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Bullet Journal scetches

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Writing a CV:

Writing a Cover Letter:



What job can I do?



Redundancy /Job Loss:

At work:

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In love with my new tombows

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30.01.18 // going over rate graphs for a chemistry test I have this week 📈

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no pressure but you can watch my february plan with me if you want (no pressure ofc, you do you, really no pressure at all)

notebook markers brush penblack pen

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03.01.17 // 28/100 Days of productivity - Happy new year everyone! Hopefully, I’ll be posting more frequently now that I’m on my winter break, so sorry for being disappeared for the last month! These pens were a gift from my sister and although they are not the most aesthetic piece of stationery in the world, I love them cause they write so thin and colorful. If you’re looking for some new cheap pens I recommend you to check these out!

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Reblog if you want me to do tips for school like study tips, school hacks, how to be organised… If you have any ideas just let me know! ❤️

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Stayed home sick today. Now I’m trying to catch up what I’ve missed 🧡
My favorite color for notes these days is orange 😊✨

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01.13.18. // reviewing old algebra notes trying to review algebra notes but is instead rewatching gravity falls and eating cereal in bed

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thursday, 28 december — studying for finals and journaling, trying my best to enjoy the little things and start living without over thinking for everything.

also back on posting on my instagram: thomreads

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Thats my motto for this week. We are so swamped with work.
Hope your week is going well.

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Post about Sunday 21.01.2018 [16/100 days of productivity]
Un sabato davvero piacevole e vietnamese.

Studygram: hristinasview
Personal ig: slavovahrii

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christmas holidays has finally started !!! finally my long awaited break but i still gotta be productive because its mock week on the first week back 🙃

enjoy the front cover of my chemistry summary cards :)

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Setting up my new Bullet Journal for 2018

Products used:
Sukura Koi brush pens
Ecoline brush pens
Leuchtterm 1917
Centro pen silver marker

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it is finally fall break i’m sleeping for a week straight goodbye world

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59/100 days of productivity ⋅ friday december 8 2017
black penbrush penhighlighter ⋅ paper

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My December Bullet Journal spread. Bold colors inspired by our summer Christmas 🎄

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Neil Gaiman on Libraries and Librarians.

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In honor of my 5th semester in a row of all A’s (hell yeah boiiiii) I’m going to make this post. I don’t know how I did it because I am honestly so lazy.

  1. Grades are reflective of your work ethic and your ability to strategize, not your intelligence.
  2. Be real with yourself. Are you sure you are ready to commit to perfect grades? Are you ready to work, day in and day out, when it sucks and classes are boring and hard? Are you ready to feel satisfied for all of the hard work you put in? If the answer is yes, congratulations. You are on your way to becoming a straight-A student.
  3. Prioritize classes. Not every class requires the same amount of work, and you should find out the hardest classes early on in the semester. These will take the most time, and you will have to spend extra time and effort to get a good grade. When choosing classes, make sure you will be able to handle them. Make sure you will be able to ace all of them, at the same time. That being said, don’t shy away from hard classes. You have to challenge yourself. Take a few AP’s. They are worth it.
  4. Make friends with teachers/professors, especially the ones that teach hard subjects. I am very close with my chemistry professor, and this has proved invaluable because I am able to get free tutoring, as well as a great recommendation letter for college apps.
  5. Have other goals. You need to do something that is not studying to keep you productive. I would highly recommend joining a sports team or club. I exercise (usually running and weightlifting) at least 2 hours a day, usually more. Playing 2 sports made me more healthy, social, and productive. Running calms me down, and weightlifting makes me feel strong. Do whatever makes you feel good, as long as it’s healthy.
  6. Learn to manage time well. How do I play 2 sports, get straight A’s, have a studyblr, and have time to spare? The answer is that I take care of myself well. I go to bed at 10:30 or 11 each night so I can get 7 ish hours of sleep. I do homework during lunch or in class so I don’t do it at home.
  7. Slack off. Yep. I said it. I complete assignments strategically, spending the most time on things worth the most points. Things that will only take a few minutes can occasionally be done in class right before the teacher is collecting homework. I have done this all too often. That being said, small assignments really do add up so make sure you do an acceptable job and turn them in on time.
  8. Turn something in. It is ok to sometimes slack off in quality, but if something is due, you better turn something in. Something is better than nothing. Getting extensions on assignments for no reason will make the teacher think you are lazy, or don’t care about their class. Every single essay and worksheet does not have to be your best work, but make sure you fill the basic assignment requirements, and it should be enough. 
  9. Extra. Credit. Some classes don’t offer this, but if they do, just freaking do it man. Knowing you can miss an assignment because you did extra credit earlier is the best feeling, especially when doing that assignment would have meant losing sleep. 
  10. Plan (sort of). I have a bullet journal where I write important assignments down. As I said, there are some assignments not worth your time that you can half-ass. The ones I write down are the ones I need to do well. If you write down every. last. assignment. you will burn out and stop planning altogether. 
  11. Sometimes, go above and beyond. You know that subject you really like? With an awesome teacher? Spend time on it. Make your project extra beautiful, and read ahead in the textbook. Watch video lectures online, and maybe even make a studyblr post about it. Your extra work might not be turned in for credit, but it will make you feel a whole lot more knowledgeable on the subject. Do this for classes you hate, too. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think it is. The extra effort might allow you to see the beauty in a subject you used to despise. 
  12. Be real with yourself (again). This past semester, I had a B+ for a few months in a subject I really love. I wasn’t mad, and I didn’t stress about it, because, honestly? It doesn’t really matter. Eventually I brought the grade up again, but it would be fine to me either way. 
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