Whatever strikes my fancy.  Nary on AO3 for my fic.

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@sage-derby Yes!!!

Here’s a rundown of their general policy, from literally the first article I clicked on just now:

As you might be getting from that, they’re pretty intersex inclusive, too. Here’s a sample of something that’s a little more directly about sex-specific stuff in case you’re thinking “well but they said that was just about pleasure tho”:

They have a lot of sections on their site, but number two is Gender:

“That’s probably just like hetero gender dynamics stuff tho…” Nay nay! Here’s a few of the articles from the first page of their “Gender” section:

Scarleteen was a huge help to me as a trans person. They have a live chat that has sex-ed type folks giving real-time answers, and even just the staff+volunteers who happened to be attending to the live chat were able to help me with weird niche trans problems - a decade ago, when trans people, it seemed, damn near didn’t exist. They are EFFING AWESOME and want to help you!!!!


Not even joking, y'all, Scarleteen is an amazing resource that deserves attention and (if you’ve got the cash for it) donations so they can keep providing thorough education about sex, consent, relationships, etc to folks of all ages who need it.


Don’t get your sex ed from fanfiction!

Get it from


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i want a jaynestown kinda thing w/ star trek where they land on a planet and yeah they’re pre-warp and pretty primitive but yeah fuck the prime directive because there’s like a plague there and bones isn’t going to let all those people die so he kinda sneaks the medicine and stuff to them and they leave and kirk is like “ok there’s pretty much no way we’re gonna get away with this so we were never here

and then like ten years later they’re sent to check on a planet and whoops it’s the same planet that bones helped so kirk is like ok we go in, write a report and stuff, and get out and hope nobody notices us. and they beam down and there’s a giant goddamned temple dedicated to mccoy. paintings and sculptures and shit and it’s kinda crude but still clearly recognizable and they’re standing there in shock staring at this giant fuckin statue of mccoy like holy shit we are in so much trouble and spock just goes “this must be what going mad feels like.”

#jim is really jealous #spock can not even being to PROCESS how many goddamned rules they broke #sulu is just like we gotta go to the planet where I’M a god

“I think they really captured his essence.”

“He looks angry.”

“Yeah that’s kinda what I mean.”

- conversation between chekov and sulu

Then the God of Healing stretched out his hand and said:

“Forsooth!  For all the time I have spent on thee, if thou diest now, I shall venture into Hell and drag thee back into life by thy collar.”

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Is someone playing a flute?

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hudson knew what was up from DAY ONE

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2009 vs 2019 comparison.

I think I tend to beat myself up thinking that I’m not good enough or skillful enough and it’d be so much easier if I could just look at my art from the perspective of my young teen self who would be so impressed with my progress. It was a really nice feeling I think kid me would be proud :, )

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sparkly thotty elf whom i do not trust 

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In which Hannibal realizes incriminating his boyfriend was not the smartest decision.

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he’s the only one in the castle with hair long enough for her to play with

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ok so, moist is my favorite discworld character. i love the guy, he’s just swell.

thing is, i’m not a native english speaker. even though i know and understand that ‘moist von lipwig’ is probably the weirdest name ever conceived, i just don’t fully get the full effect.

but today i checked to see what he’s called in the spanish version, and lemme tell you, seeing ‘húmedo von mustachen’ has taken like 15 years of my life and now i want to die.

húmedo von mustachen

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Unmute !


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Kīlauea, Hawaii | Photographer: Terence Lee

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have you seen him?


Now You Have

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Vassar College girls practicing Greek dance c. 1923

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Inside the World’s Only Surviving Tattoo Shop For Medieval Pilgrims

The Razzouk family has been inking religious pilgrims in the Middle East for 700 years

A tiny shop, almost dwarfed by its prominent sign, lies across a quiet cobblestone road. If you didn’t know anything about the incredible, centuries-long history of the family who runs this particular shop, the sign’s tagline might cause you to do a double-take: “Tattoo With Heritage Since 1300” it reads. Read on

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#im thinking abt zuko and hnghgj #him and sokka are so funny #3 swords #2 teenage boys #1 brain cell

op why would you hide this vital content in the tags i’m


a rlly good trope is a teenager who was forced to grow up too fast suddenly being surrounded by teens who love having fun and goofing off, and just slowly starting to come out of their shell and do dumb stuff just for the hell of it bc they can finally act their age

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