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Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

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She’s in good company

next will be a nobel prize, no doubt.

why not?

Nah, she hasn’t bombed anyone yet.

operative word is “yet”

She’s a shining example to mentally ill teenagers everywhere. You too can be famous, if you just let the most fundamentally evil and anti-human people in the world manipulate you enough!

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honestly it’s been three years and i have yet to get over the scene where Monte-Cristo is all like “you can call me… ~Sinbad~” and Franz basically goes “oh?? You wanna do this?? You wanna play this game? You wanna go all Mysterious and Dark and Edy? Yeah?? You wanna play this game with me? Okay then. We’ll play the game. Call me Aladdin. bitch.

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no way no fucking way….

NO fuckifn way

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sex positive bloggers are the weirdest combination of prude and degenerate. they’ll be like, “you can’t hug someone at the end of a date without first getting their verbal permission; also the school system should be teaching 3-year-olds about anal beads”

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Gaudeamus, 1890, Theophile Steinlen

this but the flag says TAX FRAUD

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[reading the death sentence as written by Pontius Pilate]

“Honey did you know that I bought that chair from the King of the Jews?”

“So Honey, you know how an artisan’s work really appreciates in value after the artist dies? What happens to the value if he comes back to life?”

That brings up a question. Did the Romans make Jesus build his own cross?

Jesus, looking at His cross that some centurion slapped together: “The real sin today is that shoddy craftsmanship. Give me a hammer, I’ll fix it.”

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My heart ♥️ ♥️ ♥️!!

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Thorium: Did you know?

Relatively rare and with few modern applications, thorium nevertheless has the potential to be an extremely important element. Radioactive, though far less dangerous than uranium, this metal could be the key to a safer source of nuclear energy. Uranium nuclear reactors are typically solid fuel plants, which usually have great safety records but, when they do fail, produce disastrous consequences. Thorium reactors would be molten salt reactors (far less common) likely involving a radioactive thorium-fluoride salt.

These types of reactors would require far more maintenance and highly skilled workers to operate, which is probably why they aren’t used yet, but “the system is, at least in theory, meltdown-proof”. The United States even operated a thorium reactor in Oak Ridge, Tennessee from 1965 to 1969.


Thorium is not “relatively rare”, it’s four times more common than uranium and the US alone has massive stockpiles of it as a byproduct of heavy metal refinery.

The LFTR type is no more difficult to operate than any other nuclear reactor, and they’re vastly more forgiving of mistakes because they physically can’t melt down.

The reason they aren’t used is the Cold War: all sides wanted a dual-purpose nuclear fuel that could be used to make bombs. Thorium bombs are easily detected, awkward to handle, and offer no tactical benefits over more powerful explosives like plutonium.

Here’s a Tom Woods Show interview with a guy who knows all about thorium. One of the highlights is that even with the thorium tech we have today, there’s enough thorium on Earth to power either a city or the whole planet (it’s been a while since I listened) until after the sun burns out.

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Great idea: A Barack Obama biopic starring Justin Trudeau.




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Flagellation of Christ, 1311, Duccio di Buoninsegna

Medium: wood,tempera

there is clearly enough room for the 15 guys on the left to spread out more

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The Myth of Voter Suppression

Do Republicans win elections by preventing minorities—blacks, Latinos, and others—from voting?

For those on the left and their allies in the major media, the answer is yes; even more than that, it’s an article of faith.

The usual example they offer is state laws, often passed by Republican-majority legislatures, requiring voters to present a photo ID at their polling place—something required in almost every other democracy in the world. According to the left, voter ID depresses minority turnout and is therefore a blatant form of racial discrimination.

But there’s a problem with this accusation: there’s no evidence to support it. Minorities are voting in greater numbers and at higher percentages than ever before. The facts and figures are there for anyone to see. Still, progressives and most of the political press don’t seem to have noticed. Or maybe they just don’t want to look.

At a 2019 NAACP dinner in Detroit, California Senator Kamala Harris told the audience that “voter suppression” in Georgia and Florida cost Democrats gubernatorial races in the 2018 midterm elections. “Let’s say this loud and clear,” said Ms. Harris. “Without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia. Andrew Gillum is the governor of Florida.”

A few days earlier, Ms. Abrams herself, apparently still bitter over her defeat, made a similar claim. “We had an architect of voter suppression that spent the last eight years knitting together a system of voter suppression that is unparalleled in America,” said Ms. Abrams in reference to her Republican opponent, a former Georgia secretary of state.

But if minorities are harmed by mandating voter ID and other anti-fraud measures such as removing inactive voters from registration rolls, why does the evidence all point to the opposite conclusion?

A recent Census Bureau report found that voter turnout in 2018 climbed 11 percentage points from the last midterm election in 2014, surpassing 50% for the first time since 1982. Moreover, the increased turnout was largely driven by the same minority voters Democrats claim are being disenfranchised. Black turnout grew around 27%, and Hispanic turnout increased about 50%.

None of this comes as news to anyone who pays attention to sober facts instead of inflammatory rhetoric. The black voter turnout rate for the most part has grown steadily since the 1990s. This has occurred notwithstanding an increase in state voter-ID requirements over the same period. In 2012, blacks voted at higher rates than whites nationwide, including in Georgia, which was one of the first states in the country to implement a photo-ID requirement for voting.

Ms. Abrams claims that Republicans have been hard at work trying to disenfranchise black voters, but the reality is that black voter registration is outpacing white registration in the Peach State.

These gains are not limited to blacks. Voting has been up substantially in all minority groups.

An analysis of the census data published by Pew Research Center found that “all major racial and ethnic groups saw historic jumps in voter turnout” in 2018.

Political scientist Taeku Lee confirmed this in an op-ed for the New York Times in which he highlights impressive voting rates for minority women: “The 2018 election set new benchmarks for turnout in a midterm election, with a whopping 30 million more people voting than in 2014. For women of color, the increased turnout was even more stark, at 37 percent.”

As to the issue of ensuring the accuracy and integrity of U.S. elections, minority voters appear to be as concerned as everyone else. Ms. Harris and Ms. Abrams may feel that requiring an ID for banking, flying, or buying cold medicine should not apply to voting, but most people don’t seem to have that problem.  

In a 2016 Gallup poll, voter-ID laws were supported by 4 in 5 respondents, including 95% of Republicans, 63% of Democrats, 81% of whites and 77% of nonwhites.

So if there is no serious opposition to voter ID laws and no evidence of voter suppression; if, in fact, more people of different races and ethnicities are voting at higher rates than ever before, why won’t this voter suppression myth die?

The answer is at once surprising and obvious: One party simply can’t accept that they will lose a close election. If a Republican wins one of those, there has to be a nefarious reason. Voter suppression is as good as any—even if it has no basis in fact. Ms. Abrams lost, by the way, by over 50,000 votes.

Elections are decided by the state of the economy, foreign policy issues, candidate personalities and a host of other factors. The non-existent problem of voter suppression is not one of them.

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What did we do to deserve Joe Pesci

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YouVersion will put all Ten Commandments in a single image if you tell it to, but it won’t be very happy about it 😅

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Today I Am Playing Death Stranding

Today I Am Turning Off Death Stranding Because It Is Too Scary

Today I Am Playing Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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