An observation

Is it just me or is every type’s auxiliary function the most likely one to piss off people around them?

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How the types differ by one letter


  • INTJ: They don’t care to get to know everyone, but everyone at least knows of them
  • ENTJ: They know everyone and everyone knows them. How else would one move up the social ladder?


  • INTJ: That quiet straight-A person in class who indulges in nerdy interests in their spare time when they’re not studying
  • ISTJ: That quiet straight-A person in class who indulges in even more studying in their spare time than INTJ


  • INTJ: *Is quiet and detached around someone* “Not my problem if they think I’m rude”
  • INFJ: *Is quiet and detached around someone* “OMG WHAT IF THEY THINK I DON’T LIKE THEM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


  • INTJ: Doesn’t show their caring side unless they really care about you. And I mean REALLY care
  • INTP: You’re at least a good-tier friend of theirs? Time for them to tell you about everyone they truly care about and why they do


  • INFJ: Makes friends when extroverts adopt them
  • ENFJ: Is the extrovert friend that adopts introverts


  • INFJ: Cares for you by helping you survive and advance in life
  • ISFJ: Cares for you by giving you kind words and sharing food with you


  • INFJ: “I know you’re just going through a phase, but I’ll still love you and support you no matter what”


  • ISFJ: Will cuddle you in the comfort of your or their own home while you tell them what’s bothering you
  • ESFJ: Will take you on an adventure to your favourite fast food place while you tell them what’s bothering you


  • ISFJ: Hall monitor in elementary school
  • ISTJ: Cried when they didn’t get the hall monitor position in elementary school


  • ISFJ: Saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 2009 and thought it was pretty good
  • ISFP: Started ironically liking Paul Blart: Mall Cop cause of Tumblr, eventually actually saw it and started unironically liking it


  • ISTJ: Too quiet when working on a group project
  • ESTJ: Not quiet enough when working on a group project


  • ISTJ: *Shows up late to class for the first time all semester* “omg look how rebellious I am”
  • ISTP: *Shows up to class on time for the first time all semester* “omg look how responsible I am”


  • ISTP: Alienates people by being too edgy
  • ESTP: Alienates people by almost landing themselves in jail and/or the hospital one too many times


  • ISTP: Stays up till 5 am reading articles about how to be attractive and looking at specs of expensive watches, cars, and whatever tech they’re interested in that night
  • INTP: Stays up till 5 am watching anime and reading about philosophy


  • ISTP: Ironically writes sad poetry
  • ISFP: Unironically writes sad poetry


  • ISFP: Has coffee running through their veins
  • ESFP: Has vodka running through their veins


  • ISFP: Wannabe Instagram model
  • INFP: Wannabe Tumblr model


  • INFP: Has a “whatever” attitude about their introversion
  • ENFP: Refers to themselves as an introvert or ambivert cause they don’t see themselves as a Basic Outgoing Extrovert™


  • INFP: Has a selfie of themselves wearing a flower crown as their profile pic on Tumblr
  • INTP: Has a picture of an anime character or a superhero as their profile pic on Tumblr


  • INTP: “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we went to Wal-Mart and shouted swear words into the PA system?”
  • ENTP: Actually goes to Wal-Mart one day and shouts swear words into the PA system


  • ENTP: Shows their friends their best Batman impression while quoting lines from Batman movies
  • ESTP: Googles how long it would take to become as strong and fast as Batman and designs a workout program based around getting on Batman’s level of athleticism


  • ENTP: Would work for Reddit if they could
  • ENFP: Would work for Buzzfeed if they could


  • ENTP: Either an overachiever or underachiever in anything, no in-between
  • ENTJ: Underachiever in absolutely nothing


  • ENFP: Goes out dressed in thrift store clothes
  • ESFP: Goes out dressed in designer clothes


  • ENFP: *Person admits feelings to them or asks them out* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT DO I DO”
  • ENFJ: *Admits feelings to crush / crush admits feelings to them* “I HAVE BEEN AWAITING THIS DAY FOR CENTURIES”


  • ESFP: Gets awkwardly hit on at bars
  • ESTP: Awkwardly hits on people at bars


  • ESFP: “Yo let’s go dance”
  • ESFJ: “I’m not really a dancer”


  • ESTJ: Has to resist throwing a fit when they don’t get to be the leader/boss/supervisor/alpha/top dog of something
  • ENTJ: Somehow always ends up being the leader/boss/supervisor/alpha/top dog of everything they do


  • ESTJ: Is the person you go to when you need help getting a job
  • ESFJ: Is the person you go to when you need help texting someone you want to date and/or hook up with


  • ESTJ: Honour roll student, multiple sport athlete, on student council and multiple school committees, volunteers and works in their spare time, has a 3-4 GPA through all of high school/college/university, lands a decent job right after graduating
  • ESTP: Puts how many Tinder matches they have and how much they can bench on their resume


  • ENFJ: Seems slutty, is actually pretty wholesome
  • ESFJ: Seems wholesome, is actually pretty slutty


  • ENFJ: Has thoroughly planned out future living situation, relationship, and type of social life
  • ENTJ: Has thoroughly planned out future career and how to attain it
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News about myself

I’ve been inactive on this blog for most of the past 8 months cause uni, my social life (props to me for finally having a real one), and general life stuff got in the way. It was mostly me not having my own computer and being forced to go to the school library any time I wanted to access the internet on anything besides my phone that stopped me from making content for this blog. But I recently got my own laptop, so I can make content for this blog more easily and frequently.

I’ve been doing some thinking about my type over this time too. I briefly typed as ESTJ but realized that’s probably not true cause I don’t use Si/Ne as far as I know. I’m also probably an introvert and I might have mistyped as an extrovert cause of certain circumstances and personal goals forcing me to act more extroverted. So since I have a definite preference for thinking over feeling, that would make me likely ISTP or INTJ, not ESTP as I typed myself when I started this blog. Or maybe I’m an ESTP who’s comfortable being alone and having quiet time. That’s a summary of how I’ve been feeling about my type as of recent.

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Typing Tumblr

I would personally type Tumblr as a whole as INFP.


Cause it’s a pretty FiNe SiTe.


But for real,

Fi: The typical Tumblr user has a strong sense of identity and of what they are passionate about and a Tumblr blog is a great way to let out these feelings. Whether your description is “nonbinary polysexual feminist in a queerplatonic relationship who loves fandoms more than they love xirself” and you post about social justice and fandoms or you’re more of a “Dallas. 21. Straight. Arizona.” type and you post pictures of palm trees and attractive people drinking ice coffees, there is a niche of Tumblr that you can identify yourself with. Speaking of Fi behavior, there is no shortage to posts reminding you to practice some form of self-care written by someone with a url like spaceflowerqueen or posts where someone with a url like aromanticobama demands a SIGNAL BOOST for a current issue that they feel strongly about.

Ne: There is a niche on Tumblr for everything. Aesthetic/photography, fandoms, social justice, porn, psychology, relationship shit, fitness, etc. Tumblr is not a website about one specific thing. This is how you get “Dallas. 21. Straight. Arizona.” types on the same website as “Kaelenn. 16. He/they. Plz read description before following” and “Marissa. 19 year old meme queen. Nutella and Chris Pine are my husbands.” types.

Si: Look at how many memes on here are based around non-current forms of media, specifically ones from users’ childhoods. Shrek, Smash Mouth, Drake and Josh, and old Spongebob episodes are some. While Tumblr is more of a Ne than a Si site, you can still find users’ pasts influencing their content.

Te: You’re not doing anything productive right now, I guarantee it. You could be doing something productive instead like getting some well-deserved sleep or making some internet content or doing household chores or getting home/school/professional work done. But nope. You’re on Tumblr browsing MBTI posts or maybe you’re just on your dashboard and you happened to see this post and decide to read it to see what it’s all about. MBTI isn’t even something that’s applicable to your daily life outside of typing other people for fun. Keep up this procrastination and society will destroy you eventually. Maybe not anytime soon, but society will destroy you.

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An apartment of the MBTI types based on Tumblr stereotypes. Sorry I haven’t done an original post in awhile, but this one’s original.
My school gets out for the year in less than three weeks, so I should have more time for Tumblr pretty soon!
Any criticism or changes you’d make to this post (besides the missing space between the “of” and the “the”, I know that’s there, I’m just too lazy to fix it right now.
Please let me know if you have any requests for what I should make next. Thanks

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What kind of lame person your functions make you

Auxiliary Ne/Tertiary Si: Nerdy

Auxiliary Se/Tertiary Ni: Superficial

Auxiliary Si/Tertiary Ne: Mundane

Auxiliary Ni/Tertiary Se: Overconfident

Auxiliary Ti/Tertiary Fe: Shallow

Auxiliary Fi/Tertiary Te: Overemotional

Auxiliary Fe/Tertiary Ti: Doormat

Auxiliary Te/Tertiary Fi: Workaholic

Dominant Ne/Inferior Si: Adolescent

Dominant Se/Inferior Ni: Dysfunctional “member of society”

Dominant Si/Inferior Ne: Wallflower

Dominant Ni/Inferior Se: Hermit

Dominant Ti/Inferior Fe: Dick

Dominant Fi/Inferior Te: Armchair activist

Dominant Fe/Inferior Ti: Drama queen

Dominant Te/Inferior Fi: Slave to society

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How to give grandma a heart attack. (by Steec)

xxTP as a parent

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Since it’s not socially acceptable to read a book while you’re at a party, I want to host a party where everyone brings a book or two, and just reads together in the same room. It will be beautiful, and everyone will have a lovely time. I will be everyone’s favorite hostess. 


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The types as bad ideas

INTJ: Taking Tumblr culture way too seriously 

INFJ: Bringing a book to a party 

ISFJ: Searching for porn on Google with Safesearch enabled

ISTJ: Going under the speed limit on a busy road 

ISTP: Playing games on your phone during a funeral

ISFP: Skipping out on responsibilities cause you’re too tired to get out of bed after staying up until 5 am looking at aesthetically pleasing clothes and accessories online 

INFP: Getting a septum piercing

INTP: Watching anime

ENTP: Wearing cosplay to school or work when it’s not Halloween or a similar occasion 

ENFP: Letting yourself get trapped in the friendzone of someone you have feelings for 

ESFP: Trying to find someone to hook up with at a family party

ESTP: Almost anything an ESTP does after enough drinks 

ESTJ: Getting married at 20 

ESFJ: Getting emotionally invested in other people

ENFJ: Being like “we should hang out more often” to someone who doesn’t want to hang out with you more often 

ENTJ: Sliding into the dms of someone you’ve met literally once and making yourself look hella thirsty in the process

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Sucks how I haven’t made any new content for this blog in quite a while

Waddup, guys?

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The types on the first day of school😏



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The types on the first day of school

INTJ: Silently judges everyone who’s being loud with their friends in the halls, finally feels at peace when they get to class and everything quiets down

ISFJ: Gets lost and feels guilty about showing up to class a minute late

INFJ: Is one of the only people in class who actually pays attention the whole time, sends comforting vibes to ISFJ when they sense their late-to-class guilt

ESTP: Creates a mental list of who in their classes seems like dating or friendship material, plans out how they’re going to impress everyone around them, gets approached by a classmate to play a part in a film project

ESFP: Makes at least one new friend in class, wonders how many missed classes they can get away with

ISTJ: Settles themselves back into their academic routine, is on their way to their second class of the day when someone sneaks up behind them and stabs them in the back, then picks their body up and hides it somewhere. A security camera was nearby and from the footage, it can be seen that the killer was wearing a black hoodie. OH SHIT THIS POST JUST BECAME A MURDER MYSTERYYYYYYY *Law & Order theme starts playing*

ISTP: Is bored in class, finds out about ISTJ’s murder and decides to solve it cause they have no better way to put their Ti to use. They ask around and find out everything they can about what happened. They then sneak into the school’s security office and view the footage of the murder itself

ISFP: Tells ISTP that they were with ISTJ right before they got killed and that ISTJ was planning on walking to their next class with INFP

INFP: Thinks ISTJ flaked on them, breaks down crying when ISTP pulls them out of their class and tells them ISTJ got killed. ISTP tries to console them but has no idea how, so they just give INFP a tissue and patiently wait for them to stop crying so they can be questioned

INTP: Is in class with INFP holding a black hoodie that looks exactly like the one ISTJ’s killer was wearing. Gets approached by ISTP, who demands answers. ISTP then determines that there’s no way INTP could have been the killer because they’re too scrawny to lift the equivalent of ISTJ’s bodyweight and asks INTP where they got the hoodie. They say that it belongs to them, but ESTP borrowed it briefly earlier that day.

ENFP: Sits beside ISTP in class. ISTP appears tired, so ENFP asks what’s wrong. ISTP tells them that they’re trying to find ESTP to get a step closer to solving ISTJ’s murder. ENFP is confused about ISTJ’s death because earlier that day, they and ESTP were approached by ISTJ to help film a scene for a film project where ENFP held the camera while ESTP played the part of a murderer. ISTP then puts everything together. ISTJ faked their own murder by finding a place with a camera to have hard evidence that they’ve died, then they got ESTP to move their body away from the camera because an athlete on their level would have no problem lifting and carrying another person, and they got ENFP to stand out of the security camera’s frame filming the whole thing so that ESTP would think that ISTJ needed to appear to die for a film project. But one question remains. Why would ISTJ fake their own death?

ENTP: Finds out that ISTP is trying to solve ISTJ’s murder, approaches them and tells them that they saw ISTJ alive after they apparently died. ISTP and ENTP combine the power of their functions and deduce where ISTJ has fled to. ISTP takes an Uber to a train station where ISTJ is and asks them why they faked their own murder. It turns out that ISTJ has been going through a Ne grip and has decided to abandon their life and adopt a new identity as a traveling assassin for hire. ISTP is like “wtf m8″ at first but then stops giving a fuck about the whole situation and leaves ISTJ to do whatever they want. ISTP then goes back to school and tells ENTP, ENFP, and ESTP about everything that happened. They all agree that it wasn’t the easiest day to handle, but at least they got an interesting story out of it

ESTJ: Puts their headphones in, gets hyped up by their “get shit done” playlist, is excited to get back in the grind and work on their first assignments

ENFJ: Gets compliments on their outfit from their friends, dies on the inside when they get their first assignments

ESFJ: Hugs all their friends while gushing about how much they missed them, unintentionally gets a few people in their classes to briefly crush on them, cries on their friends’ shoulders when they find out ISTJ apparently died

ENTJ: Carefully puts together a stylish outfit, organises their locker, notebooks, and other school supplies, gets disappointed when no one compliments them on any of that

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Give me a scenario involving 2 or 3 people (ex. trying to pack for a trip, at an amusement park, watching a movie, etc) and I’ll make a post about what 2-3 randomly selected types would do in it

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I love your username, I knew immediately it was going to be an ESTP. genius. sorry if you get this a lot, just had to give this compliment.


I’ve gotten it once or twice. Idk how many people truly get the meaning behind it.

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The functions as other functions

Ne: Se

Ni: Ti

Se: Te

Si: Fi

Fe: Si

Fi: Fe

Te: Ni

Ti: Ne

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MBTI’s Unique Themes



  • Actively solving problems. 
  • Observing how things work. 
  • Talent for using tools for the best approach.
  • Need to be independent. 
  • Act on their hunches or intuitions.
  •  Understanding a situation. 
  • Taking things apart. 
  • Making discoveries.
  •  Sharing those discoveries. 
  • Unsettled by powerful emotional experiences.


  • Taking charge of situations. 
  • Tactical prioritizing. 
  • Talent for negotiating. 
  • Want a measure of their success. 
  • Keep their options open. 
  • Enjoy acting as a consultant.
  • Winning people over. 
  • Caring for family and friends. 
  • Enjoy exhilaration at the edge.
  • Disappointed when others don’t show respect.


  • Taking advantage of opportunities. 
  • Stick with what’s important. 
  • Talent for pulling together what is just right. 
  • Creative problem solving. 
  • Building relationships. 
  • Attracting the loyalties of others. 
  • Being their own true self. 
  • Have their own personal style. 
  • Play against expectations. 
  • Struggle with nurturing their own self-esteem.


  • Stimulating action. 
  • Have a sense of style. 
  • Talent for presenting things in a useful way. 
  • Natural actors—engaging others. 
  • Opening up people to possibilities. 
  • Respect for freedom. 
  • Taking risks. 
  • A love of learning, especially about people. 
  • Genuine caring. 
  • Sometimes misperceive others’ intentions.


  • Drawing up plans and being prepared. 
  • Take responsibility. 
  • Getting work done first. 
  • Being active in the community. 
  • Loyalty to their roles. 
  • Cultivating good qualities.
  • Doing the right thing. 
  • Bear life’s burdens and overcome adversity. 
  • Talented at planning, sequencing, and noticing what’s missing. 
  • Having to learn so much in hindsight is painful at times


  • Talent for bringing order to chaotic situations. 
  • Educating themselves. 
  • Industrious, work-hard attitude. 
  • Balance work with play. 
  • Having a philosophy of life. 
  • Having the steps to success. 
  • Keeping up traditions. 
  • Being well-balanced. 
  • Connecting their wealth of life experiences. 
  • Often disappointed when perfectionistic standards for economy and quality are not met.


  • Noticing what’s needed and what’s valuable. 
  • Talent for careful and supportive organization. 
  • Know the ins and outs. 
  • Enjoy traditions. 
  • Work to protect the future.
  •  Listening and remembering. 
  • Being nice and agreeable. 
  • Unselfish willingness to volunteer. 
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Exasperated when people ignore rules and don’t get along.


  • Accepting and helping others. 
  • Managing people. 
  • Hearing people out. 
  • Voicing concerns and accommodating needs. 
  • Admire the success of others. Remember what’s important. 
  • Talented at providing others with what they need. 
  • Keep things pleasant. 
  • Maintaining a sense of continuity. 
  • Accounting for the costs. 
  • Often disappointed by entrepreneurial projects.


  • Maximizing achievements. 
  • Drive for self mastery. 
  • Build a vision. 
  • Very long-range strategizing. 
  • Realizing progress toward goals. 
  • Systems thinking. 
  • Talent for seeing the reasons behind things. 
  • Being on the leading edge.
  •  Maintaining independence. 
  • Find it difficult to let go in interacting with others.


  • Being a leader. 
  • Maximize talents. 
  • Marshal resources toward progress. 
  • Intuitive explorations.
  • Forging partnerships. 
  • Mentoring and empowering. 
  • Talent for coordinating multiple projects. 
  • Balance peace and conflict. 
  • Demonstrates predictive creativity. 
  • Often overwhelmed by managing all the details of time and resources.


  • Becoming an expert. 
  • Seeing new patterns and elegant connections. 
  • Talent for design and re-design. 
  • Crossing the artificial bound- aries of thought. 
  • Activate the imagination. 
  • Clarifying and defining. 
  • Making discoveries. 
  • Reflect on the process of thinking itself. 
  • Detach to analyze. 
  • Struggle with attending to the physical world.


  • Being inventive.
  • Talented at building prototypes and getting projects launched. 
  • Enjoys lifelong learning. 
  • Enjoy the creative process. 
  • Share their insights about life’s possibilities. 
  • Strategically formulate success. 
  • An inviting host. 
  • Like the drama of the give and take. 
  • Trying to be diplomatic. 
  • Surprised when their strategizing of relationships becomes problematic.


  • Personal growth. 
  • Sustain the vision. 
  • Honoring the gifts of others. 
  • Taking a creative approach to life. 
  • Talent for foreseeing.
  •  Exploring issues. 
  • Bridging differences and connecting people.
  • Practical problem solving.
  • Living with a sense of purpose. 
  • Living an idealistic life often presents them with a great deal of stress and a need to withdraw.


  • Communicate and share values. 
  • Succeeding at relationships. 
  • Realizing dreams—their own and others. 
  • Seek opportunities to grow together. 
  • Heeding the call to a life work or mission. 
  • Enjoying the creative process. 
  • Intuitive intellect. 
  • Reconcile the past and the future. 
  • Talent for seeing potential in others. 
  • Often find living in the present difficult.


  • Going with the flow. 
  • Knowing what is behind what is said. 
  • Uncovering mysteries. 
  • Exploring moral questions. 
  • Talent for facilitative listening. 
  • Relate through stories and metaphors. 
  • Balancing opposites. 
  • Getting re-acquainted with themselves. 
  • Have a way of knowing what is believable. 
  • Struggling with structure and getting their lives in order.


  • Inspiring and facilitating others. 
  • Exploring perceptions. 
  • Talent for seeing what’s not being said and voicing unspoken meanings. 
  • Seek to have ideal relationships. 
  • Recognize happiness. 
  • Living out stories.
  • Want to authentically live with themselves. 
  • Respond to insights in the creative process. 
  • Finding the magical situation. 
  • Restless hunger for discovering their direction.

(From the book “Neuroscience of Personality: Brain Savvy Insights For All Types of People” by Dario Nardi)

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I have reason to believe I might actually be ESTJ

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MBTI motivation

Be as determined as an xNTJ

Be as gregarious as an xSFP

Be as reliable as an xSTJ

Be as self-assured as an xNFP

Be as loyal as an xNFJ

Be as adaptive as an xSTP

Be as selfless as an xSFJ

Be as imaginative as an xNTP

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