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GLIDE is a beautiful, chilled-out gliding game where you soar through the air and build up speed by swooping through boost points.

Read More & Play The Prototype, Free (Windows)

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hey i just wanted to let everyone know that the PDF 20th anniversary version of Stone Butch Blues is available on Leslie Feinberg’s website for free.

but if you are like me and prefer a physical copy, the paperback is officially available here at $12.92 (compared to ~$40 on amazon)

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Stills from A Year In Transition, which follows a transgender man throughout one year of his life, including hormone replacement therapy and top surgery.

The documentary was filmed by a gay trans man named Lorne Clarkson, stars Issa Ismail as the protagonist, and features numerous other trans men discussing their experiences with transitioning. I’ve never before seen a documentary that so closely follows the struggles, complications, and nuances of FTM experiences.


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So a few months ago I learned that when you have ADD/ADHD, in order to efficiently manage it (and thus reduce the stress that comes with it), you need to concentrate on four things:

Personal time/space



Do you feel yucky and aren’t sure why? Look at your SNAP. Figure out what you’re missing. 

  • Are you getting enough sleep? 
  • Are you eating enough, and is what you’re eating mostly made of nutritious foods? 
  • Are you getting enough physical activity?
  • Are you getting enough alone time to decompress, to reset your sensory overload, to spend time in your head, and relax?

I have found that 1) I feel so, so much better when I’m actively putting effort into my SNAP, and 2) if I feel weird, it’s way easier to narrow down what might be the problem by asking myself those questions. 

10/10 would recommend.

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i dreamt about a werewolf who was a truly GIANT wolf in wolf form, seeking out the witcher where he was camping in the woods because she knew he was safe towards sentient & non harmful monsters and she wanted a hug

i kind of want to write that ficlet

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can’t forget mcmansion developments tearing up forests where every house looks like this:

I have driven through a suburb where literally every house was grey. fucking uniformly grey. whole house, every house. same tones of grey, same everything. just fucking


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My mask has the biggest beak. And it's filled with the finest spices and aromatics. Juniper, mint, rose petals, cloves, laudanum, you name it and I have it. My overcoat is perfectly waxed to keep the plague flesh off of me. My cane is the perfect length to examine patients. My medical encyclopedias are among the largest and most difficult to read. I've trained bloodletting in Naples and I have witnessed an exorcism in Rome. Anyway, you have demons in your blood.



This is by far the most sensual ask I’ve ever received

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the mentality of “oh well, i’ll probably never see these people again.” has genuinely helped me with my anxiety in social situations so much. like literally… fuck it who cares anymore.

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For all my fellow oversharers out there.

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he’s the captain’s favourite 

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I agree Anikan, the weird old wizard cult is bad. However your response, to join an even weirder old wizard cult and kill many, many people, was not the right course of action.

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Irish Tesco worker nails church acoustics in work stairwell

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cats: purr when they are content


i’m sorry????????

rat owners call it “boggling” or “boogling”

it’s really because their happy response is to grind their teeth loudly, called “bruxing,” so when they get really really into bruxing it just happens to flex the right muscles to push their eyeballs in and out

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i just went on r/incels to see if it was really that bad and it was actually pretty informative. i found out that women are all powerful beings and we control society by exploiting men for their money and their jobs, are NOT required to pay bills, and that we all make 50k a month on patreon. like shit why did no one tell me. i didnt even know i had a patreon

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You are not “baby” you are a 26 year old loser with a negligent parent related trauma that needs unpacking


Look you cant. hate children. Theyre some of the least autonomous people on the planet. They have very little control over their surroundings and what ppl do to them. Theyre scared and annoyed and the really short ones cant even open doors, so you can imagine the stress theyre under. And the younger the child the freakier it is to hate them. Oh an uncomfortable and hungry baby cried on the bus? You cried in the second floor girls bathroom in highschool every day whats the difference? A baby doesnt know shit. Its a BABY. Do you think its going out of its way to bother you or to smell funny? Its. a baby.

Also like. if youre an adult chances are kids think youre some kind of genius especially if youre in a leadership role. I was a girl scout jr troop leader for years and the girls thought I was president or some shit.

And if you still cant wrap your mind around it just think like. every time youre mean to a kid you sound like Harry Potters mean uncle or whatever


You all have brain worms

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When you’re surrounded by snow and want somewhere warm to sit

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just floatin!

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