DJ. 27. they/them. married to the mothman. i like lost arctic expeditions a lot.


I don’t remember that from the myths

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You know I gotta ask for that JacobxCody good shit for that 3 sentence prompt


hell yeah i love them very MUCH

- - -

They tell each other everything now, after all these years of whispering secrets in the dark, praying to God or what ever powers that preside over earth and heaven that no one else can hear him. Tonight is the same, full of promises and confessions.

“I’m not a natural redhead,” says Cody, and Jacob falls off the bed.

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prompt thing: jartnell/graham, snow


It’s not exactly a snow angel, but more like a snow elephant seal if admired from one angle. Graham says as much, which incites John to roll his eyes before pulling Graham down into the snow with him.

When they leave a half an hour later, the snow angel better resembles a snow humpback whale.

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Pairing- Spock and Kirk Prompt- meeting as kids idk man


i will have u know i’ve watched like no star trek but i believe in pleasing the masses

- - -

“Oh fuck,” said Kirk, in very much not the language of a seven year old child.

“We are meeting,” said Spock, matter-of-factly. “If including the sentences that we are saying right now, this prompt is more than three sentences, making it… false.”

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thinkin about


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this looks fun


1.) Give me a pairing.
2.) Give me a prompt.
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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What episode does John Hartnell appear? :O


anon i’ll have you know that it’s been five weeks (i think) since you asked this and i’m so sorry if you already discovered that he kinda doesn’t appear. him appearing in fandom stuff is p much just from rly enthusiastic and incredible people who just kinda liked him.

however, i’ve taken it upon myself to feature him in the show the way he deserved, so you can pretend he was there the whole time.

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There are two sides to every man.
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Listen.. Best friends don’t pee on ur shoes

what caused you to make this post

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The Mystery theme, from Windows 95 Plus! (Wallpaper / Screen saver)

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“Is God here, Captain? Any God? It doesn’t matter.”

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Ronan Raftery as John Irving in “ The Terror ” ( 2018 )

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so meaningful

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Smash or pass: the sexy tuna guy from the starkist cans

Fuck marry kill: green giant, sexy tuna, mr clean

You are NOT allowed to kill mr clean

This is obvious, kill the sexy tuna because that’s just weird, fuck Mr clean because he’s ripped and you know you won’t catch anything, now here you might think marry Mr clean because he’ll clean the house, but no, his cleanliness standards would be unbearable.

marry the green giant, making you basically a pagan god through marriage, and he can probably make vegetables grow using magic and as a vegan I need that, dick probably too big to do anything with but like, pagan marriages can be poly I think

I want you to know you are so powerful to be able to begin with “this is obvious”

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This Zits comic from 1999 was 18 years a head of it’s time holy fuck

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One week, one month, one year, two years!

I kind of disregarded my beard anniversary this year but I started letting it grow on Nov 1st, 2017! I was really fucking scared but honestly very suicidal at the time and needed to do something drastic to change my life.

It’s been ultimately a positive experience, and one I would never give back for anything. For those who don’t know, I’m a cis woman who was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. I started growing facial hair and stomach and chest hair at age 12, and shaved it DAILY until age 26.

PCOS affects one in five people with ovaries, and there are millions of people with ovaries who naturally can grow a beard and other body hair. We’re conditioned to believe that women do not grow body hair, and so we spend decades hiding it, pretending it’s not an issue we face.

People I know, myself included, have been terrified of anyone finding out. They refuse to let partners touch their face, their stomachs, they panic if they go on a trip and forget a razor.

This is BULLSHIT. There’s nothing wrong with your body hair. There’s nothing wrong with YOU. You’re not even uncommon!

Sorry I kinda rambled but seriously y’all, face your insecurities head on. It’s worth it.

Also this post is NOT for terfs and transphobes, and is trans inclusive. Trans men can and do have PCOS sometimes, and trans women are allowed to be as fucking hairy as me if they want. Who cares!

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“how was your weekend?”


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