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Please help me get a new hard drive so I can continue not only making art but my education as well. I deliver within 4 days and I make sure you enjoy the product. I do require half up front (so for $20 commission, $10 after correspondence and agreeing to do the work) and depending on where you live shipping may be more. I beg please buy or share with someone who can. It’s really important to me and I beg of you to take me seriously.

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✨ minimalistic succulents wallpapers  ✨

three colors * quote or no quote  * universal size

I’ve recently reached 10k followers (omg thank you so so much) so I made these to thank you for following me and just as a little celebration. Hope you enjoy ;) 

Click one of the links below to download a JPG file:


▪️  yellow

▪️  black

▪️  pink


▪️  yellow

▪️  black

▪️ pink

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Just completed and submitted the final version of my Extended Essay !!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 

So I compiled lists of words that I found super super useful in making it easier for me to finish any essay !! Here is a masterpost of some sort with transition words + key vocabs grouped together for easy access as well as an IB IOC ‘cheat sheet’ I used for my english LAL orals last year (though most commentaries follow a similar structure so its generalisable) ~

Good luck with your essays !!!

… oops just realised I forgot to bullet point one of the lists 

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15 things jeon jungkook did:


  1. Once used Jimin’s underwear as a microphone. 
  2. Took a close up picture of Jin’s dick using a selfie stick.
  3. Nearly killed Taehyung on a merry-go-round.
  4. Ate 6 cups of ramen at 1AM, all in one sitting, in the span of 20 minutes.
  5. Stole Jimin’s phone to vandalize it…with hearts.
  6. Raided the dorm’s fridge for breakfast while wearing a Pikachu onesie and walked around the streets at 3 am wearing his Daffy Duck pajamas.
  7. Couldn’t hold back his laughter hearing the Chinese version of Boy In Luv.
  8. Personally went to JYP ent to pick up Yugyeom for a late-night bowling date.
  9. Sat on a bunch of rocks trying to plant an umbrella while wearing a $7000 vintage & hand painted Raf Simons’ AW03 PCL mod parka. 
  10. Threw a big ass iceberg to the eldest member during a snowball fight; still didn’t understand why everyone was running away from him.
  11. Deadass got ignored by Namjoon when he almost drowned.
  12. Dropped a gumball to the dirty laundromat floor. Ate it anyway.
  13. Tweeted an instruction on how to properly cook ramen because he thinks that Jimin’s ramen sucks. (plus a totally unrelated selca)
  14. Stopped by to watch a dance cover group performance of Boy In Luv during his random stroll session along the streets of Hongdae; alone, face totally exposed, & looking extremely hot.
  15. Hollered a loud “Ohhh Yeahh~!” to an Egyptian Belly Dancer in Dubai. The dancer was Taehyung. 

bonus: hid inside a dark & creepy abandoned factory for fun; until the end, no one were able find him.


kim namjoon / jeon jungkook / ?

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15 things kim namjoon did:


  1. Once choked on a toothbrush because Jungkook said he looks like an egg.
  2. Taught Jimin how to cuss in a melodious way. “~Let’s not give a fuck, we don’t give a fuck.~
  3. Confessed that he downloaded porn on a tv show and dragged the rest of bangtan down with him by saying they all watch it anyway.
  4. Got slapped on the titty by the maknae because he ‘looks good in that particular outifit’.
  5. Accidentally performed half-naked on stage.
  6. Got hit straight in the face by yoongi during a dance practice. No one noticed.
  7. Calculated the equivalent of 43 minutes in seconds in the span of 3 seconds just to prove taehyung wrong. His calculations was correct.
  8. Dissed Jimin in his freestyle rap saying that if he was a basketball shoes then jimin is a pair of flip-flops.
  9. Clasps his hands with tae and didn’t let go when he thought tae was sleeping. He’s not. 
  10. Uploaded a selca, roasted by the maknae line+hobi. Uploaded another selca, jin and yoongi joined.
  11. Randomly shoved two fries up his nostrils. 
  12. Deleted an iconic video tweet by tae and kook which features him sleeping with mouth wide open.
  13. Only got one letter on an ‘anonymous complaint letter’ segment on kkul fm. It was filled with compliment from hoseok.
  14. Made a dick comment on tv and casually talked about his boner on a radio.
  15. Shouted at a pot to make it boil faster. It didn’t.

bonus: solved an IQ 170 question in 11 seconds. 


kim namjoon / jeon jungkook / kim taehyung / ?

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15 things kim taehyung did:


  1. Once turned himself into a Jungkook fansite.
  2. Got scared shitless when he thought that his eyebrows were gone.
  3. Was this close to being stabbed right in the forehead by a dart pin thrown by Hoseok. Bangtan: 100 points!’
  4. Asked a seaweed what its name was.
  5. Decided to eat rice at 2 in the morning…with ketchup.
  6. ‘I think there are rabbits on the moon’
  7. Edited a picture of bangtan with dog leashes on. They were not amused.
  8. Had to stop his vlive because he couldn’t enter his own hotel room; the keys were left inside.
  9. Danced to I Need U with heels on; flawlessly.
  10. Somehow came out while holding a random child on an idol sports athletic championship.
  11. Threatened to leak Jimin’s ‘Ryan McGinley’-like picture; aka nudes.
  12. Won a grammy award…for math.
  13. Had to physically stop himself to not rap along to cypher; it didn’t work.
  14. Ran back and went to the other side of the way just to accompany Seokjin who was walking alone.
  15. Gave a detailed update on his boys night out that ends with him being possibly drunk, sprawled on the bed, kissing and saying goodnight to a Jimin plushie

bonus: never forget the fact that his ears can move on its own.


kim namjoon / jeon jungkook / kim taehyung / ?

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태어나 줘서 고마워요♡°◌̊ ‧˚₊*̥ #HappyJiminDay #지민생일ㅊㅋ

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Here to help y'all gorgeous children

This is v important

@bpdrotten idk if you’ve seen this before or not BUT

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daehwi who doesn’t know math 🤔

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I see no difference.

Cr. @jinkitty

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(ノ ✿´ヮ`)ノ*:・゚✧

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When ‘si bel homme’ get’s mistaken for ‘씨발놈

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estou muito soft com esses icons, olha só que bolinho :(

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hello i am a emo bench bc nu’est w ;v;

Okay but same

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BTS as Stock Photos


No one asked. But Imma do it still. Cause i’m a memelord. - Admin Dayna












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Other studyblrs: My favorite subjects are pure chemistry and molecular biology. I’m currently doing my bachelors in astrophysics!!

Me: Idk I thought I liked History but I’m failing lmao. I also had a cactus once but it died

this is the most accurate thing i’ve ever seen ahah

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