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I should be able to sue men who touch me without permission

Under Icelandic settlement law I can kill people who call me names

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Well, that is one way to pass the time during a rain delay

This is the quality content I live for

This short moment is more entertaining than the entire game of baseball

This is what “boys will be boys” means

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I saw everyone on twitter tearing Emma Watson apart for saying she’s self - partnered instead of single and decided to watch her interview for British Vogue to know what the hell was she trying to say with that. I was very surprised to find a 30 minute video in which amongst other things she talks about the following:

  • She felt undeserving when she was appointed as UN Women goodwill ambassador and sought out Gloria Steinem to learn about feminist activism.
  • She thinks the criticism she received for being a white feminist was useful because it made her educate herself.
  • She says there’s a desperate need to reform the education system in the UK to change the way they are taught the history of how Britain has been involved in foreign affairs and how they profited from slavery.
  • She felt anxious about approaching 30 because there’s a lot of pressure to have a husband and a baby by then and she’s still figuring her life out.
  • She was so young when she was casted in Harry Potter that she doesn’t remember much of her life before it and she went to therapy to deal with her issues with fame. She used to feel very guilty for being unhappy because she thought she should enjoy fame more.
  • The interviewer is a transgender woman and they discuss transgender issues for a while. Emma is in regular contact with a trans child which makes the topic of trans rights emotional for her because she’s very anxious for this kid’s safety.
  • She talks about her role as Meg March in the new Little Women movie and defends that unlike what many people say choosing to be a wife and a mother doesn’t make Meg a less feminist character and quotes a line from the movie, “Just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn’t mean they are unimportant.”  
  • She wishes more people would realize she’s not Hermione Granger but also understands why they want to see that in her because Hermione is a symbol for her too.
  • She used to think she could never be happy without a partner and now that she has learnt to navigate that better and is genuinely happy single she’s started to think of herself as self - partnered in contrast to the time when she thought of herself as single = lonely.

Every media outlet decided to focus in an out of context quote from the three minutes she talked about her dating life when the actual interview had a lot of depth and way more important things were discussed. I’m sad and angry but not surprised.

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I was talking to a kid in my daughter’s class today, and she said that she thought it would be fun to write a story about the Titanic, but with supernatural creatures.

So I said, “Yeah, that would great! What would the creatures do? Would they save the Titanic from sinking?”

And she gave me the most disgusted look. I have never seen a 9 year old face look so appalled.

“No,” she said, speaking very clearly so as to never be so grossly misunderstood again, “they’re going to eat the passengers.”

God I hope she lets me read it.

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All of this delights me to no end.

…I’m actually speechless.

I wasn’t looking for any information about railroads and now I’m left with that + knowledge about spaceships, Roman chariots and one (1) unexpected but welcome joke.

I am now trying to figure out how to share this (the age-appropriate parts) with my middle school history students. What a great chain of facts!

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i have this unnerving fear that i’m gonna meet keanu reeves in some tight elevator and his eyes are going to burn into my soul as he tells me the secrets of this universe then bites me on the neck to give me immortality so he’s not alone anymore

Keanu if you’re listening I’m not a little bitch like OP come get a taste

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off to buy pens so i can feel joy again!!! #self #care

i feel called out

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helpful grammar tip! farther is for physical distance, further is for metaphorical distance, and father is for emotional distance!

Who hurt you?

my father did you not read the post

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we really dont fuck around and wake ancient gods enough 

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I will dress like a gay classics professor from the 1920s or I will die trying

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yo does anyone else feel CONSTANTLY guilty? like you’ve always done something wrong but you don’t know what it is?

Yes, and I’ve spoken to my therapist about it, who offered an explanation:

She says that people who from a young age were made to feel like they kept doing things wrong - people who’s parents had impossibly high standards for them, people who were bullied, people who have special needs, people who didn’t develop crushes on the “right” people, people who didn’t act like the “right” gender - basically ended up being made to feel guilty so much that guilt became their default response to everything. Guilt became the emotional response to anything which the person didn’t already have a set emotion for.

People for whom guilt is the default emotional response are also more likely to have low self-esteem, doubt their own experiences, and experience impostor syndrome. So, watch out for that too guys

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Sex work is real work and if you disagree, leave.

Y’all really out here getting cucked huh

Dude, he’s fucking the girl you jack off to. That’s the exact opposite of being cucked.

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me: “i’d like a toothpick please.”

god, probably: “great! that’ll be 18 dollars.”

me: “sounds about right. here’s my entire wallet”


the norms there are so bizarre. who cares. wear your bugs bunny sweats over a button down. who gives a shit? nobody’s going to yell at you for chugging four sprites. you just do that. that’s the void talking


god i fuckin love airports. who came up with that??? “yeah, planes land here and take off. what if we also made it a mall, and then removed everyone’s sense of time and space when they came inside?” it could be 8:33 in the morning in a time zone i have never experienced but it’s always Airport Time

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So sweet

I don’t know if you’ve actually seen this episode, but Pam invites the entire office to her art show that she’s been gearing up for for a really long time. Nobody shows up except for Oscar and his partner (and they critique her work, calling her “lacking in courage” among other things, not realizing she is standing right behind them) and then Michael. And Michael is the only one who tells her she is great just for putting herself out there, and the only one who places value on what she’s done, and he points out all the little details she got right and notices absolutely every bit of hard work she put into it. And then treats Pam like the artist she is by not just paying her for her art, but displaying it where literally everyone can see it.

It’s one of my favorite episodes.

This part makes me choke.

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Uh, mom… you chose to be an idiot. Black people weren’t given a choice.

White ppl wanna be oppressed so badly

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anonymously send me


to hell

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It is nice knowing there are people who are watching my progression and that they found you in one thing and stay with you. It’s sweet because my jobs are going to get weirder. This year I have tried to accelerate that road to weirdness.

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