Writing about the ENFP-INTJ dynamic, one adventure at a time!
Well, that and unleashing my rampant curiosity on everything MBTI.

That inadvertently rhymed.

Run by an ENFP, because ENFPs are fangirls, obviously.




Sorry dude, already done that one :P 

Also, for the others who have sent in asks/replies regarding the Send me any MBTI type ask meme, I’ll answer them when I can, but probably not for the next day or so. Life stuff awaits. Sorry!! xx

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ISTJ for the type thing


There are so many good ISTJ blogs on here, holy shit. In fact, I think I mostly follow ISTJs and INTPs now :’D Shout out to @ill-be-istj-if-no-one-else-is, @istj-hedonist, @intpatypical, @intplady, and @ladyparts-intp!

I don’t think I’ve actually met any ISTJs irl. (I know I said I had in the past, but to be honest, I wasn’t that invested in typing them and I didn’t know them that well.) Having said that, I’m willing to make friends with all the types, but I think befriending my dual (as they say in socionics) would be extra cool! If you’re an ISTJ and like anything on this list (or here) (or here as well?), hit me up ^_^

Ask me about my experiences with any of the types!   

Already done: ISFP, ENTJ, INFP

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Yoooo bro, for the MBTI details thing-a-ma-jig, how about an INFP? They seem to be pretty chill with ENFPs.


Yooo brooo right back ‘atcha. :D

I had an INFP friend I met through MBTI Tumblr who originally typed as an ENFP and was also a linguistics major! But she disappeared off the face of the earth (i think she changed blogs a few times and got busy with life stuff, y'know how it goes). So Ria, if you’re out there reading this, pleeeease say hello! I miss your face :P

I also have a Facebook INFP friend - we live in the same state but have never met - but for some reason he likes to write long and pontificating statuses (and everything, really, lol) in the vein of the xNTJs I knew that have been similarly intellectually condescending. I have never met him in person so I can’t judge his personality accurately, but I feeeeeel like he maaaaay be mistyped. xNFPs do have motivations for getting ranty though. Perhaps a different sort of arrogance of the sort I sense in myself? Who knows?

Ask me about my experiences with any of the types!

Already done: ISFP, ENTJ

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For some reason, the only one I know in real life has a victim complex, and I must do too, because we keep arguing over and over again accusing each other of the same thing.

We also have the same interpersonal charisma. It’s so weird to see someone else do it!!

(There has to be a moment where one of us realises we’re the exact same person…)

I would like to meet another one, just so I have a little bit more anecdotal evidence of what ENTJs are like. They seem pretty cool but I’m doubtful that they’d want to hang out with the likes of me, being so goal-oriented :P

Ask me about my experiences with any of the types!   

Already done: ISFP

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Haven’t met enough ISFPs to answer, sorry. If Lady Gaga is a good example, I’d say we have similar creative outputs/interests but different thought processes, and in particular the lack of focus on theories/concepts and the meat/weight behind them bothers me :p I don’t think that would stop me from befriending one, though! 

Ask me about my experiences with any of the types!

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Send me any MBTI type


and I’ll detail these things:

If I have met anyone of this type:
1. Have I met anyone of this type?
2. Do I have any Tumblr friends/faves of this type?
3. What type of relationship do/did we have, or how well do/did we know each other?
4. First impressions?
5. Positive impressions?
6. Negative impressions?
7. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?

If I haven’t:
1. Would I want to meet/get to know this type? 
2. General impressions?
3. What do I imagine our relationship would be like? How well would we get along? 
4. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?

(Based on the lovely isfjwallflower​‘s and entp-ramblings‘s posts here and here ^_^)

Reviving this ol’ thing!! Do it, do it!

(Alternatively: I, an ENFP, live with two ESTPs, a ExTP, an ISFJ, and someone I haven’t typed yet… ask me anything :’D)

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enfp / intj ??



INTJ: How could you possibly get in this much trouble in one day?

ENFP: It didn’t take me a whole day

Accurate 😓

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Reblog with your MBTI type and what you were last doing on Tumblr





ESFJ-Gender dysphoria discourse

ISTP: Crying about losing four day’s worth of work to a computer glitch

ESTJ: looking up Drarry fanfiction and art.

ISTJ: reblogging/queuing a bunch of stuff on my other blogs (topics: Shakespeare and puritan sexual mores; that one post about how Gordon Ramsay would be the best potions teacher; one about how the Stonewall riots were indeed led by trans women of color and someone’s professor is very bad at history)

ENFP: lurking (i.e. catching up on the giant stream of new content on my dash)

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Tap the middle suggestion of your suggested words to form two sentences, and add your MBTI type for the fun of it.

I’m not grateful that you can have it for you but you can have a great time together with your family. I think I’m sorry but it’s not good to talk about it.


It was the best thing to do with a good time. I’m not sure what to say, but there are some things i do not want.

The best way of getting a text is to be a person of your body. The best thing about it was to get the best deal on a new one but it is a great app to have, a good idea to use, and your email address is very good.

I’m sorry to be a good person and I’m sorry but you are the only person that you know. I’m glad I didn’t get a new one and now I’m not sure if it’s not a really big problem or a really good person.

Well the first bit was kinda deep anyway. The second sentence … devolved partway through.

I am very interested in the position and would like to be a part of the question of the week of the month of the month… [infinite loop]
To be fair I would be OK with this as a definition.

(that one also turns into an infinitely looping “week of the month of the month of the month…” and I have no idea why)

It’s a good one but if I can get it to the point I can do that. This is a good one but if I don’t do have it I fixed the problem with this one I don’t have any more problems and it doesn’t work at the least.

INTP. Hmmm…a lot of problem fixing involved.

INTP- You can get the same person as the other people that have been super cool. Yeah but it was really awkward but it really really happened

Idk what to think of this lol

ENTJ– and I couldn’t be the best thing to happen when I did it that I wasn’t even a caveman for a very long time and she said I don’t know how about it but it wasn’t even that good luck to me your mom was a great friend

Hey, and it’s only just started to settle down. I needed this! Haha I’m silly! I have to change my behaviour to fit. I needed this! I’m so bad at directing people. That’s what I get from it too!

(I know this is more than two sentences but whatever. This is what it came up with until it ran out and started repeating “I needed this!” over and over.)
(Fun fact: I have actually written all of these sentences before except the first one and the fourth one. They are all responses to Facebook comments.)

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hey, intj, want to go out this weekend?


i already have plans, sorry.


oh you're going out? can i come?


no, i'm not going out.


oh. well what are you doing?


staying inside to read/play video games/ study.


so you don't actually have plans?



well yes.


but you're not doing anything. anyway, you should come outside—you don't get out enough!





are you coming or not?



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A Guide to ENFPs: Flirting Edition



(Inspired by enfp-life’s post here)

People misinterpreting ENFPs’ natural curiosity, friendliness and idealism for flirting seems to be fairly common. I thought I’d write a post explaining it from the flip side. From my perspective, of course; I can’t speak for all ENFPs, but I’m sure you can relate to some of these!

So, here’s some stuff you gotta know ‘bout me:

When I’m Not Flirting, or Otherwise Expressing Romantic/Sexual Interest:

  • Me saying “You’re cool/awesome/interesting!”
  • Me saying “I love your blog/your stuff/your writing/your brain/your ideas/how you phrase things!”
  • Me otherwise complimenting you (rare)
  • Me admiring you/thinking that you’re the shit and you have so much potential to have an awesome life
  • Me being concerned about you
  • Me showering you with enthusiasm
  • Me cheering for you when something awesome happens in your life
  • Me dressing well and wearing makeup to see you (I’m one of those girls who believes that dressing well is a form of good manners.)

When I Am Flirting, or Otherwise Expressing Romantic/Sexual Interest:

  • Me trying to impress you
  • Me having to talk to you every day, and being depressed otherwise
  • Me bringing up random facts about or important to you, that I made a special effort to remember
  • Me wanting to get to know you beyond a superficial level and not keep you at arm’s length like everyone else
  • Me dreaming/talking about all the endless possibilities that our relationship could bring

Okay, but why is this me?

Because I am you ;) 

Either that, or we ENFPs have a hive mind going on. (I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at this point.)

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How do I recognize a ENTJ 8w7?


I don’t know because I’ve never met one in life, but every one on here seems to want to project a ruthlessly efficient, goal-oriented persona.

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Regarding my last reblog: what if I’m actually an ESFP?? What would the world look like?

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MBTI & Musicians: Meghan Trainor - ESFP (x)
Compared to NP creativity: Grimes (ENFP), Björk (INFP)

Can you please explain how this pragmatism (or lack of “creativity”, as we usually understand it) equates to being a Sensor? I’m seeing the connection as tenuous at best.

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I love artblog-of-intp


Me too! (And @artblog-of-intp loves me too, they said so, here! :D hehe.) But they haven’t posted in a while, which makes me sad! I will await new content, though!

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NT Flirting


me, ENTJ: *tries to say something vaguely cute*

INTP guy: What? Are you making fun of me? 



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MBTI and why you're fuckin broke


ESTP: you buy so much taco bell you now own shares of the company and the manager lets you fuck his wife on the reg

ISTP: you keep breaking shit trying to take stuff apart. Why do you keep doing this?? You’re like a magpie. Stop breaking shit

ESFJ: you keep getting pickpocketed because you be on that phone

ISFJ: you keep trying to save up for Rainy Days© and Something Big© but you’re still buying food. And concert tickets. And probably really warm scarves and hats

INTP: you have never saved a penny in your life. you have transcended brokeness into hyperbrokeness. your net value is like $4.52 and a McChicken

ENTP: you compulsively buy things that serve zero purpose. The weirder the better. A Barbie doll with big veiny biceps? Yes buddy. Framed painting of Richard Nixon as a 1950s pinup? Hang it over the fireplace you weirdass motherf

INTJ: STOP buying books you DON’T NEED THEM and STOP buying VIDEOGAMES too, buy something you actually need for once. Like muscles

ENTJ: stop hiring all those hitmen and just do the job yourself you coward

ESTJ: You spent all your money on the divorce lawyer that helped you take my house and my car and now you won’t answer my calls, susan, fuck you

ISTJ: you’re not broke. You’re the only one that isn’t, because you’ve got sense. You don’t see the point in spending your hard-earned money on dumb things, like gifts, or charity, or Christmas. Also you will be visited by 3 ghosts at midnight

ESFP: you put up all your money for bail to get your ass out of jail for releasing a live alligator into a walmart

ISFP: how many cats and glitter gel pens and burrito bowls will it take to fill the hole in your heart????

INFJ: All you buy is stationary. You have so many office supplies, all crisp and brand new. You have 100 blank beautiful notebooks that you wanna fill but never have. One time I tried to take one though and you beat me with it

ENFJ: Who cares! You’re the most beautiful and smartest and cutest type. I love all ENFJs, what fine people you are. Just the best, really. Also you buy the most expensive gifts but that’s completely unrelated and has nothing to do with my love for you

INFP: You own more pillows and sweaters than anyone, and you buy the highest quality tea and collect fancy pens. You also like to buy some really neat vintage vinyls and designer perfume. You also have this cursed amulet that whispers to you at night, I guess that’s a little weird

ENFP: you love spending $$ on roadtrips, starbucks, tupperware, balloons, socks, posters, pens, concerts, movies, fast food, Apple products, stickers, popcorn, sno cones, etc. Also you probably accidentally killed someone once and your family paid their family off in court but that’s neither here nor there

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Is unintentionally getting yourself super drunk an inferior Se thing?

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Also yes heeeeey I’m back (for now). Has anyone got any MBTI blog recommendations for yours truly? I’ve been out of the loop so long, I feel like catching up is going to be a monumental task. (Thanks in advance!!)

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Hello! I just found your blog and I'm loving it so far! Anyway, could you explain what it means when a person is "unhealthy" in MBTI?



Unhealthy Cognitive Functions

Being unhealthy in MBTI means that you use your functions in a way that’s detrimental to yourself or others. This unhealthy state occurs when the function is not working together healthfully with the other functions in your stack (particularly with its functional opposite, e.g. Ne/Si, Te/Fi etc). 

Here are some negative patterns and behaviors that may manifest through unhealthy use of each function: 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): flakiness, complete rejection of traditional methods, fear of commitment, detachment from reality, extreme indecisiveness, avoidance of mundane tasks

Introverted Intuition (Ni): single-mindedness, refusal to back up conclusions with evidence, lack of spontaneity, dismissal of other opinions, “all or nothing” goal mentality, obsessive visualization, self perception as “all knowing”

Extroverted Sensing (Se): overindulgence, flightiness, recklessness, physical aggression, complete rejection of the theoretical, refusal to plan ahead, acting without considering the consequences

Introverted Sensing (Si): rejection of novelty, fixation on the past, obsession with detail, stagnancy, complete disregard of contradictory information, always “play it safe”

Extroverted Thinking (Te): aggressiveness, need for control, need for dominance, ruthlessness, lack of consideration of others feelings, black and white thinking

Introverted Thinking (Ti): overanalyzing, obsessive search for truth, extreme skepticism, harsh criticism, outright rejection of group institutions or norms

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): manipulation, obsession with social standing, spinelessness, desperation for approval, emotional volatility, self-neglect, rejection of logical reasoning

Introverted Feeling (Fi): excessive stubbornness, self-richeousness, special snowflake syndrome, selfishness, hypersensitivity, rejection of objective decision-making

Also, aside from unhealthy individual functions, there are also unhealthy states, which occur when you overuse your lower (tertiary and inferior) functions. There are two kinds of unhealthy states:

  • loop: pattern of overusing the the tertiary function in replacement of the auxiliary function (click here for a previous post on loops). Basically it makes you either an unhealthily extroverted extrovert or an unhealthily introverted introvert.
  • grip: overuse of the inferior function in replacement of the dominant function. This is no good, as your dominant function is your strongest asset and ally if used in a healthy way, and your inferior function is generally your most underdeveloped. 

That’s it! Hope this helps

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