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not to be that dumb theatre ho but, to this day it still upsets me to see the same general shallow commentary on hamilton being rehashed because of the cringey parts of its fandom.

of course hamilton isnt a perfect musical, but many people seem to forget about the part where a puerto rican man decided to reapropriate an inspiring american narrative he discovered in a biography and gave it to dozens and dozens of other PoC (many of whose careers immensely profited from the unusual spotlight) in a usually predominantly white scene, and in the process created over 2 hours of absolute bangers after bangers which overall form a satisfying and emotional story, all of that topped with great acting and a genuine love for the arts.

Can we please stop pretending that all Hamilton created was (mostly white, mostly teenaged) kids “stanning” hideously racist old white dudes. Lin-Manuel gets tweets from POC saying “my kid had the confidence to go for school production because they saw someone who looked like them in a leading role in Hamilton.”

Stop fucking pretending that Lin-Manuel’s legacy is cringey white kids “stanning my trash son Jefferson uwu” you racist-ass motherfuckers. Hamilton fans are also POC that are so grateful and happy to see themselves on the stage, and love that A BROADWAY MUSICAL is so wonderfully and unapologetically not white.

As a longtime theatrical person (who is xerself white), I feel like Hamilton is, easily, the RENT of the 2010s.

RENT reinvented much of Broadway—Jon Larson’s insistence on $20 “lottery” seats for the two front rows allowed broke college kids, low-income families, and budgeted-to-death folks to enjoy real live theatre for the first time (a concept other shows, including Hamilton, have adopted). This is also how the really classist “theatre dress” concept started to break down—you could toss out one kid in jeans and a tee shirt, but what did you do when half the theatre was kids in jeans and tee shirts? RENT also drew attention to the then-contemporary and very large intersectional problem of poverty-meets-AIDS, and actually won awards for its sympathetic and complex portrayal of HIV/AIDS-positive folks.

We also saw a move away from the Hammerstein/Sondheim/Webber model following RENT; while all of these composers have their merits, RENT showed that a relative unknown, not from a rich or classically-trained background, could produce an amazing show not bound by classical music styles and leitmotifs. How much did this change things? Enough that Avenue Q and Wicked might have existed without RENT, but Hadestown, Great Comet Of 1812, and, yes, Hamilton, probably wouldn’t have, at least not in such a way that we could all enjoy them. Imagine a world where Broadway was nothing but Disney, jukebox musicals, 1960s revivals, and Phantom of the Opera. Depressing, no?

What RENT did for broke-ass students, Hamilton did for actors of color: it challenged the concept, down to its very bones, that “urban” music styles can’t be theatrical and generative (consider Hamilton’s rap battles in Congress and the showtunes/R&B mashup that is Schuyler Sisters, for example—will anybody argue that these aren’t great theatrical moments that also show off genres usually associated with people of color?), and that people of color aren’t “expressive enough” or “don’t show well enough on stage” to be cast in major, non-tokenized roles.

Further, it provided a rich wealth of quotes that ensure it a place in long-term theatrical canon; my favorite is “and when my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell my story?”, but there are easily half a dozen more WHAM lines like that I can think of. That means that for a long, long, LONG time, the show that will define the latter half of the 2010s (if not the whole decade) in terms of Broadway theatre is a show in which every role except King George went to an actor of color, many if not most of them Black—and not an Uncle Tom, magical negro, or Mammy among them. All just….PEOPLE, playing roles of dignity and humanity.

Like RENT in the 1990s, and HAIR in the 1970s, and Porgy and Bess in the 1930s where it all began, Hamilton rewrote a very basic tenet of theatre. History has its eyes on Hamilton, and the legacy it has created.

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Think of what Trump had done pre-election. Obviously it’s all vile, and he’d scarred hundreds, if not thousands of people. Then he just multiplied it by the Power of the Presidency.

Bloomberg’s already shown his fascism during his tenure of NYC. He has indelibly affected 8 million people. You don’t want to see what that multiplied by the power of the presidency is.

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Concept: robot rebellion, except instead of going all “kill all humans” they just start doing weird shit with no clear purpose, and if anybody tries to get them to explain what they’re doing or why they’re just like “because fuck you is why”.

#aggressively moving every freestanding object in the greater new york area six inches to the left 

… Left relative to what

The robot replies “relative to your mother”.

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and let me crawl inside your veins, i’ll build a wall give you a ball and chain, it’s not like me to be so mean you’re all i wanted, just let me hold you like a hostage

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You were all I had.

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Nice insult, Hannah Montana. You got any more harsh digs?

Jennifers Body (2009) dir. Karyn Kusama
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New and updated commission sheet!!

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not to be sappy on main BUT one thing that i really loved when studying linguistics was that the more important a word is, the earlier the concept of this thing was given a word. for example, the word water is similar in many similar languages (aqua, agua, água). so, the more important a word is, the more languages it’ll be similar across and the older this word will be, theoretically and generally speaking (many other things also affect this)

AND SO in my years studying linguistics, there was one word that was nearly identical across so many regionally different languages (though there are outliers of course), from europe to most of asia to subsaharan africa to indigenous languages. across nearly all languages this is the first word people learn how to say and maybe the first word humans in general officially named and defined:

  • mamãe - portuguese 
  • 妈妈 (māmā) - chinese
  • ਮੰਮੀ (mamī) - punjabi
  • mamah - mayan (yucatec)
  • мама - bulgarian, russian, ukrainian
  • ماں (mäm) - urdu
  • মা (mā) - bengali
  • mẹ (may) - vietnamese
  • ママ (mama) - japanese
  • అమ్మ (am'ma) - telugu
  • mama - quechua
  • મમ્મી (mam'mī) - gujarati
  • അമ്മ (am'ma) - malayalam
  • amá - navajo
  • 엄마 (omma) - korean
  • māmā - native hawaiian
  • onam - uzbek
  • aana - yupik
  • mema - tagish
  • μαμά (mamá) - greek
  • mama - swahili
  • أمي (umi) - arabic
  • mayi - chichewa
  • माँ (ma) - hindi
  • mam - dutch
  • ម៉ាក់ (ma) - khmer
  • แม่ (mæ̀) - thai
  • அம்மா (am'mā) - tamil
  • අම්මා (ammā) - sinhala
  • amai - zulu
  • ama - basque
  • आमा (āmā) - nepali
  • အမေ (amay) - myanmar (burmese)
  • אמא (ima) - hebrew
  • mamá - spanish
  • mom/mum- english

this isn’t actually the first word because we teach babies this word (most likely), but because the “mama” or “ama” sounds are the easiest things for babies to say, and it’s nearly always the only thing they can say at first, and adults across all languages defined their language around that.

babies all over the world for thousands and thousands of years all started out blabbering sounds like “mama” and mothers everywhere were all like Oh Shit That’s Me! I’m Mama!

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as Lord Asriel in HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ › 2019 —

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So imagine you’re a gay top, right, and you’re out on a date with your partner, just having a fun time, and you’re about to head home, when you spot this kid passed out on the streets, your partner wants to help him, but you’re obviously a little worried that you could face severe repercussions if you help this random kid, then you realize that he could be a potential ally, so the two of you drag him out of the streets and into a safe space, and when he wakes up, he confesses that he’s homeless, so you and your partner go through the process of adopting him, you two take him home, you two give him a good meal, you two start to teach him some philosophies in life, he slowly grows up, you two help him through his bad dreams, you two help him through his bad memories, you two play games with him, he completely roasts you at an eating contest, he’s extremely active, you’re always on the move, you’re walking everywhere, like literally walking all the time, like so much walking, and you’re there for him and then all of a sudden, his childhood friend shows up on your doorstep and is like, “Your adopted son is really the king.” and then he falls in love with a woman in like 2.55 minutes which is definitely not something you two taught him how to do, so you’re confused, and the weather gets really weird, and you’re even more confused and in the end, all you really want to know is WHO’S THE MONKEY and by the time you’re dressing in drag and doing the hula, you’ve realized that maybe it’s better if you just don’t worry about it…

ok that took a turn but im kinda here for it

Why does OP think Timon is a top

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i love that one old timey 1910s trans dude who has a tiny wikipedia page for himself that he earned entirely due to him starting fights in bars and being the city’s hottest casanova

i mightve remembered it wrong but it still feels like half of this page is “I’m A Man For Fucks Sake” and the other half is “That Motherfucker Is In Jail Again And Also Bit A Cop”

oh my GOD this is the best list

“ “[DEADNAME] Again" “ 

Like this glorious jerk got arrested so many times that was literally ALL THEY HAD TO WRITE IN THE PAPER

He was a vagrant street kid and Seattle girls were all over this guy, to the point where it caused a moral panic. There’s a famous anecdote about a women proclaiming her love in Denny Park and then trying to shoot herself, but most of these reports were falsely worded in a way that suggest his female admirers were “upset about being deceived” when really they were upset that he was wooing other women, or trying to get his attention by being as extra as possible.

What you also should know is that back in the day “seduction” was a literal crime that could put you in prison (unless you married the woman you seduced) but since he wasn’t cis they couldn’t really CHARGE HIM with anything. Legend.

I especially like “Seattle Woman Appears in Men’s Clothes Because She Says Her Features Make it Possible.”  I can’t imagine anything but someone going “Hey!  You can’t dress like that!” and him responding “Oh yes I can.  You see, I look very good.”

I want a TV show about him

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(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

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i’m obsessed with these photos of Margot Robbie on the set of Birds of Prey

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a vampire giving themselves a pep talk to a mirror that has a crudely drawn picture of themselves that they drew taped to it

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TNG is like. the NPR of star trek series. like it has the same vibe as a very polite but occasionally wild block of public radio programming i can’t explain it. also the sheer number of classical music concerts that happen in it 

actually ok TNG has like. 3 distinct moods

  • polite NPR program style episode with lots of soft diplomacy and a range of emotions that fall between ‘mild violence’ and ‘light romcom’ 
  • the most insane shit youve ever seen with patrick stewart sinking his teeth into every delicious riveting moment of whatever the fuck is happening
  • data and geordie’s funny holodeck adventures 
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I’m so much happier now that I’m dead. Technically missing. Soon to be presumed dead. Gone. And my lazy lying shitting oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder. Nick Dunne took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime.

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All we want in this life is connection, and I don’t think that’s bad, we all want love and friendship and connection. The trick is finding something real and figuring out how to keep it, and that is the delicate part.

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urgent help needed!!



Tuesday, February 18th: Hello everyone, I’m Gemma and I sincerely apologize to be still asking for help, but I still desperately need help with my overdue bills and rent.

As most of you are already aware, I have been struggling financially for quite some time due to my welfare benefits being revoked, under the UK’s controversial changes to how benefits are assessed and assigned. And due to my mental health and some unfortunate DWP mess-ups regarding my medical certificates, my benefits have been on and off sanctions for over a year now.

The only good news is that I finally received the results of my medical assessment that I attended in late September through the DWP. Unfortunately, the results weren’t what I was hoping for, and I will be appealing the decision. However, that will take a few weeks to happen, but at least the DWP has realized that I do have mental and physical health issues. I suffer from endogenous depression and extreme fatigue and my meds don’t help, I am also trying to apply for PIP/ESA.

And due to the sanctions on my U.C benefit, I am usually drowning in red notices as I only get £128 per month and it isn’t enough to cover my rent and bills leaving me in heavy debt. At the moment, I desperately need help to keep my utilities on, pay my bills/overdue account and my rent which is due at the end of the month. My goal to get through this is now at £340!!

If anyone could spare any amount to help me, even if it’s just £1/$1/€1, it would literally save my life, and sharing definitely helps just as much as donations. Nobody is obligated in any way to donate if they can’t or don’t want to, I know we’re all struggling.

Thank you for your help 💖


PayPal Ko-Fi - 7% complete

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@lizgillz: My necklace says Fallon but you cant tell 😭

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