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the fact that keanu reeves rejected being on mcu multiple times but said yes to be on a sponge bob movie just shows how truly powerful he is

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Reading? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Writing? Difficult difficult lemon difficult

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This is why I say we need to bring back the casting and screenwriting patterns we seen in the 90s & 2000’s that allowed black women of all hues and shapes to be depicted and written as carefree, happy, dainty & successful ladies

(The last one is my favorite)


Dear Black girl🌸

You are enough, you deserve the world and everything in it.

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Some things it is A-OK to say to your doctor:



  • No
  • Wait
  • Stop 
    • (These are full sentences! You do not need to say any more) 
  • I am not comfortable. 
  • I am not comfortable, I would like… 
    • you to wait a moment.
    • another person in the room. 
    • everyone else out of the room. 
    • a doctor/nurse of my same gender to preform this test/procedure. 
    • the person who came with me to this appointment in the room. 
    • you to explain everything before you begin. 
    • you to tell me what you are doing as you go. 
    • to do this another day. 
  • I want to get a second opinion before we proceed.
  • I don’t understand, please repeat that. 
  • I don’t understand, please explain more simply. 
  • Please say that slower/spell that, I want to do some research myself.
  • I would like to talk to [someone in my life, ie my parents to SO] before making this decision. 
  • No, I do not need to talk to [anyone] before making this decision, I am confidant on my own and am ready to proceed. 
  • What are the side effects of this medication/procedure? What are the potential complications? 
  • Why are you recommending/prescribing this specific thing? 
  • What other treatment options are there? Why are you choosing this?
  • Would your treatment plan be different if I were a man/woman older/younger had kids, etc? Why are you choosing this one then?
  • IS there anything I should know about this treatment you have not yet told me?  
  • I understand you say not to, but If I choose to do X, against medical advice, what risks am I running? (ie taking recreational drugs while on medication)
  • How much will this cost? 
  • Are there any less expensive options/tests we can run first? 
  • Is there a generic of this medication you can prescribe instead?
  • I think you are not understanding me, I said…
  • You are not listening to me, please let me finish describing my symptoms. 
  • You are not understanding how much pain I am in, let me clarify… 
  • I do not think it is anxiety/depression/my weight/etc, what else could it potentially be? 
  • I think by assuming it is anxiety/depression/my weight/etc you are ignoring some symptoms. Please listen again and let’s discuss what else it could be. 
  • Please write in my chart that you are not testing for X and why not. 
  • I am in enough pain/this is detrimental enough to my life that non-treatment is not an option. If you can not treat this/figure out what is wrong, to whom can you refer me?
  • Please write (or help me write) a summary of what we did today so I don’t forget 
  • What are our next steps? 
  • If [what you are recommending] is ineffective, what would my next steps be? What other doctor should I talk to? 
  • What is the best way to contact you if I have additional questions or issues? 

Remember, a doctor is a person YOU pay because they know a lot about bodies in general, to help you figure out whats best for YOUR body. It is still your body, not theirs! They know about medicine but you are the expert in your body. Don’t let them act like they own you. Don’t leave if you’ve still got questions, don’t stay if you’re uncomfortable, and feel free to insist on ANY information you want. 

Scripts! Reassurance! Power!

A note on those one-word full-sentences (no, wait, stop)—hearing that word alone with no qualifiers should stop a person dead in their tracks. If it doesn’t, that’s a bright red flag.

We collect stuff like this in our Dealing with Doctors tag, if you’re looking for more.

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Hey you. Yes, you.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that whether or not your fic makes it on to rec lists, or gets a lot of reblogs, and regardless of whether or not you get nominated for awards, or make it onto lists of authors people should read, you still matter. Someone, somewhere, appreciates you. They love the thing that you wrote. They squealed, and flailed, and probably messaged their friend about it at 2am in the morning. You have written sentences that have made peoples’ hearts flip-flop in their stomachs and have little moments of ‘oh I wish I’d thought of that! Headcanon!’.

You are still a writer, and a damn good one at that.

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y’all: peter was able to stop bucky’s fist in civil war bc bucky heard peter’s voice, realized he was a child, then weakened his punch bc he was so worried about hurting a child uwu

me, eating pistachios: y’all know peter can canonically lift up to 75 tons, right. y’all know bucky’s fist is easy as hell for peter to block, right. y’all know bucky didn’t know shit about peter being a child and was just shocked that someone was able to so easily block his punch, right. y’all know that, right.

naw fuck that bucky’s punches aren’t easy to block, it’s WAY funnier if peter blocked a full force punch from bucky, who only a few seconds later realizes he’s a kid as soon as peter opens his mouth

that’s the face of a man who went from “holy shit he blocked my punch?” to holY SHiT a 12 YEARoLD BLOCKED mY PUNCH???” in 3 seconds flat.

Next second is “i triED TO PUNCH A CHILD”

i physically can’t scroll past this post

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In history class...


“White people built america”

“Columbus is a hero”

“Manifest Destiny" 

“Survival of the fittest" 

“Slavery, segregation, some MLK & Rosa Parks happened, end of racism”

“The Melting Pot" 

“Land of the free/opportunity" 

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im always so entertained by takes that are like “every girl thinks they’re amy from gone girl” like yeah…many women relate to having pent up rage against the men in their lives and have cathartic fantasies about getting revenge on them….and? 

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True talk

oop there it is

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So Captain Marvel is really out here married to 007, huh?

Carol: what do you mean you have a license to kill?

Maria: our daughter’s away at college and you’re in space 7 months out of the year, what the fuck was I supposed to do with my time, Carol?

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twilight sucks bc 99% of its plot Hinges on the cullens being otherworldly hot and that movie had all of them looking like they huff gasoline in czechoslovakia

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Someone: So what is your novel? Middle grade? YA? Adult? NA?


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Some people never watched A Pup Named Scooby Doo and it shows. Pre-teen Freddy was an absolute dumbass who automatically assumed any mystery was caused by a ginger bully-kid named Redd Herring.



Can somebody put in the scene from the 2002 movie where Scooby is disguised as a grandmother and Fred goes “who’s the ugly chick”


In every scooby doo remake they get Fred’s personality all wrong, okay!? He is not the cocky and fearless leader. He lost his brain cells years ago! He’s a himbo to the core! He asks what color pink panther is. He wears a jeans vest (jest?) under his sweater. His bright idea is to split up and look for clues. Not once has that worked and yet he still wants to do it every single fucking time. Please respect the himbo.

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A plot twist

Its real? 💀💀💀💀

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I like how it’s described as a union could “cripple American Capitalism” when more precisely it’s just that a union would be so powerful as to force WalMart (or any other company) to pay their workers like human beings. That’s not going to break Walmart. They’ll barely notice.

They’ve successfully convinced us that the unions are the greedy monsters. For so many years, the companies have painted unions as “we want you to pay janitors three million dollars a year and if you don’t we’ll set your stores on fire”. 

But it’s more like “We want you to take an almost imperceptible fraction of your bountiful profits and use it to make your employees’ live marginally better, and maybe give them medical benefits, y’know, so they don’t die”.

Big companies did not stop hiring ten year olds to work in coal mines because they just woke up one day and said “my god, we’re monsters”. They did it because their workers stood together and said “really, enough of this crap”.

Companies are not going to give people raises unless it’s economically necessary that they do so. Anything they can do to lower their expenses, and raise their profits, they are going to do. And no one person can stop them.

But thousands of people, millions of people? Better chances.


Unionizing is our wet dream I promise you.


Rb to kill wal mart


I am dead serious: If you are a Walmart employee, at any level and in any store — like if you are a high school kid with a part time job stocking shelves — message me any question you have about unions. Like ask me “What’s a union” if you want. I will explain it to you.

I am a grievance chair for a white collar union whose workplace only unionized within the last five years and whose management fought as every step of the way, but in the end we fucking won. It can be done, and I can tell you how.


mutuals do this


To anyone that wants to claim it wouldn’t work:

Just another reminder that Walmart Germany was a spectacular fail because of ver.di (which is a national service trade union that has it’s control over almost all trade and service companies in Germany) among other things.

Like, ver.di essentially came up to the CEO of Walmart Germany and was like “Hi, welcome, we wish you the best and that we can work together well :)” and the dude was like “hahaha no” and tried to pull the american concept here so ver.di pulled out a list of all the breaches of german law that Walmart was doing (underpaying workers, trying to avoid paying health care by using part-timers, trying to be open for more than 80 hours per week, firing people on short notice without warning or exit payments, etc) and long story short, they got some massive hefty fines for it. They also set up a list of demands for the workers and organized national strikes to push them through, making the employees of 85 hypermarkets neatly stand in front of the store doors with signs, whistles and chants (and certainly not the “Wallmart! Wallmart!” chant). In the end, that plus other things caused them to bail after 9 years with a gigantic loss (almost a billion just from sales) from one of the best retail markets in the world.

So all those issues like “no healthcare” or “work full-time and need food stamps” or “work on sundays and holidays” and shit? Unions are there to set their foot down against that for you. They are there to keep you safe from the corps wrath while fighting for your rights.

Cause if you, an individual, complain, they just fire you and laugh about it. A union is a collection of hundreds up to MILLIONS of people, supported by lawyers, going against employers for you.

In Denmark, due to union negotiations & refusal to work for slave wages, the McDonald’s basic pay comes out to about $20 US / Hour. The big mac there costs about 60 cents more.

Actually crippling capitalism is good and cool anyway

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very controversial statement for tumblr but sometimes when I read books or watch movies I enjoy them

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I think this needs to be said because it’s a thing on a03. Specifically, in my hood!T’Challa story (which I’ll be transferring to this blog). Basically a reviewer asked why I used the N-word. I don’t feel bothered by the comment and I don’t really care because I put them in place ASAP but let me be clear. The only people who should say nigga is black people. I don’t say it often, I don’t hear it often but I know it’s an offensive term to even other black people. I don’t intend for it to be that way. That’s all.

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