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• december 10, 2019 •

finals season is upon us! here are some pictures of my chem notes (i’m honestly learning so much in this class and it’s an exhilarating experience). i am honestly so thankful for the wonderful friends and TAs who have helped me so much my first semester, and i’m hoping i can do well on my finals next week! good luck to everyone else who is preparing for finals- we got this! ✨

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this will be a good week because:

  • a friend went to a garden centre across the border yesterday and brought back plants that were cheaper there (i love europe)
  • i went to get flower pots for them today, then went to the park for coffee afterwards. the weather was amazing. we had to make a detour around the lake to avoid the angry swan family
  • a friend is back from a trip, so takeout tuesdays + movie nights are back on this week (she can go to the movies for free each tuesday so we split the price)
  • the! weather! is! nice!

🎶 captain beefheart / tropical hot dog night

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3:13 PM | books and perfume account for an embarrassing amount of my money

~listening to~ forest whitaker by bad books

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new clothes and new translations! this is my happy place

🎧 queendom // aurora

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22.7.18 // Warm Sunday🌿

Nothing like curling up in bed with a good read and journaling your thoughts away! Have a dreamy Sunday everyone!✨

Follow me on Instagram @academic.eve

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my senioritis: intensifies

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[29.11.2019] just three weeks until Christmas break!

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27.04.18 [1/40 days of productivity]

Hey! I decided to start productivity program for my last month in second year law school studies. Nearly I finished my half of the university education, so that it’s getting serious.
So, I want to make better not only my university lectures, but also my entire life because I’m living alone and I have a lot of responsibilities cuz of that. I have to control my time strictly, productivity may help me to make something nice. Let’s start a new journey! 🐥

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14.11.19 // getting ready to spend all day on campus - who can relate?

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12/12 | How are we doing, friends? (I’m tired)

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people are so hard to understand

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radio silence by alice oseman will always be one of my favorite books and what got me back into reading <3

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there is no audience to perform for, there is no approval, no admiration to attain. there is no role worth playing, there is no one to convince. let it go

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A bit late, but here is my December monthly spread! I decided to go for a fresh, snowy theme instead of the common Christmas one, and I really love it!

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had a pretty great start to finals season today. spent most of the day programming but also

  • read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
  • drank at least 2 pots of Japanese green tea—it’s practically fuelling me through the final stretch of the semester
  • created a rough plan for my week
  • made some illustrations
  • started watching Voltron
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please don’t forget you’re loved. anxiety lies. people care. you are loved. It’s ok.

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you ever look forward to commuting just bc you’re so excited to experience the fleeting joy of listening to you favourite music while wistfully gazing out of the window and daydreaming about alternative lives you could have lived

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I hope you’re not sick of seeing pictures of my favourite café – I have been working here a lot recently. It might seem strange but I love being right in the centre of this city and feeling its hum. It helps me think. 

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