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“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”


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Hugo Simberg, The Garden of Death, 1896.

Every time I see this I always wonder what the painter’s intended message was. It looks so pleasant, that middle skeleton looks so happy with its work.

Maybe it’s supposed to be a memento mori, but a comforting and encouraging one.

This is one of the most famous paintings in Finland. There are multiple interpretations of it but they all share the same base idea:

“According to Simberg, the flowers represent people’s souls, the skeletons are aids to Death, and the Garden of Death is a purgatory of sorts for souls waiting for entrance into heaven. This artwork invites the viewer to consider the afterlife, to take comfort in his or her own passing, and to not fear what happens after the body fails to function.”

“It depicts Simberg’s thoughts on afterlife, which is not run by angels but skeletons who take care of the heavenly garden with a gentle hand, while waiting for more “gardeners” to arrive. It is derived from the medieval belief that the dead sleep in a blooming garden.”

“In Simberg’s garden the humble Death-like figures struggle against harsh conditions; the landscape around the garden has burnt yellow, it is dry and barren. The cherished flowers grow in exotic shapes, slowly, requiring constant care. The black-clad figures love their nurslings. The garden is a place where Death is allowed to realize its feelings of affection. The Garden of Death can be seen depicting the impossibility of this love; maybe the flowers are tender and fragile because they can not handle the love of Death. Love has two faces: one of them is the face of devastation.”

Out of all the comments I’ve posted on this site this is my favourite. The notes are just full of people showing pure love to the Finnish Skeleton Gardeners.

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Fun things they don’t teach you in sex ed.

Talcum powder has asbestos in it. Has for years. Leave it be

This is all FAR more useful education than ‘Having unmarried sex while female makes you a dirty slut’ .

There are a lot of male folks who follow me but don’t know these things. It’s good to know all of this! Just as your partner should want to know about the intricacies of your plumbing, you should care about this.

Spreading this for general health tips.

for trans guys who haven’t transitioned yet and even then

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Based on a textpost reposted on Instagram from Tumblr once but I lost it

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I just love that smug look. 😂

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Aziraphale kissing Crowley’s snake tattoo.

Crowley becoming so flustered he poofs into a snake.

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emotional + worried Mycroft 2016 is my favourite new thing

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…….. doesn’t everyone do this……..?





Other people do this? Oh…





  • (it’s 2am, and according to your therapist, you have “a whopping case of ADHD”
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“My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can’t be loved as I am.”

— Anaïs Nin

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Send me a word and I’ll write something cute

“Is he… sleeping?”

Anathema sounded concerned, though Aziraphale wasn’t sure why. It was very clear that Crowley was sleeping, he was in his sleeping clothes, he was wearing a sleeping eye mask, and he was curled up in a blanket.

There wasn’t much else that Crowley could have been doing in that get up.

“Of course he’s sleeping my dear. He’s rather fond of it, actually.”


Adam came up behind them, gaze lifting.

“But why is he sleeping there?”

“Ah, that’s just below the boiler. So it’s the warmest place in the house. Snakes like warmth, you know.”

Adam modded, content that it made perfect sense. Anathema on the other hand, made a noise of concern.

“But why is he sleeping on the ceiling?”

Aziraphale frowned.

“Because it’s just below the boiler… and snakes like warmth.”

“Makes sense.” Adam agreed. “Dog always tries to sleep where it’s warm, and if he could I’m sure he’d sleep on the ceiling too.”

“He looks so…” Anathema struggled for the word. The three of them tried to answer at the same time.

“-Demonic-“ Anathema

“-cool-“ Adam

“-Adorable-“ Aziraphale.

The three shared a look. Smiling, Aziraphale did a little wiggle. “Who wants some lunch?”

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HURK once again i die for your fanart Firefly Uv,U this is so precioussss, Crow’s lil face like “..welp.” and i see you used the other color scheme for Az’s shirts, he looks ver nice~ (also agreed about the rescue sentiment haha) thankyou so much ;v; 💙💙


“You really can’t keep doing this, my dear.”

Church Doodles

The TV version is full of Crowley saving Aziraphale, which leaves me inclined to the opposite occurring for their book equivalents. I’m not sure where in the timeline this would happen, or what Crowley did to warrant Az swooping in to save his ridiculous demon from a hailstorm of bullets, but Crowley has two thoughts going through his snaky head:

1. If there ever was a chance that Aziraphale would think he was cool*, it’s gone forever.

2. Oh no i’m in love with an angel.

*there wasn’t… there really, really wasn’t

As usual, designs courtesy of @10yrsyart

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Hi, sorry? I wrote this.

They’d just started this-this thing, which is such an unscientific word but somehow exemplifies Tony and Steve’s back-and-forth, on again-off again, arguing-as-foreplay… well. Thing.

It’s not a relationship, not with the way Steve slips out of bed during Tony’s afterglow and doesn’t return, leaving Tony to shower alone and pretend that he’s Fine. Or the times Steve does stay the night, only for Tony to wake up and see him gone, the big bed seemingly bigger with the hole he left behind.

So it’s clear it’s just a thing then.

But, and that’s just it, it doesn’t feel like a thing.

Because Steve smiles at him more now, is a little softer around the edges. Takes a little more of Tony’s quips, even gives a few of his own.

And Tony feels this rare new urge to make an effort, boy isn’t that something. Making time for team dinners, drinking less, working less, because that’s the thing about Steve, he’s—dammit he’s addicting once you’ve gotten a peace of him, so unbelievably hopeful and determined and pure, pure not in the way that implies innocence, but pure in his convictions never being led astray, and even getting a piece of that, staying the orbit of the sun that is Steve Rogers, he feels like he’s gotten much more than he could have ever hoped for in a partner.

And the way he looks when he moves. Underneath him, above him—

But, then, why does Tony wake up to nothing then? It’s almost a slap in the face; everything else seems so perfect, why can’t Steve stand to look at him in the morning? Why can’t he face what they’ve done?

Steve kisses him so softly, takes him so gently sometimes, that Tony doesn’t know whether to cry or scream or beg. Sometimes it’s all three, all at once, overwhelmed as he is with his taste on his tongue, his scent on his nose…

Maybe… this is ok. Maybe Tony can live like this. Half in, half out of a relationship, a-a thing then. He could be a thing, for Steve.

At least he thought he could, until Steve spread him across the bed and took him apart so thoroughly that he can’t control the desperate, whispered, “stay.”

It had been a particularly vunerable day, a grueling fight, one too many hits on the wrong part of the body, and Tony just—he’s weak, and he just needs—

“Oh. Ok,” Steve says like he’s never even considered the idea of staying before, and Tony adds ‘too clingy’ to the list of ‘things to apologize to Steve for,’ that he’s never been able to get to.

And Tony wakes up in the middle of the night, and knows that Steve is still there. He’s not in bed, but Tony can feel his presence nearby like a beacon, can see the way the wind flutters the curtain, the balcony door cracked just slightly, letting in the cool night air.

He should be giving Steve his space, but Tony’s already labelled himself as clingy so he’s gonna milk that for as long as he can. He slips out of bed and cracks the door some more, some remark about how much better the view is in here on the tip of his tongue, and swallows it all when he sees Steve, hunched over the balcony railing, sucking deeply on a cigarette between his lips.

“You smoke.” Tony says instead of asks, and Steve almost drops it, startled by Tony’s presence.

“Y-yeah,” Steve scratches his head in shyness. “Look I know It’s not good for people, but my body can handle it,” he blurts, immediately defensive. “And it’s comforting, too, in a way, because Buck an’ I couldn’t afford inhalers but they made these asthma cigarettes, for the attacks, and it’s familiar. Like a good memory, you know?”


“But I wasn’t counting on…” Steve stubs out the cigarette on the metal rail of the balcony, skin white in the moonlight. He takes a deep breath, and deflates on the exhales. “How much I’d want one. After sex.”

“Is that right.” Tony’s still processing. This whole time? The leaving bed thing was…

“But then I heard about how bad they are, and I didn’t want to make things worse with your heart. And I guess I didn’t want you to see me like this. It’s such a horrible image, and I’m supposed to be…” Steve trails off at this, then rubs a hand over his face. “I’m sorry.”

“Let me get this straight,” Tony says, stepping out onto the balcony, bare feet on the cold ground. “Everytime you left me after we had sex. Every morning I woke up without you in my arms. It was only because you were smoking?”

Tony’s tone is all relief and hope, but Steve doesn’t hear that. Steve ducks his head. “I know, I shouldn’t be doing it. I can usually make it to my room, but you… I’m so sorry, I’ll stop okay? I didn’t want to hurt you, Tony. You… you mean a lot to me.”

“Steve.” Tony blinks “Steve, you idiot, you absolute—I don’t care if you smoke. It doesn’t matter.”

“But, your heart—“

“Just do it on the balcony, Jesus, whatever, just don’t—don’t leave me, Steve,” Tony says, and maybe some of that gets through to Steve, because his eyes widen and soften at the same time. “Please.”

“Oh Tony, of course not,” Steve breathes. “Of course not.”

“Then wake up in the morning with me, dammit,” Tony says, eyes wet. “Go to bed with me at night. Smoke, fine, but come back.”

Steve hugs him at that and Tony exhales into his chest, trying to push every insecurity he’s ever felt, out with it.

“I will always, always come back for you,” Steve whispers.

The next morning, together, they watch the sunrise from Tony’s bedroom.




Also, didn’t they believe in the old days that smoking was good for asthma??


@squeeful it was the comics code, wasn’t it? It just makes Steve so human, you know? He’s not infallible. He has vices too.

He justifies it, too. He’s at peak human perfection. It doesn’t harm him. And as long as he’s not smoking around others, especially Tony, who has a heart condition, he’s not hurting anyone.

Tony doesn’t know how to approach the subject. Steve always leaves after they have sex and he’s never there in the morning and Tony’s so lonely. Why trouble Steve?

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I hope Avengers sometimes go to Strange like “I need your help” and he’s like “What’s wrong? Skrulls? Hydra?” and they’re like “I’m congested and it hurts when I swallow.”

You think they ever approach Vision in a similar manner to complain about how the wi-fi router keeps kicking them off the network?

Well, NOW I do.

Peter Parker calls Steve Rogers at midnight and he shows up at Aunt May’s in full uniform, shield at the ready. “You said something about Nazis? Let’s go.”

And Peter’s standing in the doorway in pajamas and like, pikachu slippers, and he’s like, “The AP history test is tomorrow. I need you to tell me everything you know.”

Alternately, I’m now picturing Wanda going to basically anyone else and trying to talk about some issues she and Vis are having, and universally, they all just go “Have you tried turning him off and turning him back on again?”

There are so many good comments on this post but this one deserves a special shout-out.

Peter: So what do you remember about the JFK assassination?

Bucky: I think I killed him

Peter: alrighty then

this entire thing is glorious

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me: “i’d like a toothpick please.”

god, probably: “great! that’ll be 18 dollars.”

me: “sounds about right. here’s my entire wallet”


the norms there are so bizarre. who cares. wear your bugs bunny sweats over a button down. who gives a shit? nobody’s going to yell at you for chugging four sprites. you just do that. that’s the void talking


god i fuckin love airports. who came up with that??? “yeah, planes land here and take off. what if we also made it a mall, and then removed everyone’s sense of time and space when they came inside?” it could be 8:33 in the morning in a time zone i have never experienced but it’s always Airport Time

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Steve: Hey, before you guys leave, do you want to see some art?

Tony: I’ve already looked in the mirror once today, so I’m good.

Steve: I didn’t mean Picasso

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I’m upset because I want to change the world but the world is too big and people are too mean

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” - Rabbi Tarfon

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Morgan & Tony Comics

Korean to English Translation (My first attempt at something like this, pls forgive me if it’s a little rough 🤧)

Tony to Bucky: “How could you actually give it to her because she asked??”

Bucky: “Yeah.. I didn’t think..”

Tony to Morgan: “Daddy’s okay without a new arm, Morgan.”

Morgan: “But it’d be easier if you did.”

Tony: “…”

Tony: “This is more than enough for me.”

Oh god MCU.

This was a perfect ending of sacrifice and endurance and hope.

Why did you have to take that away from us and make me cry again for Tony on Christmas morning 😭😭

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Ok but if tony stark were to teach a science or math class he would totally be the type of teacher that’s totally lax and has pretty much no rules and goes off on so many tangents and rants about theories and possible inaccuracies, and will give you extra credit for finding a flaw in his own work, the type of teacher that allows you to be late if only you can answer the dreaded Question Of The Day™ that no ones gotten right ever, the type that everybody LOVES and can go to for any sort of help on any problem, allows cursing in the classroom (does it himself too) and starts a robotics club too just for the hell of it

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