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The 113,729 km² large North Island is the more densely populated island of New Zealand. About three quarters of the inhabitants live on it, and both the capital Wellington and the biggest city of the country Auckland are located on the North Island. The last man to die of tree nettle poisoning was a man who stumbled while walking through a thicket of nettles in 1961; five hours later he died in hospital. However, this was the only recorded death so far; all other poisoned people were very ill for two to three days.
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The two main islands of the country are roughly divided climatically into two parts by the mountain ranges that run through the country on a north-south axis. The prevailing westerly winds bring a more humid climate to the western parts of the country and a drier climate to the eastern parts. This manifests itself in earthquakes, faults and increased volcanic activity. New Zealand is home to some of the most active volcanoes on earth. Since 1951, the New Zealand Parliament has consisted only of the House of Representatives. Apart from that, the structures have not changed significantly until today. The parliament, thus House of Representatives and Legislative Council had 70 seats, that were extended in the House Of Representatives from 1868 by four for Maori representatives. From 1854 to 1865, the seat of government was Auckland, then Wellington that remained the capital. New Zealand is one of the youngest nations in the world.
  • The submergence of the oceanic under the continental plate in this zone releases great pressure and high temperatures.database can then be accessed by the police during a search.
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  • > Do not leave valuables or things that identify you as a tourist visible in your car (a car with a separate trunk is recommended).the last century, tram services were established in many major cities in the country, of which only the one in Christchurch remains as a tourist attraction.
  • Due to its isolated island location, coastal shipping, air travel and road transport are the most important means of transport.

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Maori culture in New Zealand. Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They call themselves Tangata Whenua and came to the islands more than 1000 years ago from their mythical Polynesian homeland Hawaiki. Today about 14% of the total population of New Zealand is Maori.

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What is Kia Ora?

The phrase has found its way into New Zealand English and is now a natural part of everyday language. It is used both for greetings and goodbyes. Literally Kia ora means something like May you be healthy or may you be well.
>/div>>/div> This document made New Zealand a British colony. The document was signed by over 500 Maori chiefs, who thereby recognized the sovereignty of the British Crown. In return the Maori were given enough land and fish
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