Mostly MBTI. Partially music. I used to type musicians, now I just dream of a life without the guilt of unfulfilled promises. Brought to you by an INTJ who loves writing, weird vocabulary words, and all things rock music.


Is this an intj thing or AMA? I recently had an argument with my long time friend (ENFP) and I told her everything that bugged me for a long time (her refusing any help with her problems she's been constantly complaining about). She told me I treat people like objects. But I broke up our friendship because it became toxic for both of us, but she can't see it because of her feelings. So, am I a bad person because of it? Or is it just me?



Old ask but I’m here to answer anyway. It sounds to me like there’s some fault on both sides here. On her side, if she’s refusing to either accept help for her problems or solve them herself, she sounds like she’s looking for something you can’t give her in a friendship. On your side, if she feels you treat people like objects, then you’ll have to do some soul-searching to determine whether your behavior is the problem. Also, it sounds like you two have some issues regarding communicating your issues, if everything that’s bothering you came out in one big argument instead of multiple smaller conversations. Sounds to me like you’ve been bottling things up, and it’s not fair to the other person who may have no idea these things have been an issue for you. I wouldn’t say you’re a bad person, but I would recommend rethinking your communication style. 

A more productive response than asking yourself “am I a bad person?”, in pretty much any situation, is to consider what practical steps you can take to be kinder, more aware, more organized, etc. Maybe you acted unfortunately, but it doesn’t help to go around labeling yourself as being fundamentally, forever-and-always, Bad.

Also, seconding the idea that communication is good. If you have a problem with something your friend is doing, tell them! If your friend refuses to talk about the problem, tell her how that makes you feel. Listen and respond as maturely as you can to whatever problem’s she’s having with you. I cannot overemphasize the importance of communication in not accidentally ruining your friendships.

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It is all fun and games until the MBTI blog you used to follow becomes a K-Pop fandom blog.

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This is wildly off topic and a general tumblr thing, not personality theory, but: I never understood people who pride themselves on asking just normal questions off anon, like I do not care either way. But I do not get people who send corrections on anon. Like, if you’re asking a question, you’re asking me for my knowledge and who you are is ultimately not the point here. But if you expect me to listen to you, then who you are and whether you’re a trustworthy source of information is extremely relevant.

(obviously, nonconstructive criticism is another category in which either way the person asking is fighting a losing battle)

I love when people send me typing corrections on anon that consist of “Artist Name is really this type,” mic drop, end of ask

Yes anon, I, a huge nerd who provides literal citations in my multi-paragraph typings, am definitely going to change my mind because a random person on tumblr told me to

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i heard that there are certain types that avoid conflicts and therefore dont confront others because they are too scared to do so or just cant handle conflict. but what if i learned how to deal with conflict and became able to confront others ? would i still be the same type? like could actually any type confront others and it more depends on /how/ they act during the confrontation?



Yes. On a general level, the overwhelming majority of human behaviors are learned (source: babies are bad at doing most things). Most healthy people learn some degree of empathy, for example; it is not unique to feelers.

There is no MBTI type that is inherently bad at conflict, but there are some types that due to introversion and people-pleasing tendencies, which are in their type, tend to avoid confrontation. Other types tend towards confrontation, but similarly can learn to back down and pick their battles.

Meanwhile, in enneagram, 9s in particular are very conflict-avoidant. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn it either. It will certainly be harder, but they can do it (just as an 8 can learn to not always default to conflict).

Jung’s idea of MBTI development, as well as the concept of enneagram integration, are both about this idea: that you can and indeed should work to address your more natural weaknesses through dedicated practice and self-improvement. The reason we have distinct types is because no one’s perfect and even those who work on their weaknesses are still usually weaker in some areas.

Learned habits and skills are why it’s valuable to look at a lot of behaviors over time - if you try to type someone solely off their behavior in confrontations, for example, you can easily be misled depending on how hard they have worked on this skill, but if you have a large number of data points you will have a better chance of understanding them as a person and realizing what they more naturally tend to do and what they have consciously worked on.

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Look, I don’t live anywhere near LA and there’s no way I’m going to try and fight a million other people for a ticket, but this is still the most exciting thing to happen all year

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If I ever met anyone irl who talked about mbti again I’d pretend I never heard of it just to escape

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Another thought of the day: you cannot comprehend how angry it makes me that I fit my astrology sign description

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Do you think enneagram’s cult-like tendencies don’t borrow enough from the mega-church tradition? Ever wanted to rock out to enneagram on tour? Are you just a four boy from a four family?

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INFP, 4w5, 459, so/sp, Slytherclaw

requested by @ofstarsanddreams

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INTJ, 5w4, 8w7, 4w3, sp/sx

requested by anon

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Enneagram Ultra-Simplified


One - The Need to be Perfect

Two - The Need to be Needed

Three - The Need to Succeed

Four - The Need to be Special / Unique

Five  - The Need to Understand

Six - The Need for Certainty

Seven - The Need to Avoid Pain

Eight - The Need to Be Against

Nine - The Need to Avoid

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I just forgot that instinctual variants existed for a time, and I think my life was happier for it

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Hi, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to posit something about David Bowie's MBTI type. For about two years now I came across him - never having listened to his music, only knowing him as a public figure. I feel like this is an advantage because I don't try and define him based on my subjective interpretations of his songs. I also think it's the same as typing an actor by their movies (although not to the same level of difference), in that it's a bad metric for an artist's cognitive preferences (1)


I started off my usual research route through Wikipedia. Not a lot of stuff there aside from his shying away from a concrete and consistent persona. Signs of possible inferior Se/Si, in his promiscuity and idealisation of the life of “the average Joe”, and a reticence to define himself. But this was all just an outside perspective. Then I trawled through his biographies and found the most reliable to be Starman, a literal and as unbiased account of his life start to finish. (2)

My impression was definitely not on the Te/Fi axis. Bowie was a terrible businessman. He seduced and flattered his way into opportunities, but literally burned through money and friends alike on his ascent to the top, terrifying himself at times with the amount of debt he’d run himself into - he also showed noted dislike of all the practical process of being a commodity, although he was fully aware of his image. He was detached in relationships and confessional and turbulent about feelings. (3)

At this point I stumbled upon a post my funkymbti, who ran a commentary about Ni-dom mistyping under a picture of Bowie, typing him as INFJ, and as you did citing his interview about the Internet. I was certain then - as an INTJ, I felt even a kinship to him, even as it confirmed his Fe/Ti axis. But - and this is for a long time - something wasn’t right. All my mental experiments of placing Bowie in various scenarios played him out as too subjective to my archetype - I leaned heavily on Fe/Ti (4

And hardly at all on his Ni/Se, using stereotypes such as his clear intuitive preference and his hedonism as a rock star. I also typed him as 3w4 for a long time before learning more about enn. 4 and agreeing with enneagramer that he was a 4w3. I have a strong typing for Angie, his first wife, as an ESFP (although definitely a disordered one) and I even leant on her strong Se as Bowie choosing a complement to his weakness - it is quoted he “liked the way she thought”. (5)

After a hiatus, I started searching again. I decided to look at the typing of maaarine, whose typing I don’t always agree with but has surprised me when I’ve incorrectly typed someone before, read and dismissed her typing, and the learnt more or gained a new perspective and realized she was right. To my surprise, she had typed Bowie as ENTP. (6)

I ruminated on this for a bit. I had staked my certainty of Bowie’s Ni/Se into funky’s typing and explanation. That Internet interview had never really stuck with me as Ni, just intuitive. An interview he’d done in ‘83 with Susan Sarandon I also tried to watch through that filter and it never really read true. I never really had PROOF Bowie was Ni except from my own certainty, and put my disconnect from it down to obviously never being able to be sure on cognitively typing any public figure (7)

and especially a chameleon such as Bowie. The depth, the searching Ni itself, I had dismissed as ephemeral. So I looked up two INFJs I am 99% certain of. Daniel Day Lewis and Leonard Cohen. Both of them were painfully familiar, almost comically. The Fe/Ti was there, but cushioned by the weight of Ni, undeniable, unmovable Ni. They didn’t reinvent, reuse, extrapolate, ripple and shimmer. They were heavily introverted. I thought of interviews were Bowie was alike - only those where he was (8)

(I only include your first eight asks because that’s all I received, although it looks like you went on)

I hope I don’t come off as flip when I say that my response to all this is “Cool, you know more about David Bowie than I do!” I am not a Bowie fanatic; I’m a music fanatic, and while I did some research for my initial typing, I did not dive deep into any biographies, and I also wrote that almost four years ago. It sounds like you’ve dedicated a lot of time to this research, and that’s very impressive. It also means that you’re the Bowie expert, and not me.

I think the conclusion you’re eventually coming to here is that David Bowie is, indeed, an ENTP, and I would actually agree with you. I don’t feel confident narrowing down his judging axis without more personal research, but he is probably an ENxP rather than an INxJ. My initial typing came from only a handful of interviews, and there’s a lot about my early method of typing celebrities that I disagree with now.

This blog is the place well-intentioned promises go to die, but there are several other artists I want to retype at some point (like Chris Martin—also an ENFP, definitely not an ESFJ), and so that project might happen in the future.

Anyone else with thoughts on Bowie’s type, feel free to send in an ask.

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Hi, do you make moodboards or aesthetics from requests? If you do, can you do INFJ 6w5 614 neutral good and/or INTJ 5w4 513 true neutral?


I don’t.

You’ll probably want to ask @myscatteredlife when they’re taking requests again. (please do not ask them now, as they’re not taking requests) 

These (x,x) are from their archives and are similar to your request, if your need is urgent

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ENFJ male seeking ISTJ/SLI female life partner. Not thinking of anyone in particular but like qualities of both STJs generally. How can I be the right person for an ISTJ? Where are some good places to meet them romantically?



I’m not sure I can answer your question because it goes against everything I believe about how good relationships should work. First of all, limiting yourself to a particular type easily slides into idealization. ENFJs have a habit of idealizing people and then getting slapped by reality. Second, it’s fine to like the qualities of STJs but if you’re idealizing those qualities, it runs dangerously close to “fetish” territory where you’re objectifying the person and expecting them to behave according to your preconceived notions. Personality type shouldn’t be used to stereotype or pigeonhole people. Third, a healthy relationship requires that both people know how to be their authentic selves, and then love and accept each other as is. You can’t accomplish this if you’re trying to “change yourself into the right person” for the goal of attracting someone, in fact, what you’re suggesting is a form of emotional manipulation, basically deceiving someone in order to get them to behave the way you want. ENFJs have a habit of morphing themselves to impress and then losing themselves as a result. If you present a false face to someone, what happens when they finally see your real face? Fourth, if you’re serious about wanting a lasting and committed relationship, you should be widening your horizons and giving fair consideration to all of your prospects rather than being so narrow in your desires and expectations. You can meet people anywhere there are people, the question is whether you’re able to relate to them on a REAL level and forge a REAL connection rather than dwelling in vague idealized images. Rather than focusing on someone’s type, how about simply focusing on their humanity and treating them as human, a unique individual, you might be surprised at who you can connect with just by doing that.

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Types as: Polygon Unraveled Videos




I’ve had this in my drafts since late June waiting for there to be 16 videos. Please do get on my level.

ENFJ: Every Sonic game is blasphemous 

ENFP:  I wasted 3 weeks of my life finding Castlevania’s hottest monster

ENTJ: Which Dark Souls boss is the best manager? 

ENTP: Let Keanu Reeves start a riot: What Cyberpunk 2077 should keep from the original RPG 

ESFJ: No one asked but I found Mortal Kombat’s best cuddler

ESFP: The perfect Pokerap 

ESTJ: Smash Bros owes millions of dollars in OSHA violations 

ESTP: How to make a perfect E3 press conference drinking game

INFJ: Calculate your pet’s HP with my 100% legitimate formula

INFP: Understanding Kingdom Hearts (and every other story) 

INTJ: Bowser’s Military Hierarchy 

INTP: Ranking all 200+ Megaman robots 

ISFJ: I read all 337 books in Skyrim so you don’t have to

ISFP:  We made all 78 Breath of the Wild recipes in one day

ISTJ:  Scientifically calculating the game of the year 

ISTP: Solving the Zelda Timeline in 15 Minutes

This is so perfect I’d say it doesn’t need any explanation but I also really really want to hear it because I’m a nerd and an explanation would only make it better.

The Explaining The Joke version

ENFJ: I mean in the video he basically starts a cult of personality about Sonic the Hedgehog based on a single truth while not having consumed any of the source material

ENFP: as mentioned I think Brian is an ENFP and the humor in this is very perfectly ENFP (I am going to throw myself into the sea being the primary one) as is the going way too far and having to scale back

ENTJ: self explanatory, good understanding of managerial skills

ENTP: Cyberpunk always struck me as a very ENTP genre as it takes some things to their logical extremes very skillfully…and then just goes absolutely nuts on some others. Also anything that involves “Let X start a riot” is probably going to be one of the ExxPs.

ESFJ: also pretty self-explanatory, ESFJs are usually pretty cuddly. The humor in this one has some things that appealed greatly to low Ne in my case (the weird 50s-style hugging video)

ESFP: obviously a difficult one so partially process of elimination, but the dream ballet is what convinced me this should probably be a high Se user.

ESTJ: also pretty self-explanatory it’s about enforcing rules

ESTP: associating high Se with drugs is not true, but at the same time the people I see playing drinking games are often Se users bored during TV shows or movies because there’s still not enough stimulation. Also the level of observance of E3 stuff is (presumably) quite incisive, and the T-shirt seems like something an ESTP would wear.

INFJ: mostly for the opening narration

INFP: I considered this one for INFJ but I think the going off the rails element of the fundamental heroes journey made one of the Ne users more apt.

INTJ: I know people think it’s the STJs into military history but it’s the INTJs who haven’t realized that The Art of War does not apply to them, a 19 year old living in the 21st century

INTP: something something robots

ISFJ: very much about the title, also the bookworm nature of it, also the worldbuilding aspect

ISFP: the fast pace of this video pointed to high Se, the ISFPs I know like to cook, at some point we have to deal with the limitations of the medium of types as posts

ISTJ: both for the thoroughness of the question and the ultimate answer of “it’s whatever is your favorite, can I go back to eating my breakfast now? thanks.”

ISTP: any sort of thing where you try to make sense of time travel in a medium that has many creators over time (comics, video games, etc), or really any case where you ascribe intricate plotting to something that almost certainly did not have it, is high Ti.

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i think it’s a little unbelievable for me to be intj. i mean i do love it and when it comes to my thinking and skills etc i could agree this is basically how i work. but i just don’t have the demeanor or attitude honestly. i’m very smiley and joke around a lot, also pretty affectionate. one of my friends couldn’t for the life of them believe i was intj. i took the test a ton of times, and always got intj-a. idk man 🤷‍♀️ what do you think lol



Only you can know your true type, Anon! (Maybe look into the cognitive functions and see if you discover any insights.) 

For what it’s worth, people tend to see me as a friendly, compassionate person, which doesn’t fit the stereotypes. But here we are.

The idea that you can’t be simultaneously kind, cheerful, practical, and results-oriented is ridiculous. The world isn’t divided into scientists and people who smile. Being an INTJ just means that Ni-Te-Fi-Se is the best description of your personality according to this one (inexact, flawed, not scientifically “proven”) personality theory.

Also, stop taking the 16 personalities test. If you must take a test, Keys2Cognition is a good place to start, but it’s still just a starting point. 

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Concert Asks


I saw these on twitter and liked them a lot. I thought they’d make a fun ask game for tumblr! I don’t take credit for these questions.

  1. How many concerts have you been to?
  2. Have you been to any festivals?
  3. Which artist/band have you seen the most live?
  4. First concert you went to?
  5. Last concert you went to?
  6. What is your next concert?
  7. Which artists/bands would you love to see live?
  8. The farthest you’ve traveled to go to a concert?
  9. Best opening act you’ve seen?
  10. Worst opening act you’ve seen?
  11. Have you met any bands/artists at a concert?
  12. What’s one thing you have to bring to a concert?
  13. What’s the most you’ve paid for a ticket?
  14. Best concert you’ve been to?
  15. Worst concert you’ve been to?
  16. Have you been in a social media post an artist posted after a show?
  17. Funniest concert memory?
  18. Do you buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale, after, or the day of?
  19. Have you ever been noticed by an artist at a concert?
  20. Have you met any internet friends at a concert?
  21. Which concert that you’ve been to has had the best stage setup/production?
  22. Have you ever caught a guitar pick, drumstick, got a setlist, etc.?
  23. Favorite concert venue?
  24. Least favorite concert venue?
  25. Which do you prefer: indoor or outdoor concerts?
  26. Which do you prefer: clubs, theaters, arenas, or stadiums?
  27. Have you ever missed school or work to go to a concert?
  28. Have you ever been surprised with tickets from someone?
  29. Who do you enjoy going to concerts with?
  30. General admission or seated concerts?
  31. Have you been to multiple dates for one tour?
  32. Have you been to concerts 2 or more days in a row?
  33. Have you ever received free tickets from a contest or an artist’s crew?
  34. Have you been front row and/or back row for a concert?
  35. Have you ever gotten sick, bruised, or broken a bone after a concert?
  36. Have you ever had surprise guests at a concert you attended?
  37. Did you start listening to an opening act after you saw them in concert?
  38. What’s the latest you’ve got home from a concert?
  39. When is the earliest you’ve arrived to a venue for a concert?
  40. Have you seen your favorite artist in concert?
  41. Longest you’ve waited in line for a concert?
  42. Have you ever attended a concert alone?
  43. What’s the best part of a concert in your opinion?
  44. Have you ever heard/seen an artist soundcheck before their show?
  45. What’s the biggest venue you’ve been to a concert at?
  46. What’s the smallest venue you’ve been to a concert at?
  47. Have you ever had side stage seats?
  48. Which venue have you been to the most concerts at?
  49. Do you post a lot about a concert you’ve attended on social media or very little?
  50. Has a concert or tour you were planning on going to got cancelled?
  51. Have you seen a band in concert before a member left the band / they broke up?
  52. Favorite song you’ve heard live?
  53. Have you ever seen an artist/band play an album in full?
  54. Which artist would you refuse to see in concert?
  55. What’s the craziest thing a fan has done at a concert you’ve been to?
  56. Which venue(s) would you love to go to for a concert?
  57. Have you ever been to a concert at a venue that no longer exists?
  58. Have you ever lost something/got something stolen at a concert?
  59. Have people made fun of you or laughed because of how you were acting at a concert?
  60. Have you ever been kicked out of a concert?
  61. Has an artist thrown or spit water on you?
  62. Have you ever seen a security guard dance to a song at a concert?
  63. Have you seen any acts you don’t like at a concert?
  64. Have you ever passed out or thrown up at a concert?
  65. Have you seen any artists in concerts that you don’t like anymore?
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I identify with Crowley because I, too want people to perceive me as a badass without emotions who would murder someone without a second thought but I, too have way too many emotions and am an Anxious Wreck™️ 100% of the time

I identify with Aziraphale because I, too want people to perceive me as a kind hearted and good natured individual but I, too prefer comfort over most other things, am only selectively a good person and chronically stuck in my ways

Crowley and Aziraphale: quintessential cp6/9 dynamic

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I get easily very frustrated and maybe even angry when I can’t solve a problem immediatly. (in math or physics for example) I have heard that this is maybe an INTJ thing. Is this true or am I just an useless piece of shit who thinks all my issues are caused by my personality? Useless or not, some advice would be nice.



I think the problem here has nothing to do with your type and everything to do with the fact that it took you two sentences to call yourself a “useless piece of shit” here. Be kinder to yourself, friend. It sounds like your expectations for understanding are far too high. You’re human. It’s okay to not understand something right away. It’s okay to take your time with things. Putting yourself down for no reason will only make your problems harder to solve AND make you feel worse. 

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