how did my ancestors survive the brutal unforgiving wilderness when I get anxiety sweats from going to Target

to be fair im sure your ancestors would have the exact same reaction going to a Target

In the brutal unforgiving wilderness false positives cost nothing and false negatives are expensive. You’re better off being afraid of something that can’t hurt you than not afraid of something that can hurt you.

In a world where we mostly aren’t in danger, day to day, as long as we don’t play in traffic or jump off something, that’s no longer quite as adaptive.

We got our anxiety from a long, unbroken line of ancestors who were scared enough to survive, and pass on those genes! 

It helps me sometimes to think about that at night, when I can’t sleep because my heart is pounding over something like “what if my usually reliable alarm clock doesn’t work in the morning for some reason and I’m late for work and lose my job and everyone hates me.” There’s nothing wrong with me, I just have a lot of extra, unused run-from-tigers juice that my grandparents left me.

“Unused run-from-tigers juice.”

I love that.

Our brains have been running Hunter/Gatherer 1.0 for 60,000 years without a software upgrade.

I am literally going to use that from now on. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.Too much unused run-from-tigers juice today.”

Bless this thread, because yes, correct: 

Your ancestors lived in the same terror all the time, it’s just for them it brought huge benefits in the “stay the fuck alive” column and now, not so much. 

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My Halloween costume: The Thomas Nast Communist Skeleton

Bonus: DSA poster

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Joanna Karpowicz (Polish, b. 1976, Kraków, Poland) - Anubis in Hakone, 2014 Paintings: Acrylics on Canvas, Private Collections

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As a reminder for everyone what a really old intact tomcat will look like.


Coworker is taunting me with feral tom cheeks on my day off. Not fair.

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René Lalique, hair pin, brooch, comb, 1900s-1910s.

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watercolor drawing and painting of Aziraphael leaning over and kissing Crowley in the backseat of the Bentley. Crowley is laying down. they're blushing but fully dressed.

Back seat, light off. Window open, stereo on

because I think Tomorrow by Mika fits them perfectly!! you just have to exchange Benz for Bentley and WAHOO!

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Y'all should Google the article, it’s actually pretty neat. Basically, the Aldabra Atoll was once inhabited by the Aldabra Rail, a flightless species of bird that had diverged from the flying White-Throated Rail when a section of the population landed there and found they had no natural predators. However, the Atoll occasionally gets completely submerged, and all of the flightless Aldabra rails were wiped out. But then, after the Atoll re-emerged, a bunch of the EXACT SAME species of flying White Throated Rail decided to settle there again, and immediately proceeded to evolve into flightless birds AGAIN.

Resurrection by pure spite

So what you’re telling me is that the Aldabra Atoll spirit really likes flightless rails.

it just thinks they’re cute

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Item: sweater that makes the wearer’s flesh poisonous if eaten.

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not to be over dramatic or anything but the decline in popularity of hand written letters is one of the most disappointing decisions we’ve made as a modern society

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Soviet stop motion/animated film, THE CAT WHO WALKED BY HERSELF (Koshka, kotoraya gulyala sama po sebe). 1988.

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sci-fi jobs that must exist that i find inexplicably amusing:

  • space customs
  • tow trucks except they’re towing illegally parked spaceships
  • for that matter, spaceship thieves, if only for how much more effort i imagine that would take
  • irs agents who have to find tax evaders who went 2 or 3 galaxies over
  • literally everything about the concept of the space version of the dmv
  • imagine being the person who teaches hapless 16 year olds how to fly a spaceship
  • people who analyze Old Earth media for a living the same way people now analyze shakespeare or beowulf, aka a bunch of scholarly and serious academics writing papers arguing the true meaning of Mean Girls and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and A Very Potter Musical
  • cruise spaceships. you’re taking a slow tour of saturn’s rings and people are still complaining about you running out of cocktail sauce

feel free to add more

  • Space cartographer. Some poor sucker’s gotta literally count the stars in order to chart ‘em. Did you think computers made the maps??
  • Gas station attendant, but in space. You thought earth truck stops were liminal? Try pausing to refuel on an asteroid hurtling though the middle of inky-black nowhere. You’d see some interesting folks pass through, though
  • Imagine working at a space hotel, for that matter
  • Traveling Salesman

op, back again, with more

  • IT workers who deal with tech that can communicate across the multiverse, rearrange people’s molecules, and communicate with ancient eldritch gods…….and 9 out of 10 problems can still be fixed with “read the instruction manual” or “did you turn it off and back on again”
  • let’s players. people’s love of video games and screaming profanity at said video games transcends galaxy and species lines
  • the post office. bravest people in ‘verse. though they did have to change their creed. it’s now: “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor black holes nor meteor showers nor solar flares stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds…”
  • also, food delivery peeps. all the above danger + dealing with more drunk aliens.
  • tourist traps. “welcome to the galaxy’s biggest ball of yarn. yes, it’s this one, not the one on mars. the martians are filthy liars and they’ve always been jealous of our superior attraction.”
  • science museum tour guides. the museums have gotten…….very big. it’s a very exhausting job, but it’s so worth it when the field trips full of kids from various galaxies get all excited
  • space drug dealers
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The whole self love thing is good and all but some people can’t fathom being loved. They can’t imagine there being anything good about them. So they can’t simply just stop doing unhealthy things, there’s a process.

Before self love you have to invoke self tolerance and self neutrality.

If you can’t say “I love my body!” say “my body gets me from place to place.”

If you can’t say “I’m beautiful,” begin by shutting down the “I’m ugly” thoughts and saying “I’m a person.”

If you can’t say “I’m valuable” begun by shutting down the “I’m worthless” thoughts and say “all people deserve basic respect, and I’m a person.”

If you can’t say “I’m important,” or “I’m kind” say “I am the one who waters my plant every week” or “I am the one who tips the kind barista down the street” or “I am the one who makes sure my dog does not eat plastic” or “I am the one who leaves long comments on people’s fan fictions.”

I’ve genuinely never seen a way to bridge the gap, especially body-wise. There’s loads about self-confidence and loving your body EVERYWHERE, but no one really explains how to get there. It’s great to have the former, but I’m glad this info is out there.

These are very good bridges, and they also touch on the fact that a lot of these things, I mean …

You’re not morally obligated to love your body. It may have aspects that are objectively not-what-you-want. But it’s a pretty bad idea to hate it, and there are other states - and most importantly those are all states more likely to mean that you give your body what it needs to be healthy and comfortable (for YOU to be healthy and comfortable).

So maybe you never will “love” your body where loving it means “I think it is attractive and aesthetically pleasing and works perfectly and I experience objective happiness thinking about my body”, but starting with “my body gets me through my day, and my body is allowed to exist as it is and my body is not bad” might get you to the place where you can treat your body with love - that is, with care and consideration for its needs.

Because that baseline is, in fact, I am a person and people deserve basic respect. Maybe you are or aren’t beautiful, or are or aren’t “important” based on … whatever measure you’re trying to use there - but you are always a person, and that means you are allowed to exist, to take up space; you deserve basic human respect.

Maybe those basic things will lead to brilliant self-confidence and the discovery that you do love your physical embodiment and that in all ways that matter you are gorgeous, and that’s great! Feeling that way makes some things much easier.

But even if they’re not bridges, they’re important things to know all on their own.

You are a person, and by being a person you deserve basic respect; you are a person, not an ornament, and your purpose is to be a person and not to be decorative; you are a person, and your body houses you and deserves the things it needs to house you in health and basic comfort.

You are a person and that is enough. More is great! But that is enough.

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Ideas for non-combat encounters/events


For when you want some variety for your tabletop RPG.  These events will also give your players a chance to use character skills they don’t often have opportunities for.

  • Natural Disaster - Have the town the PCs are in catch on fire and see what they do!  Do they cut their losses and run?  Do they heroically try to save trapped townspeople?  What do they do about the aftermath?  Natural disasters are an interesting challenge because there can be lots of danger and drama without necessarily having a villain.  It may also get your PCs to use skills they don’t commonly have a chance to.  You could also try floods, earthquakes, raging storms while at sea, etc.
  • Powerful Fortress - Put one of your party’s goals in a location where they won’t be able to prevail through combat alone (Example: a fortress where they are vastly outnumbered).  Your players will have to rely on either stealth or guile (or both) to accomplish their goal.  The pacing of such events can be frustrating to some players, but few sessions are as rewarding as a creatively executed heist or infiltration.
  • Dangerous Crossing - Give them a dangerous physical obstacle to overcome.  A canyon, or a raging river, or quicksand or an old battleground littered with traps and mines.
  • Festival - Have the PCs encounter a festival or tournament!  With lots of contests! This could be a good opportunity for them to build their fame and fortune (especially if you allow gambling).  Some of my favorite sessions have involved festivals.
  • Entertainment - Put the PCs in a situation where they have to entertain someone.  What do they come up with?
  • Letter - Have one of the PCs receive a letter, either from an NPC they’ve dealt with before or from someone involved with their backstory.  This is a good way to make the consequences of their actions seem more real.  You can also use it to introduce new plotlines/sidequests.
  • Crafting Challenge - Put the PCs in a situation where they need to craft something in order to accomplish their goal.  Maybe they need to make something in order to fix a mechanism?  Or in order to satisfy some local gift-giving custom?  Or they need a forgery?  Maybe as part of an exchange for something else they need?
  • Lost and Found - Have your PCs discover someone or something that is clearly lost.  Maybe they find an infant in the wilderness.  Or a key with a strange inscription, or some kind of talisman.  Throw in a clue or two to present your players with a tantalizing mystery.  
  • Inhospitable Wilderness - Have the PCs go somewhere it’s an effort just to survive.  A barren desert, a treacherous swamp with poison gasses, a forest so dense the ground never sees the sun, or even the bottom of the ocean.  Test their endurance and survival skills!
  • Dinner Party - Have the PCs be summoned to a formal event!  Test them on the battlegrounds of social grace and etiquette!  Even better if it’s in a dangerous environment or an alien culture.
  • Thief - Have something important stolen from the PCs.  See how they handle it.
  • Needle in a Haystack - Give the PCs something very difficult to find.  Like a single specific housecat in a sprawling metropolis, or a legendary weapon of which there are many fakes/copies.  

Really, if you need any more inspiration, look at your player’s character sheets and see if they’ve invested any points in a skill they haven’t gotten to use much.  Then invent a challenge they could feasibly use that skill for.  If you can’t think of a situation that could be helped by an Appraise, Craft: Calligraphy or Handle Animal check, you need to practice your own creative problem solving skills!

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All of the Romantics could not have prepared me for this kind of wild beauty.

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So there’s this seal rehabilitation center I like to watch the livestream of from time to time. This morning was pool cleaning day, the day they weigh the rescue seals and photograph them to keep track of their rehabilitation progress as a sudden change in weight is a serious health indicator among other things. The box helps keep them on the scale as, otherwise, you cannot weigh bouncy boys.

This seal was having NONE OF IT. One of the workers was attempting to get the seal to turn so they could get a photo of its side. (They are not hitting the seal, at most she is giving him a little shove in the direction it needs to turn.) HE DID NOT LIKE BEING TOUCHED WITH THE SQUEEGEE.

He did NOT like his photo being taken!

As soon as they took the box to weigh one of the other seals HE STOLE THE FRIGGIN’ SQUEEGEE!!! 

It’s a pool-cleaning day at the rehab center, and you are an angery seal.

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