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Hades you let them go
I let them try
How ‘bout you and I?
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me: *rolls a crit fail* for clint mcelroy :)

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“I am a simple person with simple wants,” I say, scrolling through AO3 and ignoring fics for a variety of petty reasons

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the good place really presented itself as this silly comedy where a Bad Person gets stuck in heaven and instead of sticking with pointless humor they dove so hard into the theme of what it means to be good and to be alive….they really did that

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* lover era fashion *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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He knew one thing only, and it was beyond fear or reason: He was not going to die crouching here like a child playing hide-and-seek; he was not going to die kneeling at Voldemort’s feet… he was going to die upright like his father, and he was going to die trying to defend himself, even if no defense was possible… Harry James Potter (born July 31, 1980).

holiday gift for ana ♡ happy holidays @byersjjonathan!

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anyone: this actor improvised a line of dialogue!! haha isn’t that cool! 

me, for the rest of my fucking life: tom hardy improvised the lobster tank scene 

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No gay has all 5:

- A job

- Good relationship with father

- Neurotypical brain

- Ability to top

- Driver’s license

this is a fun post because people will say how many they have in the tags then you get to figure out which ones.

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Instagram AU // Lunarry
↳ After the war, Luna decides to travel the world and, on the spur of the moment, Harry asks if he can go with her. Luna’s looking for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, Harry’s just looking for some peace and quiet - but as they make their way around the globe they both find more in each other than they ever could have imagined, and what starts out as a record of their adventures on Instagram becomes a document of their unfolding love story.

template by deanervs

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↳ fleur delacour for @callmegrisha

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THE HANDMAIDEN (2016) dir. Park Chan-wook

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The Good Place | 4.09

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He looks at Aziraphale like “How did you manage to cope with such an idiot ??”

Aziraphale’s little “you see what I have to deal with?” look

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when the Yearning hits you hard

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best uses of dan in venom fanfic:

  • one half of “actual competent adults” couple with anne to foil eddie and venom
  • Dr. Dan Lewis Has The Brain Cell (“for my next trick, i will eat five containers of sewage waste in one minute!” “no! no you will not do that, because if you do that, eddie will die.”)
    • on a similar note, the smart, mature friend you go to for advice, and then proceed to never take their advice even once
  • trying oh-so-hard to be chill and laid-back about the whole maneating alien thing, but inwardly is going “what the actual fuck” every other minute
  • “this is our friend dan, he’s amazing, and he DROVE US HERE.”
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Emma, 2020
dir. Autumn de Wilde

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The Good Place, Season 3 (2018) - ‘Jeremy Bearimy

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Other authors: *kills or injures characters in their writing*

Me: How dare you

One of my characters: *taps me on shoulder*


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I’ll ask someone I like. Someone cool.

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Eve + her feelings for Villanelle

The difficulty of the romance is how to be together. It’s like more of the impossible dynamic is how can you actually be together and I think we definitely explore that.

(requested by @jodiescomer)

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