fun alternative: cruise ships. cruise ships exploit workers and can pollute as much as a million cars on a daily basis while dumping endless shit into the ocean and endangering all passengers on board because the on board air quality rivals some of the most polluted cities in the world while being a breeding ground for disease. cruise ships deserve to have negativity associated with them


stop using hospitals as horror settings

also all crimes commited aboard a cruise ship is under the juristiction of whichever country they’re registered to once they’re a certain distance away from land so you have the added bonus of the crimes being very unlikely to be properly investigated (due to usually being physically so very far from the actual police whose juristiction they’re under)


On top of THAT cruise ships tend to have their own morgue, as people tend to die on ships all the time. Good for those spooky scenes.

plus u can just like…leave a hospital. good luck escaping a killer or a monster or a curse or w/e in the middle of the fucking ocean

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My bestie and I saw Midsommar in theater and honestly... it was trash. At one point I asked her if she wanted to leave and she misheard me, and at a different one she asked me and I misheard her and on the ride home after we were talking about how much we hated it lmao. We both mentioned how we asked the other if we could just go home and bale cookies like we’d intended but instead we sat through the whole thing. It was so overhyped, only thing I liked were the maypole dresses, they were pretty


I thought midsommar was interesting stylistically and was okay acting wise but didnt have much else going for it

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We have opposite opinions on which ari aster movie was good but we can both agree the vvitch was boring which is very valid of us I think


Wait which ari aster movie do u think i think is good bc if im being honest while i like a lot of the themes that he explores and most of his stylistic choices ive actually been disappointed by each movie of his ive seen

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reblogging my ko-fi link because our tire exploded! and it turns out its fused to the car with rust! so getting towed and also paying to get the title and insurance transferred to a different vehicle because this van is more rust than steel is a fun series of unexpected expenses.

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a list of parking lots i have cried in and the ratings



Kroger Parking Lot

2/10 theres too many people, too many families and happy people with food who look at you weird when you’re crying in your car alone to Ariana Grande and eating a banana

Wendy’s Parking Lot

4/10 not nearly as many people as Kroger but you have to deal with cramped quarters and the gross smell of Wendy’s “always fresh never frozen” bullshit burgers and limp ass salty fries

McDonalds Parking Lot

7/10 They won’t ask questions. Not even if its midnight and you’ve been in the parking lot in your car for literally 2 hours sobbing gently while eating fries…it doesn’t have 10/10 because for some reason the mcflurry machine is always mcfreakin broken

Taco Bell Parking Lot

0/10 too cramped, smells bad. The last thing you want whilst crying gently to celine dion in your car is to have rando drunk people up chuck their baha blast and 5 Doritos tacos

Rally’s Parking Lot

10/10 Dude asked me if i was ok and threw in 2 extra orders of fries and gave extra ketchup. Rally’s is pure and good, also open till like what 3 am?

Tbh I almost forgot that I made this but so I just wanna say something right quick.

I have an eating disorder and although I made this post to be like “hahaha” every single one of the times I ended up at a drive thru at like 11pm I was binge eating and then returning home to cry and purge and it feels very nice to know that I am currently in 7 months of recovery

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gryffindor boys in harry’s year

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you blocked me on my old blog for aphobia


It’s easy to think you’ll have all the power, but when your livelihood depends on someone else they can gain a lot of power over you and there are people out there who know that and want to exploit it.

Be careful y'all.


a lot of women who say they want a sugar daddy definitely haven’t dealt with one. like i’m sure you can find a decent sugar daddy whatever but there’s so many fucking exploitive creeps into findom and it can turn into economic abuse if there’s a huge gap in income. i’m an idiot bitch with daddy issues and have gone down this path more than once, it’s not as simple and innocent as you assume. be careful with any sort of relationship surrounding money, capitalism is fucked and lack of resources is a common reason people stay in abusive relationships. actually if i’m getting cöntrövërsïäl i’m gonna admit I don’t think any relationship with a huge income gap between partners is the best idea, call me richphobic but srsly, it can be an issue sooooo watch out

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the woody allen thing



In case anybody doesn’t know about Woody Allen:

Woody Allen was accused in 1992 of molesting his girlfriend Mia Farrow’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was seven years old. He later married Soon-Yi Previn, Mia Farrow’s then-teenaged daughter. He was Mia’s children’s father figure for many years.

This case is extremely controversial for a lot of reasons, but I’ll just list some of the facts:

source 1 - source 2 - source 3 - source 4 

  1. Dylan’s claims have been consistent her entire life. She said that the molestation began when Woody Allen took her into the attic of Mia Farrow’s home.
  2. Woody Allen had been in therapy for “inappropriate behavior” with a child psychologist before the abuse allegations were ever presented to the authorities or made public.
  3. Seven-year-old Dylan Farrow’s pediatrician was the one who first reported the molestation to the police.
  4. Allen initially said that he had never been in the attic where the molestation allegedly took place, but his hair was found in the attic, so he changed his story and said that he had been in the attic just a few times. The investigation later concluded that his account of that day was not credible.
  5. Ronan Farrow, one of Dylan’s brothers, who today is the journalist who wrote the infamous Harvey Weinstein exposé that helped spark the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, has said that he remembers witnessing Allen “climbing into her [Dylan’s] bed in the middle of the night” and “forcing her to suck his thumb.”
  6. Three other adults besides Allen were present in the Farrow home the day Dylan was molested. A babysitter told police and gave sworn testimony that Allen and Dylan went missing for 15 to 20 minutes. Another babysitter told police and also swore in court that on that same day, she saw Allen with his head in Dylan’s lap facing her body, while Dylan sat on a couch “staring vacantly in the direction of a television set.” The third adult, a tutor, told police and testified that on that day, she’d found that Dylan was not wearing underpants under her sundress after disappearing with Allen.
  7. Multiple employees of the family testified that Dylan used to be terrified of Allen, and that Dylan once locked herself in a bathroom for four hours when Allen came over to their house.
  8. Allen refused to take a polygraph administered by the police during all four court cases about Dylan’s molestation. Allen lost all of these cases.
  9. In his 33-page decision, Judge Elliott J. Wilk found that Allen’s behavior toward Dylan was “grossly inappropriate and that measures must be taken to protect her.”
  10. You can read Judge Wilk’s full original court ruling here.
  11. Woody Allen was never prosecuted in a criminal trial - some claim he was never prosecuted because there was no evidence, but the state attorney, Frank Maco, said publicly that there was probable cause to press charges against Allen for child molestation, but declined to do so due to “the fragility of the child victim” and the toll the trial process would’ve taken on her.
  12. Read Dylan’s story, in her own words, here. 
  13. Woody Allen has famously said about his relationship with Soon-Yi: “I was paternal. She responded to someone paternal. […] I was happy to give her an enormous amount of decision-making, just as a gift.”

So, here’s a list of celebrities who love Woody Allen, worked with him, and/or have defended him:

People who worked with him before Dylan’s 2014 article which made the case much more well known, and have made no comment for or against Allen since:

And here’s a list of celebrities who worked with Woody Allen but later regretted doing so, or have publicly said that they support Dylan Farrow:

  • Susan Sarandon — said “He sexually assaulted a child” on stage at Cannes
  • Ellen Page — called working with Allen “the biggest regret of my career” and said she supports Dylan
  • Natalie Portman — said that she supports Dylan, that men should support and believe female victims “not because you have a daughter, not because you have a wife or a sister, […] but because we’re human beings,” and is also one of the only celebrities to say she regrets signing the Roman Polanski petition
  • Reese Witherspoon — said she supports Dylan
  • Shonda Rhimes — said she supports Dylan
  • Oprah Winfrey — led a discussion about Woody Allen and Time’s Up and supporting Dylan
  • Hayley Atwell — “I stand in solidarity with his daughter and offer an apology to her if my contribution to his work has caused her suffering or made her feel dismissed in any way. It’s exciting that I can say this now and I’m not going to be blacklisted.” (Atwell’s first film, in 2007, was a Woody Allen film)
  • Michael Caine — “I’m a patron of the NSPCC [National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children] and have very strong views about pedophilia. I can’t come to terms with it, because I loved Woody and had a wonderful time with him. I even introduced him to Mia. I don’t regret working with him [in 1986; five years before the first allegations], which I did in complete innocence; but I wouldn’t work with him again, no.”
  • Freida Pinto — said she would not work with Allen again, “Because I don’t know how some people can get away with it.” 
  • Colin Firth — said he would not work with Allen again
  • Evan Rachel Wood — said she would not work with Allen again
  • Timothée Chalamet — expressed regret for working on a Woody Allen film and pledged his salary from the film to RAINN, Time’s Up, and the LGBT Center in New York
  • Greta Gerwig — “If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film. I have not worked for him again, and I will not work for him again. Dylan Farrow’s two different pieces made me realize that I increased another woman’s pain, and I was heartbroken by that realization.”
  • Rebecca Hall — said she regrets working with Allen, and: “My actions have made another woman feel silenced and dismissed.” She also donated her salary to Time’s Up.
  • David Krumholtz — said “I deeply regret working with Woody Allen on Wonder Wheel. It’s one of my most heartbreaking mistakes. We can no longer let these men represent us in entertainment, politics, or any other realm.”
  • Griffin Newman — said he “believes Allen is guilty,” regrets working with him, and called himself a coward for not quitting the film he worked on with Allen
  • Peter Sarsgaard — said he would not work with Allen again
  • Mira Sorvino — wrote an open letter to Dylan, saying: “I cannot begin to imagine how you have felt, all these years as you watched someone you called out as having hurt you as a child, a vulnerable little girl in his care, be lauded again and again, including by me and countless others in Hollywood who praised him and ignored you. As a mother and a woman, this breaks my heart for you. I am so, so sorry.”
  • Joaquin Phoenix — said he had no idea about Dylan’s letter when he worked with Allen in 2014, but: “If you were a part of supporting something with someone that did, in fact, cause pain, how the fuck would you feel? You’d feel shitty.”
  • Marion Cotillard — said that if she were asked to work with him again, she would do much more research and that before working with him in 2011, she had not heard of his allegations

please only add updates and additional people with sources

Timothee Chalamet chose to work with Woody Allen after 2014, knowing all the accusations, and only took things back after a great public backlash and after Greta Gerwig told him how to fix it. This was after staring in a film based on pedophilia. When asked about working with Woody, he flat out avoided answering shit about it and said “That’s a conversation for later” and then lied about saying his contract kept him from commenting, while his co-workers from the same film lambasted Woody.

Note: Greta Gerwig was only able to give him advice because she took initially said, “Actually, can’t talk about it rn, teehee,” got called out, and immediately did a PR clean up and said “Oh, yeah, Woody is bad, feminism good.”

So, yeah, I do want people to carefully look over the list of “repentant” celebrities a bit more closely and make judgment calls on their own to decide the validity of their regret because a lot of people on this list have just done lip service to calling out his evil without changing much.

Throwing money at an issue does not change the choices they made–especially those choices made after 2014–and so I ask people to reconsider only holding Woody-affiliations against those who have said nothing/continue to support him, especially when it’s clear that those who only spoke up when #MeToo was at its peak were just oding it to save their future careers while others have been much more aggressive and forthright in their apologies and calling out sexual abuse in the wake of their work with him (See: Ellen Page).

Most of the people who worked with him KNEW BEFOREHAND about what he did and are pretending tehy didn’t, so they can go “I didn’t know!! Whoopsies!” But they did. Just like those same celebrities knew when they signed a petition supporting Roman Polanski (a list which includes a lot of faves like Guillermo del Toro who tweeted promoting his work in fucking 2015, TIlda Swinton, Wes Anderson, etc).

So, y’unno, look at this post in GOOD FAITH and don’t just use it to excuse your faves and criticize those you don’t like. Truly look at the statements of the celebrities claiming to regret their work and decide for yourself how sincere they are by looking at when they said it and what they have done since to make up for the great and awful hurt they have put out into the world.

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Cheikh Kebe at Gucci FW 19

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I’m actually fucking dead. I just… I can’t stop watching this. That fucking triple take at the end gets me every time

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Netflix: pwese stop shawing your passwowds becawse it’s making us wose a biwwion dowwars ;u; pwease ignowe ouw existing hundweds of biwwions of dowwars of pwofits because we alweady haf dat money so it doesnt count ;u;

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moment of silence today for the 10 year anniversary of this senseless act of violence

#this is a Poem!

Martha Stewart x Cormac McCarthy collab when

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#a very serious movie about people being haunted by themselves 

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🦋Happy International Lesbian Day 🦋

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This is how you know he was money. He’s so used to his rich white friends deciding to buy a million dollars in land and homestead that he doesn’t realize most of the people living in rural places are poor people born there.


before the last tweet this just read as a regular libertarian ranting tbh


this is so fucking galaxy brain imagine not knowing what a hinterland is


Warren supporters

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