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That’s the human equivalant of the “sir are you aware you are a cat” meme.

I thought I was Jewish when I was her age but I was actually Catholic so when my Jewish friends invited me to give a prayer at his house during Chanukah and I recited “Our Father who art in heaven…”, my friend’s mom got on her knees and said to my face in a super soft voice, “Joey, I think you’re catholic not Jewish,” in front of everyone and I thought I was in trouble and I started crying.

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my classical archaeology professor is mid 50s standard serious professor but when he uses sample years he’ll use like “420 BC” absolutely straight faced and serious and nobody knows if they’re allowed to laugh or not. 

Professor: So I’ve noticed a mistake you all make when writing years and I just want to clear this up. When you write a year in BC the “BC” comes after the year, like this

Professor: *writes 420 BC in large letters on the chalkboard*

Full lecture hall: *quiet scattered laughter*

Professor, completely serious: I’m sorry, is there a problem?

Lecture hall:

Professor: Good. Now, “AD” means “anno domini” or “In the year of our lord” and comes before the year, like this:

Professor: *writes AD 69 on the chalkboard*

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Does anyone have that video of the fucking,, elephant shrew(?) That was edited so that it was singing the phantom of the opera I need it it’s urgent

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Rum Tum Tugger about Mistoffelees: “His manner is vague and aloof, you would think there was nobody shyer”

Mistoffelees in the background:

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rule: if I headcanon a character as cishet it means I dislike them

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♫ all die young / love is lovely when you are young  ♫

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Fav piece of canon umbrella academy lore is that Klaus can’t die because god doesn’t like him and neither does the devil so they just play hot potato with his soul for a minute and put him back

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big bang theory is awful for obvious reasons but honestly shout out to them for inventing “bazinga” so i have a word i can drop into any conversation for a one-hit kill

“Bazinga” and “everypony” are the closest we will get to real-world dragon shouts.

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justin bieber was the middle school barney the dinosaur


ppl adding on about how justin bieber is actually a terrible person this is about drama between 11 year olds in like 2009. we didn’t know a single thing about the guy. your opinions were solely based on whether you were part of the 90% of teenagers who would cry if justin bieber jumped off a building or you were the 10% who would sit back with popcorn and yell “do a backflip”.


kids these days dont understand projecting your middle school anger due to being an outcast into vitriolic hate of justin bieber

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each day i become more gay, more trans, and hate the united states government even more

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I love how the show captured the sheer fucking feral energy of Hazel and Cha cha from the comic , like they aren’t even real facial expressions but you just know what’s coming next

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Klaus Hargreeves + Emote! at the Location

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Luther: Grace may have had something to do with Dad’s death.


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The literal devil who showed up for 2 pages just to tell Klaus he doesn’t like him


Favourite Umbrella Academy villain?

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juno is the perfect height for peter to put his head on juno's during hugs. peter is a cuddle gremlin and a clothes stealer.



yes youre SO right and junos clothes are always both too big and too short for peter……. but he REALLY doesnt care……..

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I just make them all say “fuck” instead


I just include a universal translator that translates into language equivalents. Kinda like really good Japanese Dubs


ssfhdhd yeah I already established that the uhh official galactic state religion is cyborg oracle agnosticism or some shit… I doubt the concept of hell is culturally enforced


I have the same dilemma when it comes to using “hell,”  which I want to, a lot


writing sci-fi sucks ‘cause on one hand it seems like this character would say “son of a bitch” but then you have to pause and think, do they have dogs in space? Does this character know about dog breeding? Is it insulting to be compared to a dog in space? Is there misogyny in space? Do space people use misogynistic slurs? Does this character say bitch because they’ve absorbed a low level misogyny and it’s just part of the cultural lexicon of their world?

and then you shrug and give them all lasers because life is short and death is imminent

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Allison setting up Luther with people she knows, the only common trend is that they are 6'5 or taller.




A fic that involves Luther going on blind dates and each date was found by a different sibling and they vary absolutely wildly based on A) the type of people each sibling knows and B) what they have interpreted as Luther’s taste

Vanya wins because all the others are trying to set him up with the biggest beefiest person they know and then Vanya is just like I only have one friend he’s 5′3 and plays the harp and he’s also broke so he’d definitely be up for a free meal out and Luther is smitten

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x Patron Saint of Switchblade Fights x

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ever notice how men criticize games like animal crossing and stardew valley on the basis of “the entire game is just doing tasks” without recognizing that “kill bad guy” is also just a task but violent?

”it’s so boring all you do is talk to people and do tasks so you can buy new things” yeah and all you do is press a bunch of buttons to kill people so you can buy new things? perish

my activity page has not known peace since i made this post i have hundreds of insufferable gamers crawling up my pant legs now but luckily i have a secret up my sleeve… i too am a gamer man. im immune to the gamer venom   

This has the same energy as that post that’s “Red Dead Redemption is just Barbie’s Horse Adventure with violence”.

It’s all just fetch quests, you just gotta decide if you’re feeling the “bring me 10 bear pelts” or “ hello dear neighbour whom i love dearly if it is not too much trouble may you perhaps grant me a piece of fruit” kind

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i think. rogue should be goth. like thats hust me but she should be goth



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