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hate to be that person but,,

name a better duo

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sick of having to pretend to know stuff about things. i don’t know anything about any stuff

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jake: welcome to the “fuck vampires” support group, where we gather to say a collective “fuck you” to that pathetic excuse of a monster

jake: but first, a few words from our newest member

bella, sweating: so, i may have misunderstood-

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NOT lovin trans people????



ey, I’m respectin trans folks here!


*new yorker voice* badda bing, badda trans rights

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  Oops my finger slipped.

Go forth and spread these around the Internet.


Let’s be honest: every single popular character should support the Hong Kong protests.


So I see a lot of Disney…

and Mei being used for the Hong Kong protests, which is great! But if you really want to hit China where it hurts

Use Hello Kitty

She is a big part of Chinese culture. Banning her would be bad for them. They have an Amusement Park dedicated to her.

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more proof toph should have been the avatar


oh, sure. she doesn’t care though. she’s 12 and she’s thriving and she loves to murder


No but Toph was a professional earthbending wrestler with the power to feel the whole human body at once through vibrations with enough accuracy to tell lies. She knows exactly how much pressure the human body can take before important things start breaking or I’ll go buy a hat for the sole purpose of eating it.


oh honey they are fully dead


Can we consider how many people Toph caused internal bleeding and broken bones?

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make my brain focus for once- challenge


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25 and it got me excited

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I love how Rapunzel made sure to let the citizens of Corona know that Varian saved them all, thus nullifying his fears and making his redemption 100% complete.

I loved the BROTP moments between Raps and Varian: before the third season began, we were all thinking “Aw man, this is gonna be a teeth clenched teamwork” …NOPE! Just platonic fluff and full support! ❤

I also loved Varian in this episode: he’s at his most human and bravest self yet.

…Can I say “I love Varian. Period.”? XD

It’s a good day to be a Varian fan today ❤

Let’s shower him with even more love during this hiatus!


(P.S.: Shout-out to Lance fans too: he was amazing as well (You tell those spiders, Ron Lance!)… And WHAT A VOICE!)

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cant believe youth bisexual icon varian had a flynn rider poster on his door in clear eyes view from his BED. ill take the resignations of anyone who says he doesnt like b o  y  s   on my desk in the morning 

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Also who gave the animators the right to go so hard this season???

Like the fluidity???

The expressions??

How dare??????

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molly swain and chelsea vowel also talk about how awesome lilo and stitch is in my absolute favorite episode of métis in space:


The fact that this is the famous Native writer Alicia Elliott is making me appreciate it even more, given how she’s talked about her family history and family struggles without community support in A Mind Spread Out On The Ground


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It was like a strong beginning to modern unhinged folk/indie I think, and that’s pretty iconic of it


We should all give Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons a good listen again, I think

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i just got a rejection for a job i never applied for??????? lmfao???? WHAT

we don’t know who you are but we don’t fucking want you

“just stay the fuck away from us”

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aint this how we got protestantism

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