Hello Home Nuggets, the name is Meg (Well as far as you get to know, sugar ;) This here blog is mostly gonna be devoted to my favorite character of Supernatural, Meg Masters the demon. I plan on writing stories here so please read my crappy writing. Also, don't judge anything I write because I do plan on writing about my favorite unsual ship as well, Megriel (Meg x Gabriel). So please bare with me. Anyways, that's about all you need to know. I'm new here and I'm still trying to figure things out. Oh, if you have a writing prompt for me or a question, please feel free to ask anytime!


Sastielers cheering for Megstielers because our babes got that CANONNNNNN

I Stan ships that cheer for eachother ♥️

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SPN fic "Prepare for Trouble" by: Tenoko1
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Noooo, I think I’ve reached the point where I’ve seen all the Megriel content on this site. 😭 Uuuuugh, why isn’t Meg x Gabriel a bigger ship, why???

I feel this on every level

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Gabe & Meg - "Wings are overrated."



Welp, this went from six sentences to *checks word count* a little over 1,200 words faster than I thought it would. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Also…assume this takes place at some vague point in an alternate canonverse in which Meg 2.0 and Gabriel are known to be alive at the same time. Cool? Cool.)

Rating: M

Relationship: Gabriel/Meg


String Theory

(Read on AO3)

“Wings are overrated,” declared Meg one afternoon as she and Gabriel lay in a tangle of sheets and naked limbs, her head against his chest and his arm wrapped around her shoulder. He let out a surprised snort at her words, and she tilted her head to look up at him, arching a brow. “No offense, feathers.”

Gabriel rolled his eyes. “Please. If you wanna offend me, you’re gonna have to try harder than that.”

“Hmm…” She rolled over and onto him, straddling his hips. “I could tell you you’re bad in bed.”

Gabriel chuckled, bringing his hands up to frame her hips. “You could,” he agreed, “but we both know that’d be a lie.”

“I’m a demon, baby.” She crawled up his chest until their faces were only inches apart. “Lying’s kinda part of the job.”

“Oho, so you admit it: I am good in bed.”

“I’ve had better.”

“Yeeah, kiddo, that’d sting a heck of a lot more if we hadn’t just established you lie for a living.”

“Shut up.” Meg leaned in and captured Gabriel’s lips with her own. She felt a thrum of satisfaction as he hummed in approval and kissed him harder, licking deep into his mouth and rolling against him until they were both clawing at one another, gasping for breath.

Their relationship, if it could even be called that, wasn’t one of deep and extended conversations. It was a secret, shadowy thing of fisted sheets in sleazy hotel rooms and muffled moans in dark broom closets. It was the scrape of her nails against Gabriel’s back while he bit rough kisses into her neck. It was heated, frenzied, no-strings-attached fucking once or twice every few months that left them both bruised and breathless but more alive than Meg had felt in as long as she could remember. She liked that, feeling alive. It was a welcome change after years spent just struggling to survive.    

Suddenly, Gabriel pulled back just far enough for Meg to see him smirk, and in the blink of an eye, she was flat on her back, the archangel sitting smugly on top of her. With a huff of annoyance, she tried to pull him back down, only to be stopped by a hand on her chest.

“Hold your hellhounds, good lookin’,” drawled Gabriel, eyes sparkling even as Meg frowned up at him. “We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming in a minute. First, though, let’s talk more about wings. What’s your beef with them, anyway? Choke on a chicken bone back in your pre-smoke days?”

Meg glared. “Very funny.”

“I try.”

“Yeah, well try not to be disappointed, but there is no reason.”

“Sounds to me like you just haven’t been looking at the right wings.”

“Funny, sounds to me like you shutting the hell up.”

“Not my style.”


“Don’t know the meaning of it.” Gabriel cocked his head to the side, his teasing expression shifting into something more genuine. “Seriously, though. You ever even seen an angel’s wings?”

The way he was looking at her was so…open, and Meg’s first instinct was to bolt for cover. “Why do you wanna know?” she asked warily.

“Call it curiosity.”

“Rumor has it, that killed the cat.”

“Rumor has it, I’ve lived more than one life.”

Meg was silent, weighing her options. She could smoke out and flee, lie low for a while and find a new host in a different part of the country. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d done so since coming topside, and it was a strategy that had saved her life more times than she could count. She’d never fled an archangel before, though. Gabriel could stop her easily enough, she suspected—hell, he could kill her right now with a snap of his fingers if he wanted to—but, as much as she suspected that he could, she also knew, with a surprising amount of certainty, that he wouldn’t. If she tried to leave, he would let her go.

“So what if I haven’t?” she said at last, raising her chin in an attempt at defiance. “Seen an angel’s wings, I mean. You gonna tell me I’m just some dumb demon skank who wouldn’t know true beauty if it bit her in the ass?”

Gabriel gave her a lopsided smile. “Actually, I was thinking of showing you mine.”

Meg faltered. “Oh.”

“If you want to see them, that is.” Gabriel winked. “I know how you feel about curiosity and cats and all that. I also know, though,” he added, tone softening somewhat, “that I’m not the only here who’s lived more than one life.”

Meg regarded him carefully, chewing her bottom lip in thought. “This ain’t gonna burn my eyes out or anything, is it?”

Gabriel laughed. “Hey, I’m an ass, but I’m not that big of an ass. Those gorgeous peepers of yours’ll be just fine, scout’s honor.”

“And if I say no?”

“Then it’s no.”

“Really? Just like that?”

“Listen, kiddo, I don’t know what sort of douchenozzles you’ve been with in the past,” said Gabriel, frowning, “but the whole consent thing? Kinda a big deal as far as angels are concerned. It’s one of the few things I actually sorta like about us. You tell me you don’t want to see my wings, I’ll take your word on it, and then I’ll take those legs of yours and wrap them around my waist, and we can get back to trying to break this bed at least one more time before the sun comes up. Your call. So, what’ll it be?”

Meg hesitated. She knew she should say no. Seeing Gabriel’s wings would just be a string between them, and strings could get caught on things, could catch around your neck and strangle you like a noose when you least expected. If you wanted to survive, you had to get used to living with as few strings as possible…and yet somehow, in that moment, Meg found that she didn’t want to just survive. She wanted to feel alive.

“Okay,” she said finally. “Do it.”


“Yeah. Show me.”

The air in the room seemed to crackle, and suddenly, Gabriel was framed by a set of great, golden wings that billowed upward and outward, filling the room with a soft, shimmering glow. He gave a contented sigh and rolled his shoulders, wings opening and closing slightly in an apparent stretch. “That’s more like it. So, whaddya think?”

Gabriel’s tone was light and easy, but Meg thought she detected a flash of vulnerability in his eyes as he waited for her to say something. When she didn’t, he gave a forced sort of laugh and shifted his gaze to look at the wall. “Hey, look, I get it: it’s like you said, not your thing. I’ll just—”

Finally, Meg managed to unstick her voice. “Relax, feathers. They’re…” Beautiful, they were beautiful. Just so…incredibly…beautiful. “They’re fine, okay? Impressive, even.”

“Impressive, huh?” Gabriel grinned even as Meg rolled her eyes. “Well, well, well…” He shifted forward, crawling up until he was resting his elbows on either side of her head, his face hovering just above hers. Around them, his wings framed the sides of the bed, enveloping the two of them in a golden cocoon. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone’s changed her mind about wing’s being overrated,” he said loftily, dipping down to brush his nose against hers.

Meg scoffed. “Don’t push your luck,” she said, before pulling him into a searing kiss.

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Warmth (a Gabriel x Meg ficlet)


Tags: AU, Oh my god they were roommates, established friends(?) with benefits, cuddling

Rating: T

Wordcount: ~1.4k


Come Monday, Meg decided, she was going to kill Sam Winchester.

It was only fair when you thought about it, and she’d had all last night to think about it as she’d coughed and sneezed and not fucking slept due to being unable to breathe through her nose, all thanks to Sam “I-Come-to-Work-All-Week-Even-When-I’m-Sick” Winchester. The fact that he’d shown up at the office on Friday smiling and looking ninety-five percent back to normal just added insult to injury: while she spent her Saturday bundled miserably on the couch watching reruns of CSI Miami, Winchester was probably out enjoying himself, running six marathons or whatever the fuck someone who ate a kale salad for lunch every day did for fun on their days off. Bastard.

It didn’t help that it was the middle of winter and the building’s heat was out, and Meg had lived there long enough to know that it wasn’t getting fixed any time soon. Chuck wasn’t an asshole the way some of Meg’s previous landlords had been, but he was flaky as hell and seemed more interested in drafting his weekly newsletter than actually managing the property. The only plus side was that he often forgot to collect rent until mid-way through the month, a notable perk when you were living paycheck to paycheck.

Snatching a tissue from the box at her side, Meg blew her nose for what felt like the hundredth time and tugged her blanket closer. The living room got a bit more direct sunlight than the rest of the apartment and was therefore slightly warmer than her bedroom, but even so, she was practically shivering. For a moment, she actually contemplated relocating to Gabriel’s room, which was usually the warmest in the apartment, before ultimately deciding she was better off staying on the couch.

Gabriel had been her roommate for the past four months, ever since Meg had broken things off with her cheating ex and subsequently found herself unable to afford rent on her own. After interviewing what felt like half the city’s psych ward, she’d settled on Gabriel Milton, who was new to the neighborhood and looking for a place close to the soul food restaurant he’d just gotten a job at. Meg’s first impression of Gabriel was that his perpetual lopsided smile would get real old real fast, but he’d been the first person she’d met with who had both a steady job and no police record, so she’d figured what the hell and told him to move in his stuff.

And if they had hooked up since then, well, that was neither here nor there.

Keep reading

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I can’t msg you! Sad I was going to go off on how much I love Megriel and spam you with posts/edits ! Go on Instagram and type in #Megriel in the search, there should be about 10-25 edits of them :3




Oh my god, hiiiiii!!! 😀 Sorry about that, I have it set to only allow messages from blogs I follow to avoid spam and such, but following you now. I AM SO HAPPY TO MEET ANOTHER MEGRIEL LOVER YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! Lemme introduce you to the rest of us: @all-or-nothing-baby @narraukoiel @aloha-cowgirl (who has a story called “Clarity” that features Megriel as a side pairing which is, by all accounts, amazing, btw) @moderatelypanickedbiromantic @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover and our most recent convert, @midnightsilver.

Anyone else want in on this with us?

Oh Hi!!! @spnisbae666!!! It’s nice to meet another megriel shipper XD

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been on this ship for about 2-3 years now! I’m glad there are others who see the potential between these two bundles of sass :3

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Rachel Miner / SPN Vancouver 2018 / Friday

📷 silvercomet21

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Best Moments~ GOLD Panel~ Rachel and Misha~SPNIndy 2018




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Reblog if you’re a loud, combative Megstiel shipper who doesn’t exist and was manufactured by Bronlies to annoy Destiel shippers!

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cas' once concave stomach starting to fill out over a few weeks of being human again, his ribs start getting a soft padding, they are no longer visible at all , his stomach aand hips start filling out all his clothes until he cant even bring his pants up to his thighs which now jiggle and rub together when he walks, his shirts cant cover his small but quite noticeable and soft belly hang, his once perfect jawline getting softer, his double chin getting more prominent impossible to hide,each day




“what’s with the pouting, clarence?” meg asked, watching her fallen angel stare at the full body mirror, a small pout on his face as he looked at his half-naked body. [let me fucking live she is alive in this au]

“have i gotten….too ‘chubby’?”

“fuck no, you’re sexier than ever”



the demon wasn’t going to let castiel try and convince her that he had gotten fat, compared to what he looked like when she saw him for the first time since the angels fell, he wasn’t even close to what he thought he was.

his cheeks that were once semi-sunken in now scruffy and squishy, meg leaving kisses on them and making castiel get all scrunchy. s

he smiles so wide every time she sees the ex-angel remove his shirt because his ribs no longer poke out from beneath his skin, instead his belly rounds out from in between his softened hips.

she also laughs when she watched him struggle into his too small jeans for the first time, castiel was tugging on the black fabric so hard, it taking ten minutes to get them up his meaty thighs and he asked for meg’s help to button the button, she knew damn well that it wasn’t going to button, but his stubbornness wouldn’t accept that until the button popped off and launched across the room, meg’s face going red from laughing and his face going red from embarrassment, that’s when he finally let her take him shopping for new clothes. 

his sharp jawline got less and less pronounced every day, his face rounding out and a double chin appearing, and you bet your ass that meg left kisses there all the damn time.

meg had watched castiel get healthier, going from starving to well fed, from scared that he was going to be attacked every night to sleeping soundly in her arms every night

“i’m being serious, i watched you get healthy again and that makes me so damn happy to see you have the same soft features that i remember you having. you’re not ‘too chubby’, you’re healthy and that’s an amazing thing. and its nice to have something to grab onto.” the demon smiled, grabbing castiel’s rounder ass as she finished, making the human yelp and blush.

“you’re soft and sexy, clarence”

“thank you, meg”

“just tellin’ the truth, dollface.” she grinned and castiel turned around, dipping his head and kissing her gently, meg pulling him closer by his hips and deepening the kiss, it not taking too long before the two moved to the bed and she continued to show him just how beautiful she thought he was.


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Let’s Talk About Megstiel

When you talk to a certain side of the fandom, (you know who), a common conception they have is “Meg died years ago and Cas hasn’t mentioned her so thus he mustn’t care about her!” But I’d like to point out a flaw in that argument.

Its 2018 now so its been 5 years since Meg passed, which yes that is a long time…

For Humans

Castiel has been around since the beginning of time, 5 years to him is a simple blink of his eyes. Also, Castiel hasn’t talked about her in years yes but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care? Dean hasn’t mentioned Lisa in years, does that mean he never loved her in s6, or if Ben or Lisa was in trouble right this moment he wouldn’t run to rescue them? No.

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I think Dean is very similar to Meg. So he'd probably the same way with the kids as Meg is. The Megstiel kids would probably have him as their favorite Uncle cause he lets them get away with stuff that Castiel wouldn't normally let them do, like eating sweets before dinner. But then Sam is probably the kind of Uncle that reads them bedtimes stories and tucks them in bed when he and Dean babysit so it's a tough call.



I disagree. Sam would be the one to let them run around the bunker because what’s the worst that could happen, they’re just having fun and Dean would be the one to freak out and try to get the half-demon, half-angel kids under control before they burn something down, are you kidding me right now Sam, we can’t lose sight of them.

Really? Deans /cares/ for Castiel an all but if he found out they had kids, and he heard the legends behind the kids. He would spend his time figuring out how to kill them and claim it’s for “castiels own good.”

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Happy Birthday Rachel Miner (July 29th, 1980)

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Congrats on the Apocalypse



Request for TeaAndChess

I don’t know anything about the Super Natural so I live it vicariously through my BROtp. :P

fanart based off my fav Meg 2.0 lines

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so creepy and awesome!

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AU MEME - Meg, Castiel and Crowley in Hercules (1997), with bonus Dean


The Megstiel/Hercules parallels will always be my favourite thing to try to write

I’m just going to put this here


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She places a finger on his delicate lips and leans in just a little, as if she were planning to give him a goodbye kiss. However, she then remembers that Balder is in the room and she would not do that with him there. 

They loved each other, they truly did.

I’d also add that she remembers that everyone else in in the room too, and that even though she loves him, she can’t show weakness in front of them.

And her face later when Dean tells her that Gabriel’s still alive. I miss these two so much.

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i say your reblog about Meg and Gabriel and i honestly never thought about shipping so why do you? i like learning about new ships (✿◠‿◠)





Well, I haven’t thought about them previous to that post either, but I saw it and went, wow, that’s super cool. Could you imagine the amount of sass between those two?

Just in that one interaction, imagine Gabriel trying his damndest best to impress Meg, because he is an Archangel and a Pagan God and he sure as hell wants some respect and adoration directed at him, because come on, he is that awesome. And also some more, but there are ladies here, so he’d be humble this once. And Meg would just snark back at him, playing on being unimpressed all the time, with those lazy smiles curling at the corner of her mouth, and really just that smirk and the way Gabriel’s golden eyes would glint back in a way that says ‘Challange accepted bitch’, and Meg being satisfied on the inside because and archangel courting him on his crazy way is just something she could really be proud of.

It is totally worth all the pains of shipping!


Oh damn, I wasn’t exactly planning on getting so excited about this. I hope you are proud of yourself!

It would start as Meg trying to get close to Gabriel so she could get to his Brother (bein the Luci loyalist that she is) but he’d grow on her and her plan would blow up in her face and she’d totally fall for him without realizing it (a bit like she did in canon with Cas).

Okay i’m really excited about this too, my 2 fav spn characters together, and I never thought about it before that gifset???



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Even monsters can do good in this world

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Castiel: I only take pictures of things that are beautiful.

Dean: Cas, your whole camera roll is just pictures of Meg.

Castiel: What’s your point?

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