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An incel gamer who calls himself a nice guy, decapitated a 17 year old girl “who wouldn’t give him a chance” after she went on a date with another guy.


even after reading the article… is this for real?

and still there are people who think we [women] are exaggerating when we say men will literally kills us for denying their advances.

not only did he kill her. he took her fucking head off and posted it for everyone to see.

Please be careful with ace positivity tags right now, people have been posting images of her body in those tags.

A few days before she was killed a she posted a selfie on Instagram tagged #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike. And now she’s dead for not having sex with a man. I never want to hear an exclusionist say we’re not oppressed ever again.

Please, for the love of god, reblog this and know her name. Bianca Devins. She was asexual, and she was killed for rejecting sexual advances. This is the violence and fear we’ve been trying to speak out about. If you call yourself an activist, this cannot be ignored. Please support and protect aces, this kind of event is literally what exclusionists have been ignoring and mocking the concept of for years.

Please, for this poor girl who was killed, please reblog this.

Spread the word.

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scoping out if it’s safe to come out to someone

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This is an ad about animal cruelty that has very loud screaming of dying animals. Also flashing, graphic pictures of said animals, like a dead chicken or a pig biting a wired fence.

It’s about thirty seconds, the screaming starts 10 seconds in and the ad isn’t skippable.

It can trigger panic attacks and cause your anxiety to skyrocket, and it’s just generally a very disturbing thing no one should see.

I’ve only seen a warning yet, haven’t stumbled across this before despite using YT a lot but for the love of God please be careful. Here is a link to that video but ONLY WATCH IT IF YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT SENSITIVE TO THIS TYPE OF CONTENT. I’m merely giving out the link so you can report it and I wouldn’t advise any of you actually watch it.

YouTube what the fuck

Gross it’s a PETA ad too, Incase anybody is tempted to watch the video anyway because “it’s a good message” know that PETA spreads lies and has compared farming to the holocaust as well as claiming drinking milk causes autism so don’t believe anything they say

the original post is from today (nov 28, 2019), so this is still extremely relevant. stay safe out there.

They put this in the video too to bait people into hearing this. Wtf peta?!?

Please be careful, sweet hearts.

PETA is fucking evil.

Be careful everyone.

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Who are you supposed to be?

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Things we shouldn’t glorify:

1) busy

2) working till ill

3) working for free

4) working more hours than paid for

5) not resting

6) putting the cause before one’s own well-being

7) the privilege of taking up all the space (pass the mic to those more marginalized & excluded)

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wookieepedia is very special

What do they mean ‘were’

its a weird quirk of wookiepedia - because the whole star wars series takes place “a long time ago” they insist on referring to everything in the past tense

it says “legends” so breasts aren’t canon anymore

We lost titties in the star war

Say what you will about the Star Wars fandom but their claims about breasts are very well sourced

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Can I start over?

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I wanted to know if you could do some icons of Carol with short hair



yeah, sure! (again, they’re shit but listen i tried my best with the even shittier lighting)

  • don’t claim as your own
  • view on my icons page
  • like/reblog if you save
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Guide to digital art!


Step 1: take out and plug in tablet

Step 2: open up art program of your choice

Step 3: pull up a reference image or two

Step 4: set a music playlist

Step 5: scroll tumblr dash for 3 hours

Step 6: cry

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church: follow jesus

me: does he follow back?




me: promo 4 promo?

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Murmuration of Starlings that looks like one huge bird

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me: *flips dogs ear inside out*
me: can u..,. hear better like this

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you know when you’re talking w/ someone and you just feel.. Warm. like.. not.. warmth temperature-wise but just this.. sense of overall coziness like on an emotional level speaking w/ them is the equivalent of whenever you step into a patch of sunlight… that’s something

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Iron Fam Domestic Shenanigans  
🎥: Peter the camera guy
- Rhodey!! I’m not respected in this household anymore 🥺
- Aww c’mon Tones, come sit down and have some cocoa.
- You only give me your cocoa when Morgan put too many marshmallows in it…..
- What, you like marshmallows and anything Morgan made 

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I’m confused about Tony’s relationship with Harley. The boy clearly saw Tony as a dad figure. But how did Tony feel? Did he think of Harley as a son the way he thought of Peter as a son? I wonder just how deep their relationship was compared to Peter. Thanks for explaining




My answer is no. Tony didn’t feel the same way about Harley as he did for Peter. The trope is cute, that Tony has two sons but in canon-verse, Tony loved Peter as a son and thought of him like that.

Back in 2013, when Iron Man 3 came out, Tony was a little different than the Tony we saw in 2017 in Homecoming. Tony didn’t have the same mindset, he even flinched at the thought of having a kid:


Here are some examples of how different he was in IM3 and how different is his treatment with the kids:


Tony: Move out of the way or I’m gonna run you over.

Harley Keener: I’m cold

Tony: Yeah, I can tell. You know how I can tell?



Peter: How’d you find me? Did you put a tracker in my suit or something?

Tony: I put everything in your suit. Including this heater.

Peter: Whew, that’s better. Thanks.



Harley Keener: When can we talk about New York?
Tony: Maybe never, relax about it.
Harley Keener: What about The Avengers, can you talk about them?
Tony: I don’t know, later. Hey kid, give me a little space.


Tony: Nice work in D.C.
Peter: Okay.
Tony: My dad never really gave me a lot of support… And I’m just trying to break the cycle of shame.

He even implied he’s Peter’s dad at this point lmao.

You know what gets me? How fast Tony freaked out at the thought of Peter being in danger of dying. Like the mere thought of it would destroy him. He felt himself getting attached to the kid but actually forming a relationship with him was something that he knew was gonna kill him. And that’s the truth, it killed him:


Loving Peter killed him. Basically.

lmao i’m a bad bitch, i’m not gonna cry…

I think I’ve talked about this before but the real reason Tony took Peter’s suit is that he was preventing Peter from killing himself. 

They already treated each other as father and son in the first stages of their relationship, it’s crazy LOL. The way they behaved in HOCO in general. How Tony kept trying to connect with Peter and how Peter already accused Tony of things only a kid would accuse their own father of doing, ‘If you even cared, you’d actually be here!’ and Tony responding just like any dad would: ‘No, this is where you zip it, all right? The adult is talking. What if somebody had died tonight? Different story, right? ‘Cause that’s on you. And if you died, I feel like that’s on me’ 

Tony wanted this. This is something he went after. The whole father figure thing is something he was prepared and wanted to do. He didn’t have that mindset in IM3 and maybe that’s the reason he didn’t get into that role with Harley. 

And I want to clarify that he is like that because he didn’t have any desire for kids back then and not because he hates Harley or because he likes to mistreat kids or something bizarre like that. He was busy with other things in his life to even think about kids. He was dealing with anxiety, PTSD, NY just happened, etc. He didn’t have the time to sit down and think about having children. 

There are other factors about this that can explain the lack of Harley in Tony’s life in a better way:

The superhero life.

Harley is not a superhero or an enhanced individual. At least not for now and he definitely wasn’t back then so Tony doesn’t need to be there for him 24/7. Yes, the kid was bullied at school but after the events of IM3, I think Tony figured Harley could handle himself. Peter DOES have powers and he’s an active superhero so someone needs to keep an eye on him. Tony always felt responsible for Peter and it’s not only because he feels like he ‘dragged’ him into the superhero life but because he actually sees himself in him. He thinks Peter is going to make the same mistakes he did and feels like he needs to protect the kid from that. Harley doesn’t have those problems.

Timing and Family.

Tony arrived at the right time. Peter just lost his uncle in HOCO and was in need of guidance and Harley didn’t need that as much as Peter did. Harley has a family, he has a sister and a mother. He probably has other family members too. Peter has May but the kid lost almost everything at the age of 14. He lost his parents and his second father figure by the time Tony came to his life. Harley mentioned that his dad left 6 years ago in IM3. I discussed this with a friend here on Tumblr and they made a great point about this subject: Tony doesn’t need to be a father figure for every kid he meets. It’s a cute concept but it’s not a necessity for some of them because it’s not like they can’t find happiness somewhere else. My friend mentioned how Harley’s mother must’ve already found a boyfriend or husband who is a good person. Someone Harley grew to love. Someone Harley’s mom is happy with. It’s not always going to be the ‘bad boyfriends or bad stepparents’ trope, it may be possible that Harley has already found his father figure in someone else. It’s been like 6 or more years since Tony saw Harley, many things change in a couple of years and maybe this is what happened with the kid. 

Their introductions.

Here’s where the real difference lies. The writers and directors left it very clear what kind of relationship Tony was going to have with each kid. 

Both kids talked about their families with Tony and Tony’s reaction to each of them si very important:


Tony: So, uh, who’s home?

Harley Keener: Well, my mom already left for the diner and dad went to 7-Eleven to get scratchers. I guess he won, ‘cause that was six years ago.

Tony: Mm. Which happens, dads leave. No need to be a pussy about it. Here’s what I need.



Tony: That’s why I’m here. Why you doing this? I gotta know. What’s your MO? What gets you outta that twin bed in the morning?

Peter: Because- because I’ve been me my whole life, and I’ve had these powers for 6 months- [more explanation]– When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t… and then the bad things happen… they happen because of you.



Tony not only felt connected to the kid but he sympathized with him. He understands what Peter is saying. Just look at the way Peter talks at 14, at that age I was watching Full Metal Alchemist lmao. Peter talks like an adult. He talks like he already experienced a lot. Tony recognizes that there’s something deeper to this kid than just the nerdy kid he sees. He even offered comfort in that same scene:


I think I explained this before but Harley is part of Tony’s legacy. He’s one of the many people who helped Tony shaped himself in the amazing hero he IS today *He’s no dead, what are you talking about?*

Now, even if this is the case, that doesn’t mean that the relationship couldn’t have progressed to something more have they given them more time but unfortunately, they decided to kill him. 

Thank you!♥

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