Smol, mouthy gender-fluid top. Writes, fights, and devours niche romances. Mormor obsessed. Panro, grace, queer af and old enough to appreciate that word. Always tired and sick.

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“I remember when I was a child watching Peter Sellers being interviewed and he said something at once extraordinary and chilling. He was such a chameleon, such a repository for other characters and their quirks that he said to the interviewer “I THINK this is my voice’. Like a lost soul who no longer knows what he is. That sense of an empty human being with something dark and terrible inside him, Andrew can do like no one else.” (x)

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Andrew Scott as Hart Elliot-Hinwood in Chasing Cotards

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Currently, you’re procrastinating something.

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Like literally the only reason we didn’t go extinct is because we are aggressively social creatures who community organized and helped each other when faced with disasters that drove other species over the brink. 

 (Like we’re so aggressively social that we looked at APEX PREDATORS and went ‘they look soft! Friend????’)

(The answer was yes because wolves are also aggressively social and they adopted the strange tall not-wolves just as eagerly.)

humans @ wolves: holy shit these things are so cute i wonder if they’ll let us pet them?

wolves @ humans: holy shit these things are so cute i wonder if they’ll pet us?

Just in case people want source, here you go: humans are compelled to help each other in disaster situation, humans feel an innate urge to help others. We will help strangers too, not just family, and it has been tested. 

Also we’ve always taken care of our elderly and disabled. When life was literally “hunt and gather every day to live”, we saw value in taking care of those with disabilities. 

reblog to make a libertarian mad

social darwinism is a concept exclusively employed by people who are both evil and pseudointellectual, 100% of the time, & is basically always code for upholding white supremacy and patriarchy

there may be a day that i don’t reblog this post, but it’s not today

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*slowly, with the back of their hand, then looking at it with distaste, mouth slightly ajar, then looking back to their opponent with an extra glint in their eyes…*



character i like: *wipes blood from their mouth and nose while smirking and saying something witty to their opponent like the bastard they are*


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jane was about to risk it all y’all!! but petra didn’t read jane right and thought she was joking around so jane laughed too. it’s tragic

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Hey what the fuck is your shower curtain?


Had enough of bath time thanks

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If you wouldn’t fuck a vampire you’re a liar and a bitch

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in movies, when a scientist is held hostage and is forced to make a bomb or virus, like my guy, those villains don’t know shit about science. just make a gumball machine, my dude

eighth grade science fair volcano, but fancy looking

 i just want once where the villain is like, you are too late, i detonated the device and instead of doom and gloom it is just confetti sparklers with abba’s waterloo playing and the scientist is like, bitch you thought 

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“Behave myself or what? […] While working for this company I have killed a man, I’ve lost a man. I’ve found a son, I’ve nearly lost a son! I have nearly lost my own life! Now, I will accept my job back, if the terms on offer are favorable …but I will not behave myself.”

—  Helen McCrory as Polly Gray in Peaky Blinders

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sometimes Andrew’s acting choices are just

how do you say…

way ruder than necessary, ffs

    (gifs a present for @raeofalbion courtesy of doaa <3)

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shoot rewatch  »  foreplay of sorts

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The other day I watched a little boy get knocked to the ground by an older kid who was running by. He burst into tears as his mother hurried over.

“Here’s a bandaid for ya,” I said, producing one from my vest pocket.

“Oh, he’s not bleeding, thank you though!”

I lowered my voice and leaned in. “Kids think bandaids are health magic,” I said. “Ask him where it hurts and exploit that placebo effect.”

She did just that, and instantly the kid stopped crying and thanked her. “I’ll have to remember that,” she said.

Children: #HACKED

Also if you have a crying kid give them a cup of water. You can’t cry and drink at the same time and it gives them a chance to calm down.

Tell them their going to run out of tears so they drink the water.

My mom does this at her preschool after awhile the other children start offering the crying child little cups of water.

The mental image of 20 3yos clammering to give another crying 3yo a glass of water has me on the edge of needing a glass of water

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Inktober - Misfit ✒️

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