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Kidnapper: We have your boyfriend.

Patton: I don’t have a boyfriend?

Kidnapper: He spent the last half hour lecturing me about how kidnapping is psychologically damaging for victims and how it’s likely I’ll just be caught.


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Sanders Angels

SO cool!!!

Ok first of all I love these, the poses are very dynamic and flowy and the style is amazing and the colours are lovely and the lines are just *chef’s kiss* and second, PLEASE tell me there are more artworks like this AHHH <3<3<3

The only word for this is GLORIOUS

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dawn dimmadome? wife of doug dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome?

actually she took the dimmadome in the dimmadivorce

it’s dimmadilemma

Hi Dimma Dilemma here

Doug: Hello, SuS! Timmy Turner, my name is Doug S'daledimmadaledimmadimmsdomedodidonedimmsdimmadimmadome, owner of the Dougdimmsdimmadaledimmadimmsdomedodidimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdale Dimmadome. Thank you for locating my long lost son, Dale Dougmadomedimmsmadomedimmadomedimmsdaledodimmadomedougdimmsdimmadome, heir to the Dimmsmadomedimmsdomedimmadaledaledimmadodougdimmadodimmsdomedaledome fortune. If there’s anything I could ever do to repay you for your kindness, all you need to do is ask. 

 Timmy: Doug Dimmadome, the owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome?! 

 Doug: Not right. 

 Timmy: Not right? 

Doug: That’s right, Doug Dougmadomedimmadimmadomedimmsdaledomedaledimmsdodimmadougdodimmadomedimmadomedimmadome, owner of the Dimmadomedimmsdaledimmadomedougdaledomedimmsdimmadododougdimmsdaledomedimmdimmsdale Dimmadimmadimmadimmadimmadimmadome. 

Timmy: The same Doug Dimmadome, the owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome where they’re showing Crash Nebula?! 

 Doug: On ice? Timmy: Yeah! Doug: Not right. 

 Timmy: Not right? 

 Doug: Timmy Turner, my name is Dimmy Dimmadodimmadome, owner of the D̷̡̫͚͖͆̐̈́̑͂̈͝d̶̖̝̋̋̇̑̉d̷̢̲̱͐̍͗̅i̷̬̹̙͖̝͒̐͜ȉ̵̧͉̗̖̰́̉͜í̵̙̬͐̒́̌͠ĩ̷͓͚̯ị̶̝͔͇̠̈́̑̔̔̅͛͜͠i̵̬̰͗͛̔ͅį̸̞͎̠͍̱͈͛̚ỉ̶̜͗̂͊̉́̕i̸̡̯̩̼̻͖̻̿̾͂̒ǐ̷̡͈̞̄̃̋̂̔ĩ̴̬̥́͘ḯ̶̳̫̣͙͎̈́̆i̸͖̙͔̘͊͐̀̕-̸͓̟̙̘̿͊̑̚ 

 Timmy: Then you can get me three tickets to s- 

 Doug: Not right.

i can’t believe you managed to write what a youtube poop feels like

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eye contact (sketch/study)

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im reading the reviews for a dentist who almost-definitely commited a murder but was never convincted and they’re. really something

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*sees the icon of a mutual I literally never talk to* oh look it’s my Friend

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Oh I forgot


Thanks toesucker


If I were a children’s show animator I would simply not be a pervert

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I cant believe this is controversial, but disabled people are more important than cutting single use plastic. Bring back straws, don’t ban inhalers and let us continue using the products that help us stay alive and healthy.

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Support LGBTQ+ psychotics

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I Hear That’s Good


The synchronized “jOHN MulANey” absolutely destroyed me


This is what it feels like when auditory processing just shuts off

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I’m just really tired of the Glee hate I always see both inside and outside the fandom. Like there’s a lot of posts making the show into a meme of sorts nowadays, but people seem to forget how much it meant back in the day 

I mean where else could the gay kid with a dad like Burt come out and be told that he’s still just as loved, and be supported unconditionally by said father every moment afterwards? How many shows are there like that now?

Where else could the hot cheerleaders make out and it’s not just queer bait or fan service? Where there’s actually a genuine, emotional, heart felt story surrounding it? How many shows do you know like that?

Part of Glee’s whole thing was subverting stereotypes. Yes, you’ve got the sassy black girl, the gay who loves fashion, the bitchy cheerleader, the ditzy blonde, the asshole jock. But those characters are so much more than that. Even though they fell into said stereotypes at times, I think the show spent much more time showing the characters behind the clichés 

Mercedes could be vulnerable, and soft, and loving. She didn’t always have to be the Strong Black Woman that didn’t need no man

Kurt could be serious, and tough, and masculine. He didn’t always have to be the sassy gbf

Quinn could be selfless, Brittany could be smart, Puck could be kind.

And right out of the gate, the cast of characters was so diverse. The only main characters that actually fit the bill of a cis, straight, white, able bodied male were Will and Finn. Sam and Ryder were both dyslexic. I guess you could count Mason later on, but even he was on the Cheerios, which I’d argue was a good way to subvert the typical image of masculinity 

For six years, we got to meet and fall in love with multiple gay, lesbian, trans, and bi characters. Characters that were black, Asian, Latina, and mixed race. Characters that were Jewish and atheist, as well as several denominations of Christian. Characters with anxiety, OCD, depression, dyslexia, down syndrome, bulimia, paraplegia. And most of the characters can check off multiple boxes 

Glee gave us dozens of characters that we would have never found anywhere else. It gave us happy endings for characters that usually don’t receive them 

We got to see the big black girl with big dreams get everything she ever wanted. We got to see the broken Cheerio learn to love herself, and let others in, in the process. We got to see a gay and a lesbian couple go through the same highs and lows typically afforded to any average heteronormative high school relationship, and end with the gayest double wedding ever aired on television

You don’t have to preface every shred of positivity about the show with “Glee wasn’t perfect but…”. Every show has its flaws. It’s redundant to keep rehashing that point when there’s other things to talk about. Glee tried harder in 2009 than a lot of shows do now. Glee did more for unheard voices in 2009 than most of the shows out there now

No one is accusing this show of being perfect, trust me. But it tried. Maybe sometimes they tried too hard, or maybe sometimes things got a little crazy. But the heart was always there. People today don’t seem to know, or seem to have forgotten how revolutionary this show was. It changed representation in a big way. And no matter what, I’ll always be grateful for it, and I’ll always love the wonderful characters the show has given us over the years 

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Can I get a fucking uhhhh outdated meme

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Us: Ok, Boomers.


Basically, Youtube as we know it is in deep trouble. 


COPPA’s new law basically makes it so that every single video and channel needs to be listed as whether it is kid friendly or not. If your channel is kid friendly, you will not be recommended on Youtube, you will not be able to have personalised ads, you will not be able to have any ad revenue of any kind. 

So this seems easy? Just list your videos and channel as mature content that’s for 18+? WRONG! Somehow (not sure how yet, not even they are sure how this will happen) COPPA and the FTC will search for anything in your content that is deemed ‘kid friendly’. If you read their definition of what is deemed as kid friendly (basically: anything colourful, any ‘kid words’ like “cool” “awesome” or “whatever”, anything cartoony (animation falls into that topic no matter what)), you will realise that this is VERY vague and can and WILL cause problems when this is implemented. Not only that; if you are found out to have kid friendly content that isn’t marked as such, you will be fined up to $42,000. Obviously, for smaller Youtubers, this is a very big problem that could end their youtube career in a heartbeat. 

This is all being done as action to protect children’s viewing limits online as well as protect data that’s used in the child’s activity online. (In my mind this is basically saying: parents have defaulted to pushing a screen into their child’s face to shut them up so much so, that now everything posted online is deemed a threat to children, and instead of parents bettering themselves, they’re asking the government to babysit for them.) This was something that has been coming for a long while and previous attempts to protect children’s activities online have been put in place, but now COPPA have had enough and are putting this not only into Youtube policies, but into LAW. But all of this is being made under enormous misunderstandings of how internet culture works. I’m sure you can think of so many content creators on Youtube that ride the line between being kid friendly and mature content; now it’s so precise that someone who has colourful lighting in their web cam set up are now deemed ‘kid friendly’, even if they’re saying “fuck” uncensored out loud. 
What makes it worse is Youtube’s attempts to make videos kid friendly since its demonetisation policies started will most likely still be in place: WHICH CONTRADICTS THE COPPA LAW. Any videos a Youtuber has done to monetise their videos (cut out swearing, not done copyrighted or mature content activities) will now fall into COPPA’s ‘kid friendly’ laws. So now we’re having to shift from being monetisation friendly to make money, to being as adult and not-kid friendly as possible in order to get money, but you’ll still get demonetised by Youtube. Creators will have to decided whether to get fucked by COPPA or Youtube’s old system. 

This is a law that needs to be refined and altered. Otherwise this could be the end of Youtube. And this may not stop at Youtube… 

But what’s important to highlight here is this is NOT something to 100% blame Youtube over. They were fucked by COPPA and the FTC: BLAME COPPA AND THE FTC OVER THIS, NOT YOUTUBE. 

in the link you can comment on the policy. Please comment on it and outline that this policy is hugely vague and can either damage Youtube content creators and Youtube as a platform, or will be abused and will not work in the end. This needs to be either gotten rid of or fixed, FAST. 




Hey, this is a policy that affects both me and a LOT of my favorite youtubers. I’d appreciate if you left a comment!

There’s also a petition you can sign here that has a TON of useful information on the situation as well as points to cover in your comment:


Please help!

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“Hey, if I’m expressing interest in someone’s AirBnB listing, do I have to tell them that I’m going to use their place as a temporary holding facility for a dangerous criminal?”

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I lost a friend because I want to dye my hair “gay liberal colors” (her words) and it sent her on a homophobic tirade. If that’s not a summary of 2017 idk what is.

Guess who is definitely dying their hair “gay liberal colors” next week?

Someone else she estranged herself from has donated to the cause. 7 colors of the rainbow en route to my house so I can really gay it up.

She is now blaming my queer ass for the country’s deficit, ruining the sanctity of marriage, and threatening to sue me for defamation over this post.

I am about to RUIN CHRISTMAS!

Divided my hair like I’ve divided this country!

Now I’ve gone and done it!

It’s the anniversary of going Full Rainbow! Or rather the events that inspired going Full Rainbow happened on this day one year ago, I didn’t actually have the dye and use it until the 13th. But today is the day it was set in motion.

I just want to take a moment to say that in a year of having gay liberal hair I have received so much love and positivity about it. The delightful taco mistress at the Mexican restaurant I frequent especially loves it. A lady down the street asked me to wait when she saw me walking by because “my daughter will LOVE this.” She called her outside, she wore a pride flag on her hoodie and her face lit up. Women approach to compliment it directly the most and they’re always so polite and curious. Can definitively say: 0 regrets.

Living my rainbowiest life has been a wonderful experience and I don’t miss that bad friend at all. Be true to yourselves and your ideas. Ignore people who wanna bring you down, you don’t need them in your life. It’s their loss.

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Act now!

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some fools be like “i play games to escape my responsibilities” then pick tank or healer

in my greatest fantasies i am able to help people

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concept: a fantasy cowboy who rides a dragon instead of a horse

dragon riders are actually just fantasy cowboys you heard it here first

H… howdy train your dragon

do you just want the password to my blog while you’re at it with these god tier takes

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