trans woman. lesbian. obsessive-compulsive. original 90s kid ie born in 1990. i like cute animals and that includes buggies and lizzums. i also like it when kind and friendly people talk to me. also my name is emily. if i reblogged a horoscope post and you're wondering what my sign is, it's pisces. i mostly reblog refutations of The Discourse as well as anything i find sufficiently funny, cute, and/or gay. my original posts consist of what i've been watching/doing, and detailing my mental breakdowns, inclination towards self-harm, and suicidality. i'm kind of a mess. byf: please send a message briefly describing yourself so i know you're not a bot.

so i’m playing swtor and there’ll be an enemy called like “resistance sniper” or whatever and i’ll just be like “resist my dick!” which is funny, because i don’t have a dick.

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came across mucdermon again playing swtor

i remember the first time i found him and i thought his name was mcmurderdemon

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she stole the heating pad

kitty my shoulder hurts please

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There’s one (1) think in Disney’s Mulan that irks me. 
The jaw line. 
Mulan’s jaw line is drawn differently when she’s acting as Ping. No kidding:

this is her “regular, Fa Mulan” face. In this version her jaw is even highlighted by the makeup. Look how round is it.


and this is her Ping jaw. Square. Totally square.


Isn’t consistency in the character base shapes like, an important thing??

Not to mention how she immediately regains her long lashes as soon as she is exposed. With her round jaw obviously.



That feel when you’re Asian and your father with a bad leg was about to be sent off to surely die in a war for your great empire so you squared up both metaphorically and physically.

it’s on the fricking vhs cover

this has bothered me since 1999

Why do you have to come for Mulan like this

It’s called contour sweetie

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Mark Taylor - Fluffy Black Kitten, 9 Weeks Old, Stretching with Arched Back, Photography

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My baby boy came and got in bed with me this morning

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Holiday season is upon us so if you berate ur wife for having a hobby, fuck you!! If you know somebody who does this fucking punch them in the throat!!!


The worst thing abt working in a craft store is that 90% of the time, the woman jokes in some way or another her husband will kill her/beat her for spending money. Or they’ll half the payment in cash so it “looks like less when he checks our account.”

That shit isn’t funny. It isn’t cute and it makes me so sad that these women joke about it. So WHAT if your wife likes to make wreaths or sparkly tumbler cups??? So WHAT if her passion is soap making or painting?? God forbid ur wife have a fucking hobby that isn’t blowing you!!

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What football will look like in the future
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Collection of my old Life is Strange portraits ^^

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Hi, my name is Emily and I need some help while I look for a new job.

I have less than $100 to my name right now, and I’m battling a cold while recovering from two surgeries. I am a mentally ill trans woman so it’s hard for me to find work, but I have friends helping me so I might be able to find something. Also, I am moving in with some friends next year to lower my cost of living.

Right now I need money for food and gas. I also have the following bills coming up:

Rent: $1100 due December 10

Electric: $84.44 due December 10

Insurance: $206 that will automatically be taken out of my account on November 27. This is the big scary one that can overdraft me if I don’t have the funds. Actually, rent is pretty scary too, because if I’m late on that they slap a $200 late fee on which is worse than an overdraft.

Anyways, please help if you can. Any amount helps. Oh, and I should probably include links to where you can help me, that would be useful.




Update November 16

I’m down to about $20 in my bank account, my car needs gas and my stomach needs food, especially now since I’m battling this cold. Please help if you can. And please keep sharing this wherever you can. Thank you.

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i remember one time i was playing final fantasy tactics advanced and i was surprised that the final boss had multiple forms

i had previously played nearly every numerical final fantasy

how did that catch me off-guard

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what do you mean i have to write the story that i came up with the idea for

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@catsuggest spüne

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Best game

I LOVE this game because it’s like 7-8 people all participating in a game to entertain ONE big dog and that’s amazing

@oldearthaccretionist @softbutchtaako

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I’m going to defeat you with the power of friendship and this gun I found

maybe the real treasure was this gun i found along the way

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Works of art. I will print and frame these.

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trending news

underwater temple, underwater monk

underwater rhymes and underwater funk

he sleeps in the sea in an underwater bunk

with mirrors all around him hes an underwater hunk

he’s got underwater junk in his underwater trunk

on the basketball court he does a nautical dunk

he’s got a little stash of underwater skunk

underwater temple, underwater monk

Sick rhymes


this song slaps harder than anything i’ve heard in the past decade

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