything his wife did to him, he still took her in when Mr. Richards turned her away. It is just so amazing and shows what an amazing person he is.

2. He respects MC and will never force himself on her

Can we talk about how much he loves MC? Ernest respects her so much. For example, when her shoe fell in that diamond scene in the lake, Ernest looked away. That is basically the equivalent of undressing, and he looked away. Can you think of anyone today who would do the same?

And the never forcing himself on her part? He apologizes in the bridge diamond scene in Book 1 for forcing himself on her, even when it was mutual. And my favorite part that really shows it is this:

He tells MC in that cuddle scene that no matter if she’s ready or not, it’s okay. Nothing she does will ever disappoint him, and I just love that. It truly shows how much he cares for her, and I love it so much.

3. He doesn’t like violence, but will use it when necessary

Ernest isn’t the type to rush blindly into the fray. He hates killing, but will do so when necessary. I realized that mostly from his diamond scene in the hunt in book 2. Ernest says he doesn’t like shooting grouse, but he does do that sometimes, when he has to.

You can also see how in Book 1 he threatens to harm Mr. Richards if he dares to lay a hand on MC again, and in Book 2 (if you romance him)- the duel. In both of these times he basically says “Enough is enough”, but in the first time, for example, he only threatens to harm, instead of hurting Mr. Richards immediately.

4. He never looks down on anyone

In the Regency era, in order to be acknowledged you needed to be a wealthy, white, straight male. Anything other than that and you were basically worthless.

But Ernest’s best friend, as it looks like it, is Mr. Chambers, a gay male. Ernest doesn’t pay any attention to his sexuality, and never treats him any differently because of that.

In another instance (again to Ernest romancers), if Ernest heads for the duel, he chooses Mr. Harper as his second when there’s literally a prince in the same room. As he says, “I trust you with my life”. He sees Mr. Harper as an equal he can always trust, even when Mr. Harper is “just” a servant.

Not to mention his servants, whom he gives so much to, or the “women of ill repute”. If he looked down on them he would never give them as much as he does. Instead he would say that they don’t deserve his kindness, and we know he never does that.

5. He always sees the good in people, yet knows who doesn’t deserve it

Ernest always sees the good in people who deserve it. The poor “women of ill repute” and his servants really show that, though you can see it in other cases.

That is what made him open up to MC in the first place. The fact he realized that even if she was a gold digger, no-one deserved Mr. Richards.

In so many instances he showed that. Among them I can think of the bridge scene in Book 1 and one line in Book 2. Only someone who sees the good in people can say that.

Yet even with that, Ernest knows who doesn’t deserve his kindness. After Mr. Richards betrayed him, Ernest doesn’t waste his time in a useless attempt to see the good in him. On the contrary: he’s one of the first people to warn MC about him.

6. He teases MC and has no problem making fun of himself

Throughout the books Ernest and MC constantly tease each other, and I love it. That was one of the first things that won me over about him.

7. He’s selfless

Ernest will always do good, even if he’s hurt from it. You really see that in Book 1 with the “women of ill repute” he helps, even when it hurts his own reputation.

8. He does good, just because

Ernest doesn’t look for any credit for the amazing things he does. He does them just because, and would even hide them just in order for them to be as pure as possible. Can I just say how amazing that is?

9. He’s gentle

Ernest is very gentle with MC. This does connect to the never-forces-himself thing, but I find that so attractive. I will always prefer a sweet, gentle line over a dark and heedy look, or a kind and gentle kiss over a passionate one. They’re both great, and the fact that Ernest can also be gentle, at least at first, means so much to me. It really shows how much he loves her.

10. He’s not ashamed to act childish

So many times Ernest acts childish with MC. When he meets her in Grovershire, in the lake… yes, she brings out that side of him, but he doesn’t ever try to hide it.

Obviously there are more, but these are the main things. =)

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Constantly confirming that I choose Mr Sinclaire is like

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Ernest: Would you miss me if I die?

MC: Bold of you assuming death will get you out of this relationship

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Pride and Prejudice (2005) trivia: The film’s U.S. ending was ranked as one Entertainment Weekly’s greatest movie endings of all time.


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do you think there was like…discourse about Jane Austen novels when they first came out

ladies’ weekly tea and reading club: welcome to the meeting. we have exiled Charlotte because she stans Mr. Wickham

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The Debut - Sinclaire x MC


A/N: So I posit that Emmeline and Ernest have three biological children, all boys, and in between the second and the third they adopt a young girl who finds her way into the home that they run for women in London. This is about that little girl, now a young woman, and for @noeschoices.

Summary: Ever since he an Emmeline were married, Ernest has never dreaded a season until now.

Even now, over fifteen years into their marriage, Ernest found that each time his wife entered a room he was rendered a bit breathless. The years had been gracious to her, and while laughter had etched itself into the skin around her eyes and whispers of white and grey hid amongst her still dark brown locks, she was every bit a beauty and a force as she had been they day they met, if not more. He learned every last freckle on her skin and at this time of year, with the warm days approaching and with it their trip to London for the season with the children, he could see them making a reemergence on her décolleté.

Keep reading

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LoveHacks & It Lives!



Awww thanks so much for the ask! And sorry if it took so long! I tried to answer this once before, but Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload my answer. So I’m rewriting this. 😪

Anyway, here are my answers! =)

It Lives: Do you prefer one-offs, anthologies or series?

All of these can be amazing. It really depends on the writing, but in general this is the order: (top to bottom)

1. Anthologies

2. Series

3. One-offs

I prefer series over one-offs because it lets you get more into the story. You get to spend more time with the characters, so you get to know them and their personalities better. (Plus, it gives you more time to write slow-burn characters, like Beckett, really well. Without rushing.)

I prefer anthologies over series because:

1. Series can drag, even if they’re written well. Anthologies, on the other hand, give writers a lot more freedom to work with, so the chances of them dragging are much lower.

2. All the similiarities, and yet differences. Just look at It Lives. From the beginning of It Lives Beneath you can see the similarities, but you don’t find out till the end of the series the true similarities and differences between the both of them. It keeps you guessing the way.

3. I love cameos, and anthologies have a much higher chance of cameos! ;)

Lol those are the main reasons.

And now… =)

LoveHacks: Who’s your favorite LI?

I am head over heels for him. He’s perfect in so many ways, but here are two traits that I think really stand out in him:

He gives to everyone, without expecting anything in return.

Ernest is amazing in that aspect. Just look at book 1, when MC follows him to the alley:

He gives these women so much, even if Mr. Richards uses that to ruin his reputation. And instead of explaining what he’s doing in these “houses of ill repute”, Ernest hides it. Because he doesn’t want the attention or credit.

But these aren’t the only people he helps, ones he doesn’t owe anything to. In book 2, Ernest admits that he passed by Grovershire (in the first chapter of book 1) because he was delivering a letter for his steward. The guy literally works for him, but Ernest still took that small detour because it was on his way. How amazing is that?

And there’s another moment, in a diamond scene in book 2, when Ernest admits that he doesn’t like to shoot birds, but when he does, he gives the meat to his servants and their families. Instead of taking it to himself, he brings to people he owes nothing to. How amazing is that?

You can learn a lot about a person from the way they treat people “beneath” them, and Ernest proves here how amazing and pure he is.

Just as he says in book 1, in one of the most amazing lines ever:

Ernest completely respects MC.

Let’s face it: there aren’t many LIs that respect MC the way Ernest does. He never forces MC into anything she doesn’t want to (even in book 1 he apologizes for “taking liberties” with her). And he never looks at her in any way he shouldn’t, which is amazing.

One of my favorite Ernest lines shows exactly that. It happens in book 2, in his first 30 diamond scene, if you choose to cuddle with him:

Instead of saying “oh, well. We’ll keep it for later, I guess” he lets MC know that it’s completely okay without pressuring her at all. In those words he says this: “I don’t care if we’ll never do that. I love you and even if we never will do that, it’s fine.

How many LIs will be like that?

Anyway, thank you again for the ask, @starklinqs! Hope this was interesting and not too much. Lol Ernest will never get only a few words from me. I can’t help it. He gets me like that. XD

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I made one.

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