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3:13 PM | books and perfume account for an embarrassing amount of my money

~listening to~ forest whitaker by bad books

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// Morning Study Motivation

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725 | I feel like the number of times avocado toast appears in my posts suggests that I take all of my photos on the same day and I just want to say that that is entirely wrong, I just make a lot of avocado toast. 

Currently Listening - Polite Company, Rainbow Kitten Surprise

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Hello! I’m about to start uni in a few weeks so I thought now would be a good time to share my top tips for writing a good personal statement. There is no ‘special formula’ for writing a good one but these are some tips I picked up from family, friends, online articles, teachers and universities themselves:


  • you need to say why you want to study that course - how your interest developed, how you’ve pursued it (e.g. extracurricular activities), how you’ve drawn inspiration - basically demonstrate a lot of enthusiasm but be specific
  • give evidence that you’re right for the course - demonstrate with examples that you have researched it, understand what it entails and have the correct skills
  • say what you’ve done outside of the classroom - further reading and opinions (but try to be original - don’t talk about books that are really well-known in your subject)
  • explain why your experiences are relevant to the course and to a future career - reflect on experiences, don’t describe them!
  • give examples of transferable skills - teamwork, time management, problem solving, etc. and then expand on the most relevant skills - success in projects, how you grew from particular experiences, biggest challenges you’ve faced, etc.
  • also show you’re a critical thinker and mention long term plans


as an example, here’s what I wrote about in my personal statement:

  • a public lecture I’d been to at a local university and how this inspired me (you could watch a TED talk online and discuss it)
  • how I was interested by the lab equipment and research I’d seen at a university when I went on a taster day
  • hobbies I have and how I was interested in my subject outside of school (books, magazines, podcasts I like and why)
  • a line about my EPQ and how this follows on from a podcast I listened to
  • how I’m finding my A level subjects (e.g. I enjoy science practicals)
  • how my AS levels helped me (e.g. AS history really helped me with essay writing)
  • what I learned from tutoring some GCSE students and volunteering at a charity shop
  • how I found shadowing a PhD student at a local university - how this inspired me and motivated me in my chosen subject


  • paragraphs and GOOD GRAMMAR!!!!!
  • balance of academic and extra-curricular 
  • evidence you’ve done research
  • show genuine engagement 
  • lateral thinking - link to a more obscure theme that you find interesting 
  • honesty and a desire to study 
  • what you want from course 
  • positivity
  • make it interesting, thoughtful and personal - say what inspires you


  • academic achievements - unis know what qualifications you have and which grades you’re predicted so don’t waste your characters! 
  • quotes - this is YOUR personal statement, not Winston Churchill’s!! 
  • lists - you need detail and explanations 
  • clichés - you have not wanted to be a doctor for as long as you can remember! 
  • sweeping statements 
  • ‘passion’ and other commonly-used words 
  • stilted vocabulary - use language that you actually use (but not slang)
  • exaggeration 
  • humour - it’s a dangerous move to use humour 
  • negativity 
  • irrelevant facts - it’s not a school essay!


  • show not tell - “I’ve been able to develop my communication skills by tutoring three GCSE science students” is better than saying “I’m a good communicator” 
  • DRAFT!!!! you will not be able to write a good personal statement in one go - it took me months of regular drafting and re-writing to get mine even close to being finished! 
  • get help! ask friends, family, teachers, etc. to read it and give feedback
  • don’t be too precious about it - you will have to cut bits out, shorten sentences, lengthen sentences, delete words, re-arrange the structure, etc. so try to stay open minded!
  • one uni I visited on an open day suggested using the ABC formula: A is for Activity (say what you did), B is for Benefit (say the skills you gained from the activity) and then C is for Course (relate it to the course and say how it prepares you) - I didn’t use this myself but I have friends who found it useful!
  • be specific! don’t say “I love French” - say “I love how learning new languages helps me to understand the world around me….”

I hope this is helpful and good luck! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! :)

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you are so capable.

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chemistry notes and an unfinished cat-themed bujo spread because cats are incredible

also on my studygram @pensandrulers
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Today I’m studying for my exams in January. I have 5 big exams in the first week, so I have some prepping to do! 👩🏻‍⚕️

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// and why not give this a go again (and hopefully i havent completely lost touch of the instagram life) — i’m back for my last undergraduate year now at durham after a long summer of travelling, and moved into my new flat with @hstudies !! where are you all now? what universities are you in? how are you?? it’s been too long! ❣️

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14/03/19 - Some more technology notes and diagrams. A slow but productive day today! 

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Prune your contact list yearlySome people say to do this once a quarter and if you have the time to do it, great, but I usually don’t. I find that the best time to get in touch with people that you haven’t spoken to in a while is to just send them a quick personal email or note once a year, at new years, wishing them a happy new year. Almost everyone celebrates it, it’s politically correct, and if you are lucky it can even rekindle a relationship long dormant, whether its business or pleasure.

Follow for more.

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Day 30/100; exam season is upon us.

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2.9.19 // gonna be spending the next six months working off what i ate during chinese new years 年夜饭 😂😭 (was worth it though)

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hello friends, how is everybody? 🌿🌼✨

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from mingyu’s day!! // ig: kaiilatte

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21-04-19 :

“Don’t let anyone rent space in your head unless they’re a good tenant.” 🥀

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I shouldn’t use these shitty single use plastic coffee cups the vending machine gives you here, I really shouldn’t, but I’ve got a mixer this evening and I really don’t want to fall asleep standing up with a glass of wine in my hand // my studygram: @littlebitsofliterature 

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          SHOSEKI KOSE : Shichijuni Ko Meika Gajo
          Lily, Azalea, 1890

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