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if you list any ‘ships’ in your bio then you immediately gain -30 relationship points with me like its a civ game

to all the boating blogs about to make a snarky response to this - this ESPECIALLY includes you. fuck boats.

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actually all representation is bad representation because the written word and the moving image are inherently evil


this is the most devastating addition anyone has ever made to one of my posts

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every other pkm gym leader: hi! let’s fight! I think [type] pokemon are really cool and strong!

ghost and psychic gym leaders: I Have Supernatural Abilities And I Will Fucking Kill You

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someone: luke skywalker beat darth vader and ended the empire

everyone else in the galaxy:

everyone on tatooine:

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Anyway, I think about this trivia card a lot.

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Y'all are always so enthusiastic about punching a Nazi but when was the last time you actually talked to a Jewish person

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My understanding of the themes and narrative arc of Jojo based off years of observation of Tumblr posts.

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87.5% wolf

Guys, that’s just a fucking wolf.

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TIL The Beatles approached Stanley Kubrick to direct a LOTR movie starring themselves. Tolkien killed the project as a result of his hate for The Beatles. A hate developed after moving 3 doors down from The Beatles in 1964, who irked him with the “indescribable” noise from their practice sessions.

via ift.tt

the man who spents hundreds of pages describing trees and meals and worked out the linguistics of multiple fictional languages and the entire cosmology of his fictionsl world called the Beatles’ rehearsal sounds “indescribable”

okay but imagine if the defining cultural touchstone of understanding for the character of Aragorn was like, Ringo Starr

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average looking white man casts levitation on orange sphere

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“July Mall Santa” sounds like a an indie ablum full of baelful man-bleating or a particularly intense mixed drink so I’m all for it.


I propose that from now on, every family gets randomly assigned a month where they can do Christmas. benefits:

  • twelve “grey Fridays” per year, rather than one giant intolerable Black Friday
  • candy canes whenever you want them
  • dilutes Christmas music to below LD50 doses in most retail environments
  • Mall Santa becomes a year-round position
  • Christmas music will be forced to diversify and spend less time talking about snow
  • acceptable to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf at any time of the year
  • War On Christmas outrage will be spread throughout the year, effectively giving evangelicals a chew toy to distract them
  • holiday travel rush almost eliminated
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1944 - Snowball the cat tries to take over a machine gun in Normandy so she can shoot some Nazis herself. Good luck to you, Snowball! [video]

I prefer the version that the cat tries to stop him from shouting another human being.

Well, luckily that version isn’t true, and the Nazis were defeated by shooting lots of them. Good job, Snowball!

Trench warfare, a Madsen MG, and the late revision kettle helmet point to the actually time frame of this being mid to late World War 1, British Soldiers, on the western front of the war. Probably engaged in a stalemate with German forces at Verdun, The Battle of the Somme ,or The Third Ypres Campaign.

A good attempt at sounding smart, dear porn blog, but I think you didn’t notice there’s a video link attached showing when and where it is.

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my friends: *say something funny online*


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