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i’m not against vaping, but man, vaping two inches from my face on the subway is a ridiculous asshole kind of move. this dude was billowing like he was auditioning for the role of haunted house fog machine. the humidity in the whole car changed, he was ruining haircuts. just jump starting the water cycle. condensation was dripping down my glasses. people were slipping off poles, it was chaos. it was like watching one man try to terraform the moon. a planet with one dense, root beer scented atmosphere blocking out the sun and choking all life. 

i consider this a sort of prose poem to be honest

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Dada is here. Let’s show him how fabulous you are. 
Incredibles 2 (2018)

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Who I want to be: Linda Belcher

Who I actually am: Supportive Burger Wife

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I just love getting cramps for days on end and not actually starting my period??

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how do you think the kronk voice actor feels knowing he’ll only ever be recognized as the kronk voice actor

patrick warburton has a net worth of 30 million dollars which is the amount I will pay to end this disrespect right now

get fucking rekt OP

he has exactly one voice that he can do but lord knows that wont stop him and i respect that

yes but it’s like the most Powerful voice to exist

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A. imagine your otp

B. dear gods this country has massive issues

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“Don’t you all feel tired sometimes of being part of a species that is so cruel to each other, and to other living beings?”

— the lonely traveller part 2 by @serenosky

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Watch: It’s your right to share your salary, not doing so could be holding you back.

At my last company, one day someone in accounting approached me at lunch and quietly told me I need to ask for a raise because I was way underpaid.

They gave me a number to shoot for.  It was about twice than what I had been making at the time.

So I went online, did some research, found some figures backing up my claim, put it all together and went to my boss.

I got what I asked for.

If it hadn’t been for that person in accounting telling me I was way underpaid, I’d have never known.  I went from barely scraping by to being able to have a savings account and getting all my debts paid thanks to them.

You should at least check sites like to start the process of seeing what you should be making.

Because this is crucially important

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I sincerely cant remember the last time that staff rolled out a feature that improved this website in any way

When they moved the reblog button to the bottom of posts

Where was it before?

at the top
we had to scroll all the way back up in order to reblog


What the fuck

Reblog if you were here for top button

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nearly the end of april.. you know what that means 

this is an advanced joke

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Chaotic Good brother.

@she-got-the-jazz this is @rorycassie’s child

There is something extremely innocent in this that makes me smile and then there is something extremely terrifying in this that makes me hope and pray he uses his powers for good when he gets older!!!

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When an ad targets you just too well, and it reminds you that those fuckers are spying on your every click

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I am so tired of seeing climate change and environmental discussions that don’t even mention animal agriculture. No matter which numbers you ascribe to, it is a major contributor (if not THE major contributor) to environmental destruction and climate change and I am so tired that we have to keep repeating ourselves here.

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The 🤔 emoji is a lesbian, sorry straights


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“15 Men React To The Idea Of Taking Their Wife’s Last Name After Marriage”

Men believe the family is their domain but when it comes to watching the children or doing chores suddenly it’s not their responsibility

Millennial men are not respectful of women partners or peers

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