Republicans cannot win statewide or national elections without cheating.

In Florida, Georgia, and other states controlled by the GOP, Republicans are suppressing the rights of millions of citizens who are legally registered and eligible to vote.

Voter disenfranchisement is how Republicans “win.” Voter suppression is the reason that Al Gore “lost” to George W. Bush in the 2000 election. If not for voter suppression, Republicans probably would be an extinct political party by now.

Can you even begin to imagine how different the South would be without voter suppression? How much better America would be??

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Bolivia is in the midst of a military coup. Their democratically elected president is being ousted by fascists, who were helped, I suspect, by the C.I.A.

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Black man arrested for the crime of *checks notes* illegally eating.

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Highlights of Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez endorsing Bernie Sanders at his #Bernie’sBack Rally in Brooklyn, NY; 19.10.19 ( watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW-Nx1g8EpI )

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Medicaid expansion has also been associated with reduced racial disparities for patients receiving timely cancer treatment. (source)

Unsurprisingly, it is mostly Southern states—aka the “former” Confederate states—that are the states that have decided not to expand healthcare.

Republican Governors and red states which have refused to expand Medicare have innocent blood on their hands.

We need to eliminate the profit motive from healthcare.

We need MEDICARE FOR ALL, and we need it right now.

Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.

And if we have to tax the top 1 percent their fair share so that everyone else can have a better life, well then, so be it.

Link to article: https://www.cbpp.org/research/health/medicaid-expansion-has-saved-at-least-19000-lives-new-research-finds

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TIL Hans Christian Anderson ruined his friendship with Charles Dickens by inviting himself to his house and staying five weeks. He complained about the weather and service (no one would shave him), cut paper into weird shapes, and threw a fit on the lawn when his book got a bad review.

via ift.tt

The “cut paper into weird shapes” prompted me to look this up because I thought it must be something bigger than that, he must have cut important papers or left a mess of paper bits all over the desk or something. Nope, Dickens’ complaint was literally that Anderson “cut out paper into all sorts of patterns“

Now I’m picturing Hans happily cutting a star out of a piece of scrap paper and Dickens going “why is he so weird?” 

Those paper cuttings were probably the paper art he is now famous for! Often very elaborate and depicting his fairytales. 

I’m convinced it was part of the universe’s punishment for the hell Dickens put his wife through

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Black girls’ sexual burden: Why Mo’ne Davis was really called a “slut”

“Just as I was harassed at 8 years old, baseball wunderkind Mo’ne Davis is a target of sexual shaming. Here’s why.

Mo’ne Davis is a Black girl wunderkind. At age 13, she has pitched a shutout at the Little League World Series, becoming the first girl ever to do so, and she has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Disney is now planning to do a movie about her called, “Throw Like Mo.”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I still watch the Disney Channel, and I will certainly be tuning in. But everyone isn’t as excited as I am to see a Black girl on the come up. Last week, Joey Casselberry, a sophomore baseball player from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, called Mo’ne a “slut” in response to the news about the movie. He was subsequently expelled from the team.

In response, Davis has forgiven him and she and her coach have asked that he be reinstated. About Casselberry, Davis released a statement, which said:

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. I know he didn’t mean it in that type of way, and I know a lot of people get tired of like seeing me on TV but just think about what you’re doing before you actually do it. I know right now he’s really hurt and I know how hard he worked just to get where he is right now.

Her level of empathy is remarkable but not particularly surprising. Black girls learn almost from the womb to empathize with others, even when those others have committed deep injustices toward us.  Perhaps it is the unparalleled level of our suffering that makes us always look with empathy upon others.

But I am troubled. It is absolutely wonderful that Davis has this kind of care and concern and a heart so huge that she can forgive a nearly adult person for insulting her. It goes without saying that she’s a better person than Casselberry.

But she should not have to be. For starters, he meant what he said. One doesn’t slip up and mistakenly call a young teen girl a slut. Second, it bothers me that she sounds almost apologetic about how much others have to see her on television. Girls in our culture are taught that they should never take up too much space, that they should be seen (and look real pretty), but not heard. And Black girls in our culture are damn near invisible, whether in regards to their triumphs or their struggles.

Lest we think this inappropriate sexual shaming of Black girls is an isolated incident, let us not forget that in 2013, The Onion “jokingly” referred to then 9-year old actress Quvenzhané Wallis, as a “c*nt” in reference to her Oscar nomination that year for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Such language is nothing short of vile and reprehensible. And it raises the question of why young white people have such a prurient fascination with young Black girls? Mo’ne Davis is 13. Quevenzhané Wallis is 11. One is a baseball player. The other is an actress. Why are they being characterized in sexual terms at any level?

The fact that Black girl artists and athletes are understood only in terms of a sexuality that they may not even have begun to articulate for themselves should concern us. That their sexuality is already being publicly circumscribed by white men (and the anonymous Onion tweeter) in dirty and shameful terms is appalling.

That invisibility of Black girl pain costs us our self-confidence, our emotional wellness, our livelihoods and sometimes our lives. And that is not a win. Mo’ne Davis deserves our love, our support, and our advocacy. Sexist and racist behavior is for losers. And we need to call it out, denounce it, dismantle it, and make space for Black girls to win.”

Read the full piece here <— IMPORTANT PIECE ALERT - READ THIS! 

Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP 

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Here’s an NPR Writeup about this: https://www.npr.org/2019/10/10/769000730/thousands-of-californians-are-powerless-on-second-day-of-pg-es-intentional-outag

NYT has live updates: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/10/us/pge-outage.html


“Please use your own resources” GOD, just nationalize or break apart PG&E already

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LMAO. That’s y’all hero. Hillary Clinton ain’t shit.

NAFTA was disruptive.

Mass incarceration was disruptive.

Gutting welfare was disruptive.

Invading Iraq was disruptive.

The Keystone Pipeline was disruptive.

For 99 percent of Americans, a wealth tax will be the polar opposite of “disruptive”. But then again, Hillary is thinking of the top 1 percent. As usual. LOL. I guess Hillary is looking for the “optimal” amount of inequality. According to the person who lost to Donald fucking Trump, anything to make the rich pay their fair share is unrealistic pie-in-the-sky, right???

No doubt, it’s only a matter of time before she throws her weight behind her pal, Mike (“The NYPD stops whites too much and minorities too little”) Bloomberg. Or maybe she’ll try to prop up Kamala Harris’s failing campaign. Either way, whoever she backs will basically have received the kiss of death.

The Clintons are a million ton anchor on the Democratic Party.

And before anyone breaks out into a rendition of “but she’s better than Trump,” please let me remind you that dog shit is better than Trump. Being better than Trump is a super low bar. Stop using Trump as a measuring stick. 

We deserve better.

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Seasonal depression is no joke. The sun is setting at 4pm, it’s cold and it’s dark. It’s easy to feel hopeless. So reach out. Talk with friends, Have a nice hot glass of tea (or coco, or coffee, whatever makes you happy!) Invest in a SAD light therapy device, Eat plenty of food with Vitamin D, and remember better days are coming

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“Beware of Artists” - Actual poster issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950s, at height of the red scare.

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Nailed it

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Do it for your foremothers that never got the chance.

Translation: America can’t celebrate 100 years of female suffrage until 2065

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