Does God have cash app? i got student loans if he tryna help pay em down $Mecca92


my review on life so far:

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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Ladies check it out!! I found pills that cure pedophilia :)

And look!! Rape is an uncontrollable urge? Check out this inhaler to help with that!

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Just saw a post written by a man that’s was like ‘someone’s after I’m finished with a girl and she smiles at me I have a primal urge to punch her teeth in’ and honestly that is just proof that men don’t love women the way women love women because I just know there’s nothing more pure than the moments of intimacy post-orgasm when you’re just snuggling and laughing and being close, only a man would take something so sweet and spoil it with hate

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Men: So god said that…umm…You were born to serve me to all my goals and desires, hold no power or knowledge, have no autonomy and that any attempt to achieve independence from your part instead of being a quiet possession goes against his will

Women: God said that?

Men: Yeah he told me

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ok i’ll say it …….i need affection ….ok damn

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casual survey: reblog if you want to kiss a girl right now

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@hayleykiyokoWhat’s your favorite part of the song?!?!!!! 
#loveme #imtoosensitiveforthisshit

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You can’t make this stuff up 😐

Employers, banks and other financial institutions already send detailed information to the IRS. The government knows how much you owe in tax. If they wanted to they could send you a tax bill and a form you could fill in to claim back taxable expenses (like travelling for work purposes.) It’s called Return Free Filing And is used in the majority of countries in the world. The American tax system has been deliberately set up this way so people will engage accountants, tax services, and tax software like TurboTax, because those same companies spent a lot of money lobbying Congress to keep the tax system complicated so they can make more money when you hire their services. They’re basically using the money you’re paying them to make sure congress doesn’t make your taxes easier.

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As a matter of fact, if your employer fires you for anything relating to forming a union, that’s retalition, and it’s illegal under federal law. If this happens to you, vontact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

EEOC’s Website

EEOC Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Employer Rights and Responsibilities

How to get in touch with your local EEOC office


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Every time this post hits my dash there’s more salty landlords in the comments, die mad leeches lol

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official-cisphobe: is a rlly good one for movies and TV shows!


which is if you want to watch anything from these sites you either need to go on your computer and have a strong adblock, or download a special browser for your phone that blocks literally every ad ever (it sometimes even blocked links that i wanted to click on). here’s a link to play store for android.


This was the first thing I saw, followed by six panicked pop ups from my anti virus screaming about malware.


Also? LIBRARIES. Libraries have DVDs! Of movies and tv shows! They can also order items from other libraries!


i literally never paid to watch a movie or show in my life and here’s how

  • gowatchseries (i prefer this one)
  • hdmo
  • kimcartoon
  • primewire - not a hosting site but instead a site that collects every available link so if you can’t find something on other sites, this will almost certainly have a link

you can find basically everything on the first two, on the off chance you can’t, try primewire. kimcartoon only has cartoons (duh) but it has literally every cartoon as far as i can tell. the last thing you need is thirty different greedy awful streaming sites who think password sharing is theft when these sites are right here for free


the fact that people actually pay for all these different shitty streaming services and i keep hearing shit like “oh they’re gonna have [movie from like 2005] on Disney+ so guess I’ll suck some capitalist dick!” ……..piracy is RIGHT THERE either use a pirate site or stop complaining about how expensive it is to give money to 15 different leeches so you can watch all your favourite movies (if you’re lucky and they have them which they often don’t) when you could just hit up fucking Google and watch it for free

Do people not use kodi anymore?

I know its annoying to add new soruces every now and then but you can watch everything if you use kodi Just added Taz and its working for most things i wanna watch

Even without a fire stick you can add kodi to your tablet or phone

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Say it with me girls: hypersexual behavior won’t cure your depression

can we not make fun of a condition like this pls thx

Sis I’ve engaged in hyper sexual behavior as a result of my depression too. Like the call is coming from inside the therapist office lmao.

How was this seen as making fun of people This was just pointing out that it doesn’t help Its dangerous and be can even more damaging to cope like this no matter what type of trauma your dealing with And some people dont even realize they are using sex as a coping mechanism until its pointed out This didnt come off as a joke or some meme its legit pointing out how this isn’t the best way to get over your pain

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not all heroes wear capes

Big sit energy

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Study shows half of Americans use swimming pools as a communal bathtub as the alternative to taking a bath or shower during the summer. A wave of comments on the study agreeing with the research soon followed, and the people in the comments agreed stating that “Chlorine” can clean toilets, so it was enough.

I mean… I’d like to point out, there is one race of people in that pic and in those comments.

This shit has to be hereditary I mean not bathing and adding unnecessary shit to their water is why all those white people died of cholera before back in the day

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