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This is 100% me

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Me: *is able to accomplish a phone call and doing laundry in the same day*

brain: You can have a little executive function, as a treat


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I said I wasn’t gonna make a ship dynamics thing because I could only think of one common pattern in my ships… and then I just… kept thinking about it ^^;;  I have a sneaking suspicion I’d come up with even more if I kept at it.

‘Course, a lot of these overlap, and they’re not all necessarily romantic dynamics - extremely competent teams are fun no matter what their relation to each other, and that “Adventurous & Voice of Reason” one in particular also works really good for platonic friends or siblings, imo

So in the spirit of that, here’s a bonus platonic dynamic that is nonetheless one of my favorites:

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Ernie: how about a shark, to swim

Bert’s nephew:



please listen to Bert’s nephew i am begging you

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He discovered true power in wearing a wig.

I FELT that “biitch”😂

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Morin reblog!


Dragonite fused with Pokemon within it’s egg group!

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Motheon the Dust Insect Pokemon

I love moths! Base off the luna moth :3 I tried to add some textures to look dusty (like moths are)

Less than a week until the direct announcement!

Be sure to check out my eeveelutions tag! Next is rock type!

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since it’s black history month here’s a friendly reminder that black lgbtq+ people exist and we are all valid and should be proud to be standing here today.

sincerely, a black asexual .

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THIS THIS THIS I just love it. It’s so true. The same as “Defiling” a woman or girl when it’s your own hands so who is really the “dirty” one? Ugh, chauvinists.

Ways Of Seeing is on our uni reading list and this was my favourite goddamn paragraph

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barista: the usual, ma’am?

me: yep, i can’t start my day without it

the usual:

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So. COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN and I do have 5 slots open.
I can draw your oc/yourself/whomever u want as any ‘sonas’ you’d like for 25£.

Do you want a ponysona, pokemon trainer sona or fursona? Please pm me for more infos.
The pokemon trainer sona’s price may varies : if you want more than 3 pokemon I ask +5£ each.

—and yes this was also an excuse to draw all my sonas lol

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You should see the memes too, they’re god awful.

this is beyond parody

… Anyways, if any billionaire reading this wants to pay me to make shitty memes for them, feel free to hmu anytime.

My prices are very reasonable and start at $10k per meme

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Welcome to the future, where you don’t own anything and the stuff you rent stops working once your phone has no signal.

App powered car? 🤦‍♀️

I wish people remembered the age old wisdom that if something doesn’t absolutely require an Internet connection to function, it shouldn’t be connected to the internet - same goes for apps.


Sometimes I’m glad that I’m too poor for my “cool future stuff” monkey brain to be set loose to buy stupid shit like this.

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Toucan discovers a traffic cam. video

Today is the day this toucan discovered a traffic cam

you can only reblog it today

Missed this last year by 50 effing minutes.

Hell yeah I’m scheduling this again.

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Fandom will bend over backwards to paint Chris Evans as a progressive hero when all he does is make fun of Trump on twitter.

Meanwhile, Don Cheadle has BEEN fighting white supremacists on twitter and shows up on SNL supporting trans kids AND throwing shade at Trump

And people said his protect trans kids shirt was just a gimmick and that he doesn’t actually care not knowing he has a trans child who he supports unconditionally. Like the quickness of people to just refuse to acknowledge the work Black people do is just wild.

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