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19y/o she


sitting on furniture that’s meant to be sat on: alright

sitting on grass: good

sitting on the floor: Very Good

sitting on a table: !! Good!! so good

sitting on a countertop: G R E A T

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your tumblr is one of those things that you want everyone to see but at the same time you never want to show it to anyone

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my body, tearfully: when sleep???

me: my dude we just woke up!! It’s time for wakefulness and doing things and Productivity

my body, weeping: but???? when sleep?????

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anyway, my older sister was adopted when she was almost 16 (kinda on accident too), and because of that she got away from an abusive household, went from barely passing classes to being an honour student, and launching into a career where she’s happy and healthy and paying her own way. just two years of parenting where she had 3 meals a day, a bedtime, and parents to help and protect her changed her life radically. Plus, i got an older sister

adopt teenagers.

As an adopted kid I support this message

people who say things like “oh you only have a few years with them” need to remember that these are human beings not a used car. every human being deserves a support system, a jumping off block, a safe place to return

and also, they don’t magically disappear after they turn 18? You can love and support and live with your kid even after they turn 18???

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british people: none of you know how huge england is! it takes so long to get anywhere. it takes me 5 minutes to get to work everyday! i haven’t seen my wife and children in 30 years because it takes 10 whole minutes to drive to them.

the rest of the world:

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do you ever draw something SOOO self indulgent and dirty u just have to take a moment and be like

Because gay people are dirty and erotic and disgusting and drawing them is sinful and shameful and naughty.

lmao hi, i’m OP

1. i’m queer.

2. this post was about kinky transformers porn.

3. tbh its hilarious how wrong you are lmao fuck off.

Admitting to drawing transformers porn to take out a hater:

not all heros wear capes

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I lowkey thought OP wanted Danny Devito as Hercules

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tumblr group chats being invite only BUT publicly readable is so funny the chaos i foresee

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fathers be like i fucked u over during the most important formative years of ur life and was never there for u but now that ur an adult and theres no help or effort needed from me lets be best friends bud!

“i wanna fix our relationship”

pay me 187k in cash by tomorrow 

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Breaking Bad

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Yeah bruh it’s not the actual gap ffs people, it’s the age gap RELATIVE TO THE PEOPLE’S AGES

Let’s see some examples:

3 year gap between a 15 and 18 year old: BAD. ILLEGAL. FUCKED UP.

3 year gap between a 30 and 33 year old: they’re practically the same age

10 year gap between a 25 and 35 year old: hmm kinda weird, might let it slide, but no.

10 year gap between a 60 and 70 year old: yeah trust me you’re good.

9 year gap between a 20 and a 29 year old: let me put this into perspective, person A could be in their second year of college and person b graduated 7 years before. That’s weird and they’re at INFINITELY different stages in life.

9 year gap between a 46 year old and a 55 year old: they’re both middle aged, they’re both at the same stage in life, they’ve probably both have had some sense of stability for a while now and probably no wildly violent life changes like high school/college/first job/first partner have happened in a while. It’s FINE.


I’ve already seen discourse on Twitter about Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend bc apparently, 46 ISN’T age appropriate for a 55 year old man or something and I’m starting to think some people don’t understand the discussion about age gap relationships….it’s not about age gaps themselves, it’s about adults dating people who aren’t adults (usually teenagers). But also, 46 and 55 is age appropriate jfc

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straight people shut up challenge

Frank stop. Go read a book or yell at a cloud it would be just as useful as this statement you left on Twitter.

He did add this later, which is… something?

[x] good ending

This is what people mean when they say that privilege is invisible to the people who have it. It never occurred to him that knowing someone’s orientation would be important to anyone, because to him, a straight man, representation is everywhere. It’s overabundant. It’s so common as to be taken for granted. To him, representation of his sexuality isn’t important because it’s there

I love that he learned. I love watching people understand their own blind spots when it comes to privilege. 

Can also be filed under: why cancel culture is dumb, people need to make mistakes to grow

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why would a candle thats already lit want to be with a match

also her being lit is going to eventually melt her and reduce her to nothing

match guy is an abusive sadboy who thinks he’s the victim when candlegirl just wants someone who will keep her alive

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“Sunshine all the time makes a desert.”

— Arab proverb

(via naturaekos)

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me, holding a pizza box and shouting: SUE!

customer walks up

me: sue?

customer opens the box, frowns, and sticks her finger in the pizza: i didn’t order pepperoni

me, with a voice devoid of any emotion: ……. sue?

customer: oh! no i’m (name)!

the actual sue, materializing at my elbow: is that a pizza for sue?

me: would you like some free breadsticks to eat while we remake you pizza? another customer touched it

‘another customer’ sheepishly mumbles sorry

sue, who has clearly worked with the public: you take as long as you need to, honey


me, shouting at the top of my lungs: ICED VENTI VANILLA LATTE FOR JENNIFER

male customer standing right in front of me turns to look

me: jennifer? iced vanilla latte?

customer says nothing, takes the drink, shoves straw in, takes a long sip

customer: i wanted this hot. i ordered a small hot decaf skinny vanilla latte.

me: are you jennifer?

customer: no, i’m daniel

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It has come to my attention that Aquaman (2018) is just a shameless ripoff of the Mattel classic, Barbie: A Mermaid Tale.

We have the child of a mermaid queen and a regular human guy 

who was brought up in the human world as a free spirit,

who talks to sea creatures,

who is fated to take over the throne of an underwater kingdom (where all the buildings are round and mushroom-y)

which is currently being occupied by an evil, power-hungry relative

with an army of sharks

And their unique position, straddling the human world and the underwater world, is at first a burden but ends up being their greatest strength

… I’m just saying

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this might be a hard pill to swallow for college students but getting drunk all the time isnt a personality trait it’s alcoholism

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