I am the scales. I care not for sides, I only walk in-between


KLAUS (2019)

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KLAUS (2019)

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I wanted to draw something cute
…and I ended up drawing them

Rapunzel with the goggles I-

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You know what should've been Frozen's main antagonist? Elsa's fear and isolation- manifested in the form of a beautiful ice palace that can transform into a sleek gigantic robot-like being protecting Elsa when necessary. At the climax of the movie however, Elsa would eventually lose control of the palace, as it began to behave independently of her (think A.I gone rogue kind of scenario). Everyone would eventually fight this monster that is the physical embodiment of Elsa's negative feelings.



This sounds more like a sci-fi movie than fantasy xD

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Im tired of the hiatus!! Lets carry on! 🖤🖤🖤


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She could steal your heart, but it’s more likely she’ll steal your wallet

what can i say; that dress in “The Outlaw Scrooge Mcduck” was just begging to be drawn.


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Anne With An E ~ 

+) little shirbert 

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If you like this, instead of REPOSTING, help me REBLOGGING it! Reposting only damages me as an artist!


This is dedicated to


, the creator of this amazing show. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful story that will remain in our hearts forever. This is my way of showing how much I love this show. To the super talented Anne cast and crew, you guys are the best!!

Let’s not forget to appreciate the art of Brad Kunkle, the artist of the original intro and the inspiration to create this one!

And of course, I also dedicate this to my own kindred spirit, my amazing husband Ramiro Maldini. He not only made the gorgeous animations, but he has supported me in every crazy idea I had over the past 9 years.


Hope you guys like it and

help me over at my instagram LUZTAPIAART

tagging everyone so more people can see it!.NETFLIX AND CBC GIVE US A SEASON 4! #RENEWANNE

Gorgeous. Just… Aaaaaaaaaamazing!!!




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“She says–”

“I…I believe I understood.”

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“kill the indian, save the child” is a very real fucking thing that was said to justify the injustices, cruelties and acts of sheer hatred against the indigenous peoples and is not just something that the writers came up with out of thin air. i think it was absolutely incredible to include it in the episode because it served its purpose flawlessly.

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Watching Ka’kwet bash her family was rough, not just because of what words left her mouth, but because it shows how deeply her experience scarred her even if she knew what they were doing was wrong. She had such awful ideals and information drilled into her head to the point where she cannot acknowledge them as propaganda and cultural genocide. It’s painful to watch because it happened. Natives had their culture erased and they were brainwashed into assimilating, oftentimes degrading their own culture because of what they’ve gone through.

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That fucking pissed me off

And then the Nun LIED!! She said the Priest would return in a fortnight but actually returned that same night.

Ugh, and that Priest coming back with police and telling them its the law to take away their children from them…. DISGUSTING


the nun refusing to speak to ka’kwets parents but then speaking to matthew. i despise her and all the other colonizers

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He got the mom friend anxiety override.


Ok let me just say I am SO PROUD of Mathew Cuthbert. He’s grown so much and he really blew me away this week. He agreed to help an indigenous couple straight away, simply because it was the right thing. He stood up for Ka’Kwet and Anne, speaking beautifully to multiple strangers, something he never would have been able to do 2 seasons ago. He didn’t back down when A GUN was being pointed at him. Didn’t even flinch. He is so strong and brave and he would do anything for the people he cares about. Moral of the story is I love and would die for him.

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Diana and Minnie May



While watching the scenes with Diana and Minnie May when Diana is trying to leave the house to go see Anne, I felt like Minnie May was trying to get Diana to come out of her obedient shell and for once just blow up in front of their parents. We’ve seen Minnie May’s true feelings and it’s changed my perspective on how she acts when she’s stirring up trouble. I almost think her mischievous nature isn’t just to ruin Diana’s day or annoy her, but to make Diana see what she could do if she only rebelled a little bit more, if she did what she thought was right. I kind of wish we would have seen that, almost like the scene with Aunt Jo where she influenced Diana’s decision to take the entrance exams using reverse psychology (?). I wanted to see a scene where Diana gets so angry at Minnie May and her parents and outright refuses to be influenced by them ( as opposed to quietly rebelling ), and Minnie May quietly cheers because her sister is finally taking a stand after giving her a push. We didn’t get a scene like that and Diana remains obedient, but I almost feel like it will happen soon.


the first thing Minnie May asks Gilbert is to dance with them

and what pRAY TELL was Anne talking about when she first confessed her feelings to Dianna with Minnie May conspicuously was hiding in the closet??

dancing with one Gilbert Blythe lifting the veil of her consciousness to how splendid of chin he has mayhaps???


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One of the things Anne with an E does best is represent intentional families.

AwaE is fantastic for portraying that nuclear families (Dad + Mom and 2.3 kids) are not necessarily the ideal we should be striving for. In fact, all the families that are blood-related, and therefore forced to be a family, have major relationship issues - think the Pyes, the Barrys, or the Andrews. Let’s look at a few intentional families in the show:

The Cuthberts

Matthew and Marilla are siblings who, for one reason or another, never married or had children. As would have been socially acceptable at that time, they lived together because Marilla wasn’t able to be on her own as an unmarried woman. They acquire Anne by accident, and come to love her almost immediately. Although they have their fair share of squabbles, the three of them support each other through a multitude of issues - from health problems and financial instability, to identity crises and romance troubles. They may not be conventional parents, but Matthew and Marilla raise Anne the best they know how, and with all the love they have to give. 

The Blythe-LaCroix Family

Perhaps the ‘oddest’ family portrayed by the show, we have Sebastian Lacroix, a labourer who has emigrated from Trinidad; Gilbert Blythe, an orphaned teen whose father left him a farm; and Delphine, the infant daughter of Bash and his late wife, Mary. Gilbert and Bash call each other ‘brother’, and to Delphine, Gil is referred to as ‘Uncle Gilby’ by others. Initially, they worked together on the boat, and later on the Blythe farm. Now, they live together as a family, cook and share meals, and provide emotional support to each other as they face many hardships. The death of Bash’s wife hits the entire family hard, and they are forced to accept help from many women in their community to raise Delphine. While they have occasional arguments (usually related to miscommunication), Gilbert and Bash are the ultimate example of intentional family. 

Josephine Barry + Cole Mackenzie

An elderly ‘spinster’ (widowed after the death of her female life partner) and a gay teen runaway make the perfect pair. After growing up in a working-class family, and struggling to be himself in a closed-minded community, Cole heads for Charlottetown, and is welcomed, as well as unconditionally accepted for exactly who he is, by Josephine. She has company after being alone for many years, and he has someone he can relate to. Also, it helps that Aunt Josephine has money, so they can have extravagant parties with all their flamboyantly gay friends. It’s beautiful, and I love it.  

In conclusion, Anne with an E features beautiful relationships between people who are a family because they choose it daily, not because it is required of them because of their genetics. 

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In an alternate world where Damian grew up with Bruce :



Little Damian, 3 years old, tries to put his shoes on all by himself for one of the first time ever, and ends up putting them on on the wrong feet. Doesn’t really realize it, and proudly turns to his dad, big cute happy smile and all.

Bruce, smiling at him sweetly and pointing at the shoes : “Wrong feet, buddy.”

There’s a few seconds of silence, where Damian looks at his feet, utterly confused. Then finally, he turns back to his father and says:  

Damian : “I don’t have any other feet ?”

Queue Bruce Wayne, big bad fearless cold and unforgiving Batman, feeling his heart melt. Then he bends down to him, ruffles his hair (Damian can’t help but burst into a huge smile), and starts to patiently explain what he meant.

I like to sometimes think about what could’ve been… And how Damian AND Bruce would be different if B raised him since he was a baby ? Damian obviously wouldn’t be the Damian we know (although I guess he would keep certain personality “traits”, and would probably become a vigilante too…with the family he has, he’s kind of doomed to, really :/), but I also think having to take care of his kid since birth would’ve changed Bruce in a lot of ways, too (I could write essays about this). I like “what if” stories I guess. And an AU where Bruce raised Damian since birth, is sometimes nice to think about.

Even more so since like, imagine all the Batkids interacting with him, younger than they are when Damian actually comes in their life canonically ? Like Dick and Jason are somewhere in their early twenties when 10 years old Damian first arrives. Tim is around 16. Cass, not quite sure exactly since canon greatly varies (well, it varies with all of them really) but late teens probably. So it means that if he was raised since birth by Bruce, they’d all be kids too, and he’d be around since (almost) the “beginning” ? 

Like, imagine little Jason being so protective and proud of his lil’ bro, and toddler Damian wondering where “Zayson” (I imagine him pronouncing things not quite right, like every kids) is, faced with a Bruce having to hold his tears in and think about a way to tell his youngest boy how his brother died and won’t come back ? Imagine teen Dick hesitating to leave for the Titans, even if Bruce and him just aren’t on the same page at all at the time, because he doesn’t wanna leave his little brother behind ? How history changing this could be ? Imagine Tim, around 8/9, teaching him stuffs like how to sneak in the kitchen and steal cookies without Alfred seeing ? Or even better “using him” to commit some little mischiefs around the house, like actually boosting the kid on the cookie shelf ? Haha. Stealth missions. Imagine Cass, taking care of toddler Damian and playing with him, and “learning” how to speak with him, able to say words more and more because of the love the little boy has for her, and how he admires his big sister and all ? How much it helps her understanding her own feelings, and wanting to talk to communicate better with the little one as he grows physically and mentally too ? Oh and Alfred ? Teaching Bruce all his knowledge about how to take care of a baby ? I just think this alternate universe would have quite a lot of differences that are cool to theorize about, while still being similar…If that even makes sense.
Anyway, just a sort of headcanon of mine. I just really love the Batfam, and think a lot about them…sometimes about “them” in maybe-alternate universes.

I didn’t know I didn’t need a heart😭

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someone draw Bruce holding Damian like this


I love the fact that people show Damian as uber small, yet when he’s grown up, he’ll be the tallest of them all.

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