remember when ted cruz decided to circumvent actually saying the word “ratfucking” out loud by phrasing it in the weirdest way possible and ended up implying he had sex with rodents. 

he decided saying"Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him" was the best possible way to get his point across. like…why? if you wanna avoid the term just say you’re not gonna rely on sabotage and smear tactics or something. the rat part doesn’t need to be there.

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Here you go!



yeah ok



Great! Now can you catch something for me?


as you wish

(っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🍍ブォン


Can you make him throw this 🍍


gonna start signing all my messages and posts with this (っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🍋ブォン but with a situationally relevant emoji

for example. i like frogs (っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞🐸ブォン

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sometimes you’re impressed by an actor in a play. but its important to remember that what they’re doing is very embarrassing. 

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i just found a karaoke track for “no children” by the mountain goats. could you imagine being in a bar on like a saturday night and someone gets up to do karaoke and starts to sing That. i’d be like sir are you okay

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and a shoutout to the two Māori men who travelled to Vienna in 1859, got themselves apprenticed as printers (and incidentally became accomplished ballroom dancers), and finally had an audience with Franz Josef where they charmed him so much that he sent a printing press to New Zealand….which was promptly used from 1861 to print the newspaper of the Kingitanga anti-colonial movement.

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what could marriage story possibly do that mac and dennis move to the suburbs didn’t

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it’ll never fail to amaze me that chessex, the game dice company - like if you bought your first dice set from a game store/comic shop/card shop you most certainly bought a chessex set - has such an ugly and poorly designed website. it looks like they went out of business 15 years ago.

i don’t know what’s better, the fact that they only sell five different things and felt like they needed a site map, the single uk location with the giant union jack, or simply the times new roman header which reads:

“The coolest dice on the planet.”  ™


my mistake, literally every single page you click on has a different copyright date. so far I’ve seen 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and most recently 2012. amazing. well done chessex.


you….you have to email them your order form. oh, gods. you…have to type your credit card information. into an email. so they can charge you seven dollars in shipping or 7% of the total order cost if it’s over $100. fuck. if you have questions about the cost of air shipping, you can fax them anytime. jesus christ. oh gods. fuck. fuck me up. chessex. the coolest dice on the planet.  ™

this is another reason why I let my friendly local store make my chessex orders for me

Me: The Chessex website isn’t real and can’t hurt me:

The Chessex website:

The best part is that this is literally by design


oh my god

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Some Ballroom Categories (courtesy of Luna)

@ those dumb white people who thought gay men using the term butch queen was appropriating womanhood

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Can’t believe I never knew that THIS is one of Tove’s earliest drawing of Moomintroll. 

The article I got this from also said, “In the earliest paintings to feature Moomins, the creatures are often ambivalent, eerie presences”

So basically Moomin started out as a cryptid 

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It is December so lets get festive

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Spotify wrapped top genre: jaunty sea shanties

Artist of the decade: peg leg Greg

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I love this. Its in all the toilets at the local birth centre and basically if your in a domestic violence relationship and cant speak out about it you take one of the stickers and place it on the urine pot and the midwife will speak to you after about it and get you the help needed to flee the violence. So upsetting how many stickers have already gone tho :(

If it makes you feel better, those might not have been taken by actual folks who needed it – we were taught at the clinic I worked at to never leave a full sheet of anything, because the sorts of folks who need these stickers might also be the kind of folks who, psychologically, have a hard time taking a first step or ‘breaking’ something brand new – like being the first person to take a sticker off a sheet or tear a phone number off a flyer.  They called it ‘easing the path’ and all us admin staff were careful to never fill up brochure things all the way, to take the first tag off a flyer we hung up, leave the toys for the kids in uneven piles and leave a couple of books leaning or sideways or lying flat on the shelf.

Reblog for the second set of comments. Folks in abusive relationships have a constant mental commentary about how you aren’t worth it, you’re a bother, you’re inconvenient, you cause trouble, it’s all your fault. That “easing the way” is solid psychology. Feeling like you’re not alone, you’re not the only one who has this problem, can let you shift from feeling helpless and hopeless to being willing to reach out for help.

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this is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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“I think there’s a rich ream of horror, from The Haunting of Hill House to Ghostwatch, that delves into the idea that certain places can simply go wrong – and once these bad environments have been established and ostracised by society, they can’t be exorcised. They simply keep accruing power through the individual stories that play tragically out in their shadow.

“I mention a real-life example of that kind of bad architecture in one episode; the Pope Lick Bridge in Kentucky, a place that looks and feels so sinister that it developed its own local folklore about a goat-man who attacks people who stray too close to the edge – and which has ended up resulting in deaths as visitors peer over the side trying to get a peek at the monster.

“I find this kind of stuff fascinating, because it plays into my own paranoia about environments, and my dislike of ghost stories with explicably human antagonists. Like David says in the first episode, people aren’t frightening. Places are frightening.

“If I’m sitting alone at home on a dark and stormy night, and I glance nervously up towards the bedroom doorway, my fear is not that my house is being haunted by a spirit called Mabel who died in the 19th century at the age of fourteen and is constantly seeking her favourite teddy bear… because all of these details both humanise her and make her ridiculous.

“My fear is that there will be something standing in the doorway, because the doorway is where things come to stand.

“Because unoccupied spaces, in our imaginations, must find something to fill them.”

— from “The Saturday Interview: ‘I Am in Eskew’ podcast”

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i hate that the true crime community is filled with so many freaks who stan and woobify literal serial killers like. i wanna know about art heists. identity theft. forgery. money laundering. prison breaks. elaborate scams. spies. secret political deals. bank robberies. where is the pizzazz? the showmanship?? the originality??? all i get is racist white men going around killing people because they hate women and im TIRED

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guys holy fuck












So we just got back from toysrus and guess what we found?

This is the stupidest thing and I love it so much.

I call it the wristfucker.

Jedi Feferi cosplay in progress.


Wristfucker 2.0: fuck your whole family’s wrists.

Pros: impenetrable defense leaves no way for your opponent to cut off your hand.

Cons: you have already cut off your whole arm and maybe impaled yourself.

My finest creation.


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weirdly validating to have an online quiz say my daemon is a tabby cat when that is what i decided my daemon would be when i was in high school

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What form would your daemon take?
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