I'm a biology professor who likes science, sewing, music, feminism, and fandoms.

The glamorous and intellectual life in the ivory tower where our dinner party conversation consists of a deep dive into comparative whiteboard quality and projector screen positioning in classrooms across campus.

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Oh, look at this cute little three bedroom house! It has a garage, and a walk out basement and…what?

What IS that? Why is it in this quaint, prototypical suburban house???

That’s Bob. He’s not precisely “good” but acts as a guardian in much the same way blucifer does- so long as he has a place in the house, nothing worse than him can enter.

What’s blucifer?

The giant demon horse statue that protects the state of Colorado. He lives near the airport, killed his creator, and yes his eyes actually glow. He’s 32 feet tall.

What, and I hope you realize this is me saying this, the actual fuck.

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If I could go back in time and stop myself from consuming just (1) piece of media I’d stop myself from watching that first episode of Sherlock because it’s been an entire decade since it’s aired and yet every single time I try to plug my phone charger in and miss my brain is still just like, “Sorry mom and dad, but according to BenDetect CumberSleuth I’m apparently an alcoholic.” 

Every time I take off my wedding band, I think that this would mean Sherlock would assume I’m cheating and not that I can’t sleep in rings. 

Fauxlock knows you, you adulterous alcoholics with your removable rings and scratched phones.

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commissions | twitter | shop

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✨ They say before you start a war

You better know what you’re fighting for

Well baby, you are all that I adore

If love is what you need, a soldier I will be✨

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This is hands down the best thing I’ve seen for this meme format😂


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This thread is gold

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Life Magazine, May 1909

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Yet more of Savlaniel, Head of Heavenly HR. She was blessed with endless patience, which she uses to chew out angels for hours at a time. Previous part here

⭐️ Commission Info ⭐️ Ko-Fi ⭐️

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Every loom should come with a cat.

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I Imagine the Butches’ Stripper Bar

At my butches’ stripper bar you can watch butches
fold laundry, iron. Objectify them while they
slowly refinish a rolltop desk, take off a trailer hitch.
They file taxes, wear waders, bake you a layer cake.
I’ll lay her cake, my imagined patrons mutter. I think
of who I eroticize, how: they’re always getting stuff done.
At real stripper bars women just dance—so many things
they could be checking off their lists. I guess men don’t want
to see women work? They get that at home? In my Champagne
Room the butches plant bulbs, build bookshelves, clean
basements, write checks to the ACLU, retrain
your dog. Fantastic grow the flannel plaids; they lean
and squint, lick pencils, adjust a miter box. They
make box lunches, chicken stock. The butches make your day.


                                                                    -Jill McDonough

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Leverage | Text Posts

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So first of all THIS wonderful fella I’m now obsessed with?

First of all, his name is Scorch which is SO cute and I need a fandragon of Scorch

Second of all I looked up how much he costs to buy him and

I’m getting conflicting reports

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I do really love overshot.

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jack aubrey: if I were on a sea voyage through the mediterranean I would simply behave in a seamanlike manner. rip to both odysseus and aeneas but I’m different

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i’m [26NB] having some serious problems with my new cleaning lady [17 but cursed to be 90, F]. first off, i didn’t hire a new cleaning lady, she just showed up one day and broke into my house. second of all she’s terrorising my assistant [15M] and my fire demon [semi-immortal, age unknowable, NB], as well as the small colony of friendly spiders i keep in my home. I have a lot of other stuff going on right now (king won’t get off my back, school mate possibly kidnapped, ex wants me dead, am also cursed, etc.), and I hate confrontation so tbh it’s hard to talk it out. Also despite the age gap i think i’m falling in love w her. How do i get her to stop cutting up my suits and throwing weedkiller on everything?

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David Tennant reads the bookshop scene from Good Omens during Playing in the Dark: Neil Gaiman and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Posting here to memorialise this even after the BBC takes it down from their website. Originally performed 12th Nov 2019 at the Barbican, London. 

…his Aziraphale voice is so delicate oh my word, I’m ready to offer my life savings and possibly a kidney in exchange for a full-length audiobook

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