Hello Home Nuggets, the name is Meg (Well as far as you get to know, sugar ;) This here blog is mostly gonna be devoted to my favorite character of Supernatural, Meg Masters the demon. I plan on writing stories here so please read my crappy writing. Also, don't judge anything I write because I do plan on writing about my favorite unsual ship as well, Megriel (Meg x Gabriel). So please bare with me. Anyways, that's about all you need to know. I'm new here and I'm still trying to figure things out. Oh, if you have a writing prompt for me or a question, please feel free to ask anytime!


Rachel Miner / SPN Vancouver 2018 / Friday

📷 silvercomet21

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Reblog if you’re a loud, combative Megstiel shipper who doesn’t exist and was manufactured by Bronlies to annoy Destiel shippers!

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Happy Birthday Rachel Miner (July 29th, 1980)

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so creepy and awesome!

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AU MEME - Meg, Castiel and Crowley in Hercules (1997), with bonus Dean


The Megstiel/Hercules parallels will always be my favourite thing to try to write

I’m just going to put this here


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She places a finger on his delicate lips and leans in just a little, as if she were planning to give him a goodbye kiss. However, she then remembers that Balder is in the room and she would not do that with him there. 

They loved each other, they truly did.

I’d also add that she remembers that everyone else in in the room too, and that even though she loves him, she can’t show weakness in front of them.

And her face later when Dean tells her that Gabriel’s still alive. I miss these two so much.

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Even monsters can do good in this world

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You know that really sexy kiss moment. Pizza Man moment.  Actually I was having a lot of trouble. I didn’t even know why but I was having trouble doing the turn and he picked me up and he kind of rotated me  which looks awesome but it was actually very practical. It was just a very cool friend thing to do uh, cause it made my life so much easier. To me that’s like the perfect articulation of him and the whole Supernatural group. We got each other’s backs.” - Rachel Miner

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That’s so sweet..!

Fun fact! Coloring time -> Titanic starting from poker playing.

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“You hear that? That’s the sound of your friend dying. Now, let’s try this again.”

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Queer Sam Week: Day 3; Favorite Poly relationship

Sam x Meg x Castiel

Well, because Meg is team Sam, but she’s also clearly team Castiel and it makes me happy. And Sam pays attention to Cas and Meg’s relationship and remembers it fondly. It’s cute. Oh and a human, an angel and a demon walk into a bar.. *u*

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Stars, in your multitudes
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With order and light
You are the sentinels
Silent and sure
Keeping watch in the night

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Literally one second she went from being a mother of children to being a mother of grown men and people expect her to quickly try mending her relationship with her grown sons? She needed space to process this. She needed to process that she lost all those years with her boys & her husband in a blink of an eye! Joining the British Men of Letters was wrong. I get that but remember they promised her a world without the supernatural. The same supernatural world that destroyed her family. In her mind, was doing it for Sam and Dean and every victim of the supernatural. About her apology for the deal with Azazal, I think Sam and Dean know how sorry she is and don’t need to hear it. Sometimes words aren’t need to express how sorry you are about something. Also, the boys lie and put each other in danger all the time. Don’t act like they are perfect.

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Gabriel to the rescue

Crowley managed to get grab Meg and torture her but it wasn’t long before she heard the swoosh of Angel wings.

[Meg Laughs]

Crowley: What are you laughing at?

Meg: Gabriel’s behind you, You Swarmy dick.

[Crowley turns around, Snaps his fingers and Meg is off the rack and clothed] 

Crowley: Gabriel, What brings you?

Gabriel: You stole my Girlfriend. 

Crowley: What? Her? What would you ever want with the little whore?

Gabriel: I’d stop talking and run If I was you.

[Crowley snaps his fingers and is gone]

Meg: Didya do all that to rescue lil ol me?

Gabriel: Guilty.

[Snaps his fingers and they are transported back to his house.]

Gabriel: Besides you think I’d forget date night?

Meg: You sure do know how to make this cold heart of mine all warm and fuzzy, Feathers. 

Gabriel: I know. 


This is for Ofwingsandmagic! It was his birthday yesterday and I wanted to do something special for him because he’s amazing! Sorry I’m late i had a killer migraine earlier and was in bed. 

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Megriel x First Encounter 

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Dean Loves the Ladies Series
↪ Dean & Pamela | Dark Side of the Moon | 5.16

I love Pamela

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Rachel Miner’s “Be the Clarence” Campaign: limited edition merchandise benefiting Earthjustice. Click here for yours.

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