I try. I try so, so, so hard to be patient and kind. I try to be accommodating and I try to understand that people have different levels of education and that not everyone knows chemistry and that everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

But the other office admin here just mixed up a nice big basin of bleach and ammonia to clean out our coffee pot. And left it in the office kitchen. And didn’t tell anyone for 20 minutes.

I’m tired.


A lot of you are starting school and are away from home for the first time, so here are some chemicals that don’t play nice with each other - by which I mean they create other, meaner chemicals when they’re mixed:

  • Bleach + Vinegar = Chlorine Gas
  • Baking Soda + Vinegar = Sodium Acetate, which isn’t dangerous actually but this is a middle school volcano, not a cleaning product (and if you mix these two and put them in a sealed bottle they’ll explode)
  • Bleach + Ammonia (most glass cleaners contain Ammonia, Windex is basically ammonia) = Chloramine (a fun gas that can potentially kill you)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = Peracetic Acid (because you’re mixing peroxide and acetic acid)
  • Bleach + Isopropyl Alcohol = Chloroform
  • Also if you mix two different drain cleaners they might explode.


If you’re considering mixing cleaning chemicals PLEASE GOOGLE IT FIRST. You can even search by brand name. Here:

What happens if I mix Windex and Comet?

Please do not die trying to clean out your dank shared dorm bathroom. Please do not die trying to get stains off of the counter in your janky off-campus apartment. Please do not die mixing cleaners in your commercial kitchen, please do not die trying to scrape sticky residue off of a photo frame, please do not die mixing chemicals, especially because most of those chemicals come in boxes or bottles that have big warnings on the back telling you not to mix them with shit.

Also here is your periodic reminder that vinegar is acetic acid. Lemon juice is citric acid. These are fairly strong acids that can cause chemical burns, strip the enamel off your teeth, irritate your esophagus, and fuck up your shit. Be fucking careful with them and if you get either on your skin make sure to wash it off well before any exposure to direct sunlight.

The world is full of magic, and by “magic” I mean “dangerous chemicals that we spend a lot of time around but don’t spend much time thinking about so please be careful out there, buddies.”

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Source Unknown

Sonic 19th Birthday Fan Art

Hey guess what! If the source is “Unknown” then it’s not a source at all!

The artist can be found here:

I’m gonna guess you found this, tried to reverse image search it, and when you failed to find a source…you decided to post it anyway!

And if you click on that there link, you’ll find that the artist has removed pretty much all their art due to reposting, aka because of people like you! Thanks!

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dont get me wrong this is #mood but just try eating a piece of bread with salt. please, seriously. ok? at least a tiny bit. salt helps with nausea, bread calms the stomach acid. if you really can’t face eating anything, just lick some salt like a damn elk, then wait and see if you can manage the bread. make some broth if you’re into that kind of thing. no spices, yes salt. if you’re feeling too weak and shaky to do much, just have a cup of tea with sugar (energy) and lemon (again, good against nausea). nibble on the lemon first, it will feel good, but don’t overdo - citric acid on an empty stomach is a majorly bad idea. take care of yourself, you’re the only you we’ve got

You’re the only you we’ve got”

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remember when they used to make game cartridges different colors? they should bring that back

this shit fucks!!!

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New charms with my favorite bears!!!!!

So these ones took a while to post because there was a misprint and the acrylic protection was on the tails not the front. However the misprints still are cute, so if you guys don’t mind that, I put those up for sale as well for a discount :3

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With this gif, we shall achieve world peace.

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what if the teenage mutant ninja turtles exist in the mcu but they’re just really good at staying under the radar and criminals are too embarrassed to admit they got beat up by some guys in “turtle costumes” so they blame daredevil. peter parker worked as a pizza delivery boy for a while and brought like eight pizzas to a man hole cover but thought nothing of it bc nyc

peter parker: i once was one minute late delivering pizza and the dude was like “forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza” 

clint barton: oh cool u met one of the tmnt 

literally everyone: who 

clint: am i the only one in this goddamn city who knows about the crimefighting turtles that live in the sewers 

(they all think clint is playing an elaborate prank on them, especially when he shows them a photo of four guys wearing what are ‘very obviously halloween costumes’)

fun fact: it’s TMNT canon that the chemical container that hit Matt Murdock across the face and gave him his Daredevil abilities is the same canister that landed on the baby turtles and mutated them, so…..y’all aren’t far off

i’m sorry it’s WHAT

TMNT started as a Daredevil parody.

Matt’s teacher is Stick. The turtle’s is Splinter.

Matt’s enemy is the Hand. The turtle’s is the Foot Clan.

It was originally a dark, edgy, turtle themed parody of Daredevil.

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i finished this goshdarn thing. i guess i can thank the blessedly small canvas for that? always draw on small canvases.

nighttime colors are hard. this only works with its lighting because i added stars.

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Ending card to Chao in Space that I rotated and cropped.

Poor Sonic, he’s gonna spend Christmas with a sore nose :O

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Make it a good one.

Photo © John Rollins

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Concept artwork of Metal Sonic from the original ‘Sonic CD’, from an issue of Hobby Consolas.

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This is all I could think about

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He’s reacting to this:

Mimic is gr8, Storm’s just dealt with Too Many of these types, Infinite being the most recent

This isn’t canon, I just love drawing Storm reacting hatefully at basically everything Mimic does SHDGS

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✨i’m proud of them

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classic rouge + e123 omega

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I dont know much, but I sure do know the zombot arc is gonna end in tears for Ash

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