my uterus realizing we aren’t having a baby after building up a lining for three weeks:


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how the FUCK can you say "mood" about periods when youre a MAN. You cant fucking ID out of biology. fuck you.



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I hope anyone who watched this who feels lost or alone felt less so after they watched. If you’re suffering from mental illness, eating disorders, and/or body image plz remember that you have a purpose, you’re here for a reason, and you matter!!! I love yall 💜

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who is she

skkdkfkfklals I forgot I had this username

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corcle time

Look at the flicka da wrist…

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hey nerds i’m pretty strapped for cash atm so i’m trying to sell a bunch of video games i haven’t played in forever.

 i have a ton of gamecube titles that i’ll probably never touch again (loz wind waker, twilight princess, loz collectors edition, metroid prime 1 & 2, pikmin… and more) and before i put them up for sale online i’m offering a special discount for you bitches following this blog. 

i’ve got some games for wii and ps2 too and i might even be willing to part with my actual gamecube which is in the same condition it was when i first got it so get it while it’s hot! 

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When you throwing it back but then your top starts backseat bottoming and telling you to arch your back and how to properly get fucked and throwing out tips like you didn’t spend the latter half of your formative years face down ass up getting bred behind the dumpster at your local truck stop-adjacent McDonald’s


#sir….that lion is a jesus metaphor (via @cinnamontographyismypassion )


Did Jesus not get nailed too? Was he not hammered? Pounded into submission? Laid bareback for all to see?

JC was a top so keep his name out of your mouth

Bottom erasure and historical revisionism. Typical top nonsense. You think a man who was born man-free and only had a mother could possibly be anything but a bottom?


Jesus was a verse; he became flesh and blood for the good of mankind at large, as you would understand if you paid attention to the liturgy. Wasn’t his body “given up for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven”? It’s fair to say then that he knows no top/bottom dichotomy - his flesh is for everyone.

Jesus took in lepers and whores and all those trodden down upon by society. Took in.

You know what else takes stuff in? Bottoms.

He also had companions. Aka fuck buddies aka tops who used him and his holes.

Stop trying to push the narrative that erases important historical figures for bottoms to look up to, when we have so few!

You’re right, he did take in the most downtrodden members of society. But he also gave back.

Remember the loaves and fishes? If he could so freely and compassionately feed so many, could he not also feed the horny the same way?

He gave head

do we have to pull out our jesus was trade scriptures in this the year of our lordt 2018

Reading this thread gave me a first class ticket to hell

i really wanna go pray after reading this but you know what? we need to unpack “backseat bottoming” because that sent me REELING

jesus was verse…..

Jesus was one of the girls so that’s that on that

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heeey, does sbux let you pick your surgeon or do they have like a list?


they have a list they worked with before and that’s accepted their supplemental insurance but I’d call to ask more…the surgeon they told me they’ve worked with was Spiegel so im getting ffs with him first and worry about the rest later since there’s different prerequisites for each procedure

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mom, dad, i found grandma’s terf sideblog immortalized on the wayback machine. why is there 5 hours worth of entries agonizing over the word ‘fish.’

idk it kinda makes an awful lot of sense for women to get upset about a word men use to reduce them to the sex organs that mark them as female and then imply that their femaleness is disgusting, and THEN use that word interchangeably as an insult for women or as a compliment for men who perform male-defined femininity especially well. mocking women for being upset by misogyny is exactly what men do to make us feel stupid, so that we shut up and stop practicing self-empathy, because female self-empathy does not serve male interests. you’re fighting for the wrong team with this stuff, you’re hurting your own with the same techniques men use to control women. i don’t really blame you but it really sucks that you’ve got such a huge audience for all the hateful shit you say about women

Ngl shit like this hurts hella bad. Like nobody gives a fuck about womens feelings. Just nobody. Everybody in the notes is laughing bc the op is supposedly funny. Just. Like. Its too much.

My partner told me that MtT prostitutes in certain areas call females “fish” and he didn’t understand why I got livid right away by the gross misogyny inherent in MtT circles (also gay male circles!!!). Like “fish” and gendered insults are tossed around all the time by gay men and MtT and they think it’s funny and that they can say whatever they want about women because they’re *not like other men* and so forth.

This is my favorite post on Tumblr

anyways im the grandma with the terf blog

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Ladies and bottom/versatiles…..

I’m getting ffs and titties from Starbucks

Good things truly happen to good people🤧

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German pilots ground over 200 flights after refusing to deport asylum seekers

Flight crews did not want to help send people back to Afghanistan, local media report

German pilots have reportedly grounded more than 200 flights after refusing to be involved in the deportations of failed asylum-seekers.

Flight crews said they did not want to participate in sending people back to Afghanistan, where violence is still rife following years of war and occupation by Western forces.

Between January and September 222 flights were cancelled, according to German government figures, with most – 140 – coming at Frankfurt airport.


At least one similar refusal is known to have taken place in the UK when British Airways pilot refused to take off while Samim Bigzad was on board earlier this year.

Mr Bigzad, an Afghan, faced deportation to the city where the Taliban had threatened to kill him before the pilot intervened, saying: “You’re not going to take him; I’m not flying. Someone’s life is at risk.”

Direct action! “Just following orders” is never an excuse! [article]

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Starbucks to pay for all transgender staff's surgeries
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The person that photoshopped this is dangerous

Naruto: are you wearing the ch-

Sasuke: Chanel boots? Yeah I am.

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my uterus realizing we aren’t having a baby after building up a lining for three weeks:


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the moral of black panther was that we as black women have a duty to love and support our black kings 🤴🏿👸🏿💖✊🏿

Uummmm????? No actually the moral of the story was that you can’t truly achieve greatness/success without bringing people to the top with you and not abandoning those who need someone the most.

You sound single Queen

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Who trying to pay for some nap cuddle sessions. I’m warm & comfortable

No grabbing dick, but you can hug as tight as you want.

150$ for 5 hours plus a meal and a blunt if you wit it. You be leaving feeling brand new and loved.

Ladies don’t fall for it. Just take your home girls wig off and cuddle with her for free. Same effect. 

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Why do y’all care about the royal wedding

Like my nigga fuck a black princess? This isn’t the time to be on some “representation matters” type shit. A black girl marrying into a family that’s committed literal crimes against humanity isn’t the kind of representation y’all should want lmao l thought we went over this

what crimes?

“what crimes has the British monarchy committed” is the funniest question ever

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reblog if ur a fish whore

literally me

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