Why do Americans put the month first. It just makes no sense.

We put the month first because in conversation we say, “July 1st, 2015.” Because it’s quicker than “The first of July, 2015.”

“Tomorrow is May 29th” not “Tomorrow is the 29th of May.” That is why we write it 5/29/15 and not 29/5/15. Because we go by how we phrase it in conversation rather than in sequence because it converts better between numbers and language when written in the former. We also use the month first because that’s how calendars are organized. You have one year and one calendar so the year is a constant and can go in the back. However, calendars aren’t organized my days, but rather by months. You flip to the months first and then find the day. So…. p>

While on this topic, we also use Fahrenheit and not Celsius because a 0-100 scale of measuring temperature makes a lot more sense to a human. We know that 0 is really fucking cold and 100 is really fucking hot, which makes sense. Celsius, however, is just about how water responds to temperature, and makes no sense when applied to humans. Fahrenheit is for people, Celsius is for water. And I am a people not a water.


I find this very funny cause you say that but your independence day is not called July 4th, its called the 4th of July.

What I find funny is that our armies were about half the size of the British army and yet we were still able to crush your crumby asses, declare independence and pour your tea in the ocean.

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*strobing intensifies*

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Family today:

oooooh have you saw what's happening with louis ????? ;) ;)


i was up at 4am almost throwing up over it so yeah i saw a little

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really though, “sneaking out” is such a white thing in every aspect bc firstly u need a big ass Suburban House™ with big windows and various levels of roofing so u can safely jump out. you also need White Parents™. forget getting out of the house my toe wouldn’t hang out of my bed w/out my mum knowing. let’s say u managed to best those eoc (ears of colour) how tf are u gonna get back in ? poc (parents of colour) all have a spiritual connection to their front door like they can telepathically communicate. 5 mins before i even approach that door u know my mum’s sitting on the other side waiting to kill me. it’s just not realistic. 

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not like Naomi Campbell has been saying this for years but sure, lets praise the white girl who apparently is the face of feminism now 

Drag her

No seriously drag her like industry icons like Bethann Hardison, Iman, and Naomi Campbell have been talking about the overt racism and discrimination that goes on in the fashion industry for almost thirty years now and this random white non-acting ass actress says the most basic shit about racism and she gets praised like I’m honestly so fucking sick of people refusing to listen to black people when we talk about our own struggles like fuck an ally I want you to start listening to me and mines

Don’t fucking drag her, she needs to know that YES she is lucky and ppl listen to her cause she is white…but she needs to keep talking about this in general and she NEEDS to shed light on how media never gave a fuck about non white individuals birthing this subject

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When you’re making fun of yourself and your friends start to join in:

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Please don’t remove the artist’s caption/comment when you reblog a drawing/comic/etc.

I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but in my case the caption is often an addition to the joke, and if you take it away, you take away a part of my comic.

Seriously, guys? Seriously? Why would you do that? 

point proven omg

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put in the tags which celebrity people say you look like
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Reblogging every time


Love this!


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reblog this and tag who would you like zayn to collaborate with on his first record

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tweet source / natalie reed’s tumblr

ive never hit the reblog button so hard

and in more “people need to understand how important language is to the under- and misrepresented” news 

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what’s better than being you…

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